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Still going

Hi everyone it's day five for me but I think this weekend is going to be hard for me as firstly my daughter is home this weekend and like me likes the wine and then my friends party on Saturday. My partner has been really supportive this time and asks me if I would like a cup of tea while he is swigging back the cider lol I have resisted so far all week though. He brought home a huge bag of dark chocolate gingers from work and I had three small balls then told him to hide them and fast. I hope everyone has a lovely weekend let's hope my Monday weigh in is good news and for you all 😇😇

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Have a good weekend Kim ☺ it's OK to have a few treats so long as we are accountable. Fingers crossed for weigh in ☺


Fingers crossed - you are showing great discipline and certainly deserve to be rewarded on the scales.


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