Summer is a comin'

Summer is a comin'

It was lovely and sunny and 14 degrees here in the SE of the UK today!

Inspired by Sazkia 's post with the lovely picture of her garden, I thought I'd share some of mine! Our garden is in several parts - with a huge decked area in the middle and a very large oak tree bang in the middle. We grow some fruit and veg (just for personal consumption). I love gardening as it burns lots of calories! I grown a lot in large pots and make good use of the greenhouse as my disability makes it difficult for me to bend too low!

Hard to give you an overall impression, but the decked area overlooks the lawn at the bottom/ There's a huge shade sail above the decking... not to provide shade, but to stop us getting covered in pigeon poo! Haa haa


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21 Replies

  • Very nice, Pineapple27 :D It looks lovely! ;) :)

    Sazkia :)

  • Wow! I need to do a lot of tidying up then I'll post mine and you can tell me how to improve it! I love your tree!

  • Our garden looks a bit storm and winter ravaged at the moment.... but it will return to its former glory! These were taken last year....

  • Hi Pineapple27

    Your garden is so beautiful, loving all the garden pictures today.

  • What a stunning garden!!! That must take a lot of looking after ☺ Thank you for sharing ☺

  • Its lovely, l really like that seated area, looks very peaceful and secluded.

  • There's a trend with garden's today Pineapple27, yours is beautiful. We had lovely weather in the SW as well today. Decided to use my garden literally as my outside gym today. What fruit and veg do you grow in your pots.

  • Courgettes, lettuce (troughs, so slugs can't eat 'em!), tomatoes, herbs, potatoes.... we have sweet pea and cosmos seeds sprouting on windowsills...

  • I haven't done cosmos before, but think I will this year, they make a nice show later on. I have planted some seeet pea seeds today, but with t hold my breath, theysre quite old. Also put Gazinia and mesembryanthemum in seed trays today, oh and cornflowers. Will have to get some troughs and do salad leaves.

  • We did cosmos for the first time last year, but they flowered profusely for months! Hubbie gave me cosmos seeds for Christmas. Planted them last weekend and they are already about 5-6cm tall!

  • Love the garden Pineapple27 and good to hear that you grow eatables. I can't see me ever getting a garden to look so good there are always children playing in it or somebody putting a tent up. Hopefully the next thing will be an extension so the builders will be in it.

    It looks like such a fabulous garden to sit and relax in.

  • We used to have a huge 14ft trampoline and safety net at the bottom of the garden... we had a stone circle built to stand it on. My daughter is 20 now, so the trampoline has long gone. We now have a wooden bench on the circle and often sit there os an evening surveying our hard work from the day with a glass of wine (well, hubbie has wine...) :D

  • Here in the NE of England the mud is still sticking to my wellies when I go into my garden - I'd like to get started but at my weight I fear I might sink to my ankles if I stopped moving..!

  • Our garden is quite wet at the moment too.... but we've been clearing fallen leaves and pruning. Hope it dries out soon! Which part of the world are you in? My hubbie was born in Cramlington (Newcastle) and a Magpies supporter.

  • Ah well, someone has to be, I offence meant, but if you tell him I'm a Smoggie he'll explain all..!

  • He said you're what's known as a Smog Monster then!

  • That's the one..!

  • Looks lovely

  • That was last year though. Looking rather bleak at the moment, but it will all be changing soon!

  • What aa lovely garden it won't be log before you can sit in it

  • Looks great!

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