Help!! Traditional pizza and beer Friday

In our family at the end of the week we usually have Firepit Friday which usually includes pizza and lots of beer. Our neihbours and friends come over and it has become a tradition. I am already struggling at the thought of sitting 7 hours around the firepit with everyone drinking, not to mention the sausages that come out later for grilling.

Advices and words of wisdom needed to stop temptation


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7 Replies

  • Planning, planning, planning ☺ As you are host you can control the food which is a real advantage ☺

    I like to relax a little over the weekend too so I 'save' calories from through the week. Try to limit yourself to one plateful as it's all too easy to keep going back for more and lose track of how much you've eaten. Decide beforehand what you will eat and drink, only you can decide if it's worth the calories. ☺

    And enjoy the evening, it sounds fab ☺

  • Thanks for the reply and advice

    I sent hubby off to the store and I planned that I will eat before they all come. I will have a chicken and brown rice salad. I also factored in 1 glass of white wine, hehe will sip slowly or get a biger glass ;) I don't know yet if I will grill a sausage later in the evening or not. I am feeling quite proud of myself as I haven't gone over the calorie amount and have exercised every single day. I think this time it might just be the right time for me.

  • Very well done! I love pizza and understand how difficult it is 😕 After 18 months I can now trust myself to have the occasional slice of pizza but it's tough!!

    Enjoy your weekend 😊

  • Thank you :) same to you :)

  • Well done! Thats sounds like a fun evening and you have a good plan to handle it. If its a regular event then you need a plan that will work for you. I've just discovered 'heck' sausages, which are quite expensive but they actually taste nice (unlike most lo cal sausages) - they are chicken so really lo cal, and they are chipolatas. You get 2 for 72 cals.

    Have a great weekend.

  • Thanks for the reply

    I live abroad so don't think they will be over here. Have to check out our local supermarket and see what they have.

    It is a regular event but usually during the dark, cold, snowy winter months it is only once or twice a month but when spring comes and we head towards summer it is practically every Friday :)

    Have a good weekend :)

  • Hi Janpes! My sort of Friday! Not now though! I do like pizza. Make our own plus toppings. I watched Jamie Oliver on one of his documentary programme. He was a a a experiment using a blender & putting different foods through it & it slowed down with the 🍕 pizza. Harder to digest. Happy Saturday to you all & jump out of the fire!!! Lol🙂 Healthy Bar b que when good weather. I know that if I have a beer or two. I'm hungry after. 🐒If you get any ideas get back to me. Have a great weekend. George 56 👋🤗

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