Hula Hoop.....argh!

Well today I bought a Hula hoop. 'Good idea' I thought. Good way to strengthen my stomach muscles, bla bla bla...... It's the most frustrating thing! The trick to Hula hooping is, apparently, forward and back or side to side movements. But it's a hula hoop! My body doesn't want to do that, It wants to go in circles!!!! Messy, clumsy, OTT circles! It's not listening to me!! It's supposed to be 'lots of fun' but right now I feel like crushing it under the car!

It is only day one, it'll go one way or the other. Either I get it or the Hoop gets it! GRRRRR!



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31 Replies

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  • Keep at it and you will get it lol

    Practice makes perfect :D

  • I wont let it beat me! :0)

  • That's the spirit!

  • I've never been able to hula hoop even as a child! But now, with YouTube, there'll be loads of tutorials on there that will turn you into a hula girl!...xx

  • Did the old YouTube thing. I'm still rubbush! :0)

  • You do make me laugh, thank you, you are actually making me want to get a hula hoop. Well done x

  • Well I've crawled out of bed this morning and made it to the bathroom to view my lovely bruises. Proof the hoop beat me! It won the battle but it wont win the war!! (Well, it might do. ) :-/

  • I LOL'd so much!!! :D :D πŸ˜‚

  • Lol. Been one of those days! :0)

  • Well on a more positive note I've done 17,000 steps today. Mainly because I got lost in a town I've lived in for 14 years and forgot where the Argos was to buy said 'Hoop of satan'. So one emotional, drained 4 year old dragged the majority of those steps. She'll sleep well tonight with any luck. Every cloud and all that! lol.


  • I tried a hula hooping class at Champneys for an hour. It was a laugh but I didn't get any better. Some people picked it up really quickly. Not sure if you need to have a waist for it. I didn't at the time, got a bit of a dent now so maybe I should try again.

  • Yeah you might be right there! Well the Hoops certainly made it's dent on me, bruised hips this morning, lol.

  • ohh marydot, your post has made me laugh out loud, I can just picture you gyrating trying to get the hoop to stay up. Good on you for trying, I couldn't do it. I hope you succeed, let us know.πŸ˜ƒ

  • I will. I even left the curtains open, hard core me! lol. :0)

  • Is your hulla hoop weighted. Serious question they are easier to use. Even i can do it for a short time. Lol 😊

  • Yes it is. I did do a little bit of research before I bought it. It has to be a good size and weight. If I stand it up on its side it reaches my belly button and it is weighted. I was wondering if I need a heavier one but by the look of the bruises on my hips today i think it'll be ok! I think it's just me, I can't get my head around the fact you don't Hula on a Hula Hoop! :0)

  • You are an intrepid explorer marydot i used to love doing the hoopla hoop when I was younger. I tried skipping yesterday-so glad no one could see me it was quite hilarious. I will try again!

    Were you able to find a hoop with a bit of weight in it or is it a light one?

  • I bought my daughter a skipping rope the other day, I tried, couldn't even do one round! Yes, it is weighted, it's just me thats hopeless, lol. :0)

  • get a kid to show you. That's what helped me. (and I'm NOT coordinated.)

  • yes good idea. I get the theory I Just can't get my body to accept it. Lol

  • I hope you don't get it right in the end, as these posts are so funny πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚, I know that's mean of me sorry. I've even phoned my sister and read it to her. πŸ‘

  • Love this post. Thank you πŸ˜‚

  • thanks, gotta laugh at yourself sometimes haven't you. :0)

  • Haha love this post :) Keep practicing you will get there :)

  • Thanks for this post. Have just read it from start to finish and it made me chuckle partly because it's something I've never mastered.

  • I would say I wont let it beat me but I think it will. Covered in bruises. Couldn't try it at all yesterday it hurt so much. Lol. :0)

  • I bought one 3 years ago and I still can't do it. I thought about going to classes to learn but there isn't one and I feel so silly anyway that I can't get the hang of it. My hula hoop currently lives down the side of the fridge freezer in the kitchen where I can easily get at it or even just look at it now and again!!xx

  • well I think it's time you dusted it off and joined me in the misery of Hula hooping! :0)

  • I have a weighted one. It took probably three weeks of trying to do it for 10 minutes every single day for those three weeks before I managed to do it for.. I don't know.. Maybe 30 seconds without dropping it? Lol. I watched several different YouTube videos and found it was all in the way I started off the hoop and the clothes I was wearing. I find it much easier listening to music as well. I wear leggings and a tight vest top (the video I watched suggested doing it naked! O_o I think not).

    It's been about four months maybe? I've no idea. I love using it, but I'll ever be an expert! It does exhaust me though and I 'play' with it for about 20 minutes at a time. :) you'll get there. I feel like if I can do a bit of it, then anyone can!

  • Thank you, this makes me feel a whole lot better. There is hope! I've had another go today. I maybe got one more spin out of it before it fell to the ground so about 3 seconds max. I think I'll do better when my bruises clear up. :0)

  • Are they hula-bruises? Lol people warned me I'd be bruised, but I thought they meant I'd FEEL bruise. I didn't realise it would like someone had poked me really hard all over my belly lol. That does go away, it doesn't tend to bruise me as much now and definitely not visibly from what I can see (or maybe I've just become used to it?) :) goodluck! Let me know how you get on. Xx

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