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Not a weight question but not sure who else to ask

Hello Everyone,

In Oct 2016 my Dr decided after nearly 29yrs on hrt due to total removal I should come off it. To me not a problem but since then.

In august I had a blood test done (used to have 1 every yr) and all was fine. 3wks ago I had one done and I got a phone call to say Vit D well needed to have a tab once a wk has it was extrmely low and I have to do another one next wk for my U&E has my kidneys are showing stress and think not drinking enough fluids.

I go to theygym and drink around 1 1/2 ltrs a day either herb teas or water (after 2 cups of coffee in morning). My last drink is 8.30-9pm and do not drink again till 9am the next day. I walk my dog first, if I drink before that time it takes me ages to go out due to my visits to the toilet haha. Can anyone suggest anything to help. On my dog walk there is no toilet just fields. Cant change time to walk her or place either.

I have also noticed my fingers swell until I start to drink more.

Sorry but not sure whre to look.

Thanks so much


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Hi I can give some info on the Vitamin D front. Here in the northern hemisphere during winter most of us if blood tested will be low on Vit d due to lack of sunlight hours I was advised by my husbands MS nurse to take fit d and I must admit it has helped this winter I have hardly had a cold or sniffle either. The over 50's as well are advised to take it.

Looking at the swelling there's lots of info online about the menopause and fluid retention where advise seems to be to cut your fluid intake as it could be stressing the kidneys more also some herbal teas act as a diruretic so just check which ones you are having. I had a hysterectomy 17 years ago but overies left so no HRT the only thing I have had trouble with is mild hot flushes but extreamly up and down moods that haven't altered since.

Hope there are others on here who can advise you better. 💐

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There are a lot of people about with low vitamin D, not least because it is a fat soluble vitamin and people have been dissuaded from eating fat. Eating natural fat provides vitamin A to complement vitamin D, whereas it is easy to overdose on either when taken as a supplement westonaprice.org/health-top...


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