What's your recommended calorie tracker?

I've checked my BMI for my recommended daily calorie intake and it says I should be eating between 1724-2217 per day. I'm planning on at starting at 2000 a day initially with an aim to reduce it if necessary.

My question is, what's the best calorie tracker app, or what do you use to keep track of your daily intake?

Thanks in advance x


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11 Replies

  • Hi I started at the lowest end and find its helping me I use my fitness pal and put in everything I eat also shows the steps I'm doing everyday. Good luck to u 😊

  • My fitness pal is really good. You can scan bar codes in to save time!

  • I use a notebook and pen ☺ lol 😂 a bit old fashioned, but I use it as a kind of journal, write in my exercise, weight, good and bad things that happen etc ☺

    Good luck with your journey Sasparilla ☺ if you have any questions or would like a Newbie badge please just ask ☺

    Best wishes


  • Ooooh, what's a newbie badge?

  • It's the little grey box next to your name, you start with a newbie then progress as you lose weight 😊

  • May I have a newbie badge too please?? ;-)

  • Done 😊

  • Ah gobbolino! After the witches cats gobbolino and his sister sootica?! I used to love those stories! I think I had them on cassette! 😱

  • Yes!!!!!!!! Love them!!! Must read again...it's been too long haha

  • I'm with marydot MyFitnessPal is really quick and easy to use, I like the weight loss graphs and their community forum too 😉

  • i also use my fitness pal too and connect my fitbit to it to record my exercise as well x

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