Feeling Inspired by YellowRose's "green Gym"

Feeling Inspired by YellowRose's  "green Gym"

And thought I would post a picture of my garden, it's nothing like this at the moment as I have panels that have been blown off by storm Doris and friends and the weeds need a good speaking to but this is my garden before all that happened!! There's no real flowers as this was before spring but it's really colourful in Spring and Summer! :) I will post another when I have done more to it! :D

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  • That's a lovely garden Sazkia I think Doris as been in all our gardens. All that weeding will certainly be good exercise and burn off a few calories.


  • Thanks, YellowRose55 :D I'm definitely going to get out there this week (hopefully this wonderful weather will last!) :)

    Sazkia :)

  • I too have been inspired ... Did an hour's tidying this afternoon in the sunshine - it was actually really warm! Spring is springing 😁

  • I know, I planned on going out today but did housework indoors instead! Either way the calories have been burned and the house is a little tidier haha! If the weather is nice tomorrow I might get started! :D I always feel fab when I've done some garden work, it's brilliant! :D

  • I had a quick spruce round inside before I went out and the windows are STILL open - love hearing all the birds! Happy days 🌻

  • Yeah, spring is definitely on it's way!!! I'm fed up of Winter, it can sod off now. I love feeding the birds in my garden but I opened my patio this morning not to the sweet singing of cute little darlings but the squawking of two massive seagulls scrapping over my tiny bird feeder!!! :P LOL

    I'm enjoying the slightly longer days now too, still quite bright out. :)

  • I love your garden Sazkia ! I've been enjoying getting out in the sunshine here in West Yorkshire this week.

  • I know, what glorious weather we've had today (I'm in Wales) and I really hope it lasts as I've been indoors today, cleaning! I also fixed my hoover so I'm feeling rather macho right now!! :P

  • 💪great work!!

  • Nice garden yes its nice with a bit of sunshine I was out doing my front garden a couple of days ago and a lady passed and said how nice it was looking .lovely to have nice remarks about it

  • Yes, it's nice to have these things noticed...no one looking at my garden at the moment will say that though! I need to really get out there and work at it. :P It's alright in this picture and I aim to try and get it back to that standard! :D

  • You will get there 😀

  • Sazkia the housework will be there on a wet day, next time ignore it and get out in your beautiful garden, you said mine looked grand, I don't know why, yours has a lovely shape to it🌺🥀🌼☀️

  • Thanks! :) Yours is awesome, really pretty. :) Mine is not that nice at the moment, been rather neglected but yes, next time we have weather like today the housework will have to wait and it's gardening for me! 😂 I've been told! 😂

    Sazkia :)

  • What a lovely garden Sazkia nice clipped hedges and great shapes. I've just come in from mine which looks like a bomb has hit it what with the 100KMs winds on Monday and a rambo mole. I might post a photo of my veggie plot before I start the clean up tomorrow - it might help me move it along!

  • Mine doesn't look like this anymore - this was taken a while back. It's been rather neglected but I would like to get it like this again, only with all the flowers in bloom I think that would be lovely! :D

    Aw, you have a rogue mole - the naughty cretin haha! :P The UK had been hit by some very strong winds lately so I think most of us have a lot of hard work to look forward to haha! :P Good luck and enjoy! :D I know I always do once I've gotten stuck in! :)

    Sazkia :)

  • Love your garden! It would be a nightmare for me as I have one leg longer than the other! I'd be fine walked from the end up to the house, but going down the garden on that lawn would be interesting!

    I love our garden. We have a huge oak tree in the middle of it and so we get lots of birds and wildlife. We grow fruit and veg (just enough for ourselves). Also have a greenhouse and grow cucumbers and lovely tomatoes. Potatoes too!

  • Thank you! :D Your garden sounds lush to me! :D

  • You've started something. I'll try and find a picture! Must be quite a challenge to cut your lawn??!

  • Yes, extremely and I cut through the cord last year and was unable to get a long enough replacement for the cord which means the bottom of the garden (that's the slope) can't be reached! :( I've no idea what I'm going to do about it...I'm thinking of creating it into a bit of a 'biodiversity' section and then I can allow myself to feel good that I'm doing my bit for the environment and wildlife! :D

  • Eeek! Maybe buy an extension lead? We have to use one. We have a petrol mower and I love running up and down and getting all the stripes. However, we have a steep grass bank and the hover mower is perfect for that. Had a few near missed with the cord myself!

  • Oh that's already with the extension lead...it's hard to really get across how LONG and far reaching my garden is...the cable I use is really long, just not long enough, even with the help of an extension lead.

    I was gutted when I cut through the original cable because it was the perfect lead but can't find one to replace it that is as long. :( I wish I could afford a petrol mower but my garden is all on an angle with a slope all on one side and it's quite difficult to mow at the best of times, which is why I user a hover mower. :)

  • I like your garden! Nice trees behind it so lovely and private. Come and do mine when you have finished!

  • It's gorgeous Sazkia can't wait to see the spring photo 🌸🌷🌸

  • You have a beautiful garden it must take a lot of work to keep it looking so good.

  • It will take a lot of work! It's not in the best shape right now but I'm going to make it my mission this year to get it into it's former glory! :D

  • I should do the same with mine 😀

  • Do it, it's great activity to burn those calories and it's so rewarding when it's all done. :)

  • If the rain ever stops I just might.


  • Today was beautiful but I didn't take advantage of it and now I am worried that we're going to have rain tomorrow! :P Hopefully we'll have a good long stretch of decent weather before the usual spring showers. :)

  • Yes it was really nice today but I had to work. 😓

    Don't be holding your breathe for that stretch of good weather it might never happen ☺ but it would be great.

  • Oh I don't know, we do get some wonderful weather from time to time and that normally happens in spring - not summer! :P Good luck finding the time to get your garden in shape, it's not only a great work-out but also fantastic for the soul...I know I always feel at such peace when I've worked in the garden. I can't explain it but I feel I was meant to live like that, not indoors or in an office but out in the great out-doors! :D Ahhh, I'm getting all sentimental! :P

  • Well you must live in a place with good weather, here you wear swimming gear even if there is no swimming pool :P

    Sentimental about gardening, there must be something in it then so I suppose ill have to get at it :D

    I love the outdoors too, so I know what you mean.

  • Lovely 😊

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