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Still going

Well after my shock of my bmi being 30 I am glad I didn't have any wine last night as I am positive that's where my weight goes on. It's day four today and I don't feel any different yet I hope on Monday when I weigh myself at work I have lost something even a pound would be good. It's so lovely hearing how you are all doing and giving each other support I hope you are all having a great day and good luck. 😊

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Sounds like you're doing well Kim. Good luck for Monday.

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Well done Kim58, your will power is obviously getting stronger. Keep going and let us know how you get on at your weigh in on Monday👍


Keep up the good work and well done for not having that wine!! You're quite right of course, that's normally where those hidden calories come in and often people don't think of it like that and wonder why they can't lose weight. You're already one step ahead of the game! ;)

Good luck for more weight loss. :)

Sazkia ♥

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