Can someone check my food diary


Can someone check my food diary just to see if I am doing everything correctly. I am now on day 4 and haven't lost anything yet. I know it isn't a magic wand but you would at least think I would have lost something.

Food Diary for yesterday 8.3.17


133 Kcal toast white 2 slices 30 g/slice. Total 60 g

73Kcal Margarine

170Kcal Baked beans ½ a tin


220 Kcal Ham and fresh coleslaw pitta with salad


355,5 Kcal 3 Ryvita with cheese spread and cottage cheese and cucumber


124 Kcal Banana

52 Kcal Rasberry, orange and apple refresher

Drinks: cup of tea 2 sugars and milk X2 88Kcal

1.4 litres of water


1 hour walk 4.5 km

TOTAL 1215,5 Kcal

Just want to know If I am on the right track or should I change something already.


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5 Replies

  • Hi Janpes

    The only thing I would say is can you change your white bread for wholemeal and limit the amount in one day and cut back on the sugar in your tea. How many calories per day are you working on, as 1215 is not enough? Can you up it to 1400 calories or use the BMI checker to work out your personal calorie amount?


  • I changed it today already only had the white as we had run out of the wholemeal, pitta bread is wholemeal too. I guess I could add an extra snack in there to up it to 1400Kcal

    Thanks for the input just want to make sure I am doing this right


  • Hi Janpes

    Don't know if this will help you as a guide but I work on each day 1,500 calories split into 3 meals and 2 snacks as follows:

    Breakfast - 280

    Lunch - 470

    Dinner - 470

    2 snacks - 220

    Daily milk allowance for tea - 60

    This gives me a guide to aim for each day with my meals.


  • One thing you can do with the sugars in your tea is to get some sweetener type sugar like canderel as this has no calories and to start with you may have to have two and a half spoons of canderel in a cup of tea or whatever you are comfortable with to taste similar to your two spoons of sugar and then gradually drop it down just by slightly putting less and less on the spoon every time. I did this and I managed to get it to one spoon and have kept it there for the last few years. When I managed to switch it from sugars to sweeteners it didn't take me long to find sugar too sweet and I lost 3 stone at this time too. I loved this, because I wasn't even on a diet at the time it just happened.

  • I can sometimes drink it without anything in it but hubby makes my tea every morning and he never remembers.

    Thanks for the input I will take it all onboard


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