Lost weight on holiday

Lost weight on holiday

I lose weight very slowly and had to think carefully about being sensible on holiday last week. I had lost 2lb when I came back so was delighted.

Thought it might be useful to post what I had done.

I knew the area and hotel we were going to so knew what the menu would be like (delicious) and knew where the potential for walking was. Made sure my husband knew I would be walking every day and I be happy to walk alone on any occasion that he didn't want to join me.

Decided before hand that I would not be eating any desserts. Also only one small glass of red wine daily. Additionally would not eat the beautiful full Irish breakfast and instead would have porridge, full fat yogurt and seeds or salmon fillet, truly lovely.

I found this enabled me to manage my expectations and it wasn't difficult to stay with my decisions. Probably enhanced the holiday if anything. My only lapse was to have a cheeseboard one lunchtime, but even that came with so much fruit it was fine.

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28 Replies

  • Spot on. A useful blueprint.

  • Thank you Tiggerr

  • Fantastic, Ceals, well done you! No excuse for the rest of us now! ;)

    Lovely pic! :)

  • Thanks moreless, how could I not enjoy walking in such beautiful surroundings!

  • Hi Ceals a 2lb. Loss on holiday is fantastic. Did you have a nice holiday. Ireland is a great destination. I'm going to get the weight down slowly. Hope you have a good evening & a great week ahead. George 56 ☺

  • Thanks George56 the holiday was fantastic, so relaxing. Hardly stopped raining but that didn't matter. Hope to go back in October as it is the rutting season and there are red deer who visit the grass in front of the lake almost every day. We were there last October and it was amazing. The deer are usually right under our balcony and the noise is something to behold.

    I am hoping there is less of me to go back in October - thats the plan!

  • I'm thinking that you will do well. We have a lot of deer in our area. See them daily. Badgers owls & bats!! We have a hedgehog that has been in our garden for a long time. ☺ Good luck to you and your journey. G☺

  • By remaining largely within calorie allowance, while neither depriving yourself, holidays can be enjoyed as they ought to be.

    Granted, the daily walking/hikes will have assisted in increasing calorie expenditure (in such surroundings, how could you refuse not to?). Having lost 2lb as a result, it certainly sounds as though you've returned home incredibly happy and rejuvenated, possessing a sense of enthusiasm and determination to continue on the road upon which you've recently embarked.

  • Thank you MrNiceGuy i believe you are quite correct in you assessment. This is a lifestyle change for all days, high days and holidays too!

  • Well done! Going on holiday, having a great time, relaxing your eating but staying in control, and coming back to a loss - that's a huge hurdle you've overcome! You have proved to yourself that holidays are not a barrier to your new lifestyle, in fact they go together rather nicely. Brilliant!

  • Thanks JiminyCricket in fact it was quite good fun choosing from the menu and deciding on the bst option and then leaving the potatoes. Just another eating adventure, which is how I view my lifestyle change.

  • well done you xx

  • Thanks Claz the inspiration from the forum definitely helped and I was able to stay in touch whilst I was away. Another plus for the forum.

  • Fantastic Ceals !!! Very well done, that's brilliant 😊 And proof that it's possible to enjoy a holiday without it being totally food centred 😊

    Onwards and downwards 😊

  • Thank you Anna61

  • Ceals you have such a wonderfully positive approach to your weight loss journey, it is inspiring. I am not sure I am at the stage yet that I could turn down puddings whilst away, not that we eat them at home very often. You so deserved to loose the 2lbs. Your holiday destination is truly beautiful. We have never been to Ireland. Your location looks stunning. My husband and I love wildlife and the idea of deer rutting right outside our window sounds positively wonderful. Where is it that you stay? We are going away, self catering as we always do in April. We always take the dog and do lots of walking, we don't always cover a lot of ground mind you as my husband is a keen photographer and keeps on stopping!! The norm for us would be to take all sorts of food we don't usually have at home because it's a holiday and because we self cater, so it's a treat, like it would be if we stayed in a hotel and were waited on, (the being waited on definitely being my treat!). This year I am going to approach it differently, we won't take the biscuits and the big bar of chocolate and I won't make us a lovely gooey cake to take. I will have a look for some new recipes to try, which we will cook together and take plenty of fruit to make a fruit salad and baked apples. I can't honestly promise that there won't be any cream teas though!

  • lucigret I think your holiday sounds wonderful and I suspect that the cream teas will be a proper part of it. I think I managed to be so restrained because I was terrified of the acute pancreatitis coming back and Dr Google (not always helpful) has insisted that no alcohol or fat must be consumed ever again. However, it didn't impact on the holiday as these things are not all that good for us anyway so it was almost good to have an excuse not to have them.

    We go to Killarney and stay in The Lake Hotel. The photograph was taken from our balcony and just using an iPhone. The deer are so close you can hear them munching the grass. We saw a heard of 12 deer almost every day we were there, sometimes twice a day. Sometimes we drive and sometimes we fly.

    I think that once you are into the habits of a lifestyle change you subconsciously make better choices, couple of squares of chocolate rather than half a bar - my husband loves his chocolate so there is always some around. Miraculously I seem to have lost my sweet tooth and can now have one square of chocolate and not be looking for another - never been like that before, but then I have never had a heart issue before!

    Hey! Ho! Onwards and downwards as they say.

    I really appreciate your support. This forum is quite wonderful.

  • Ceals thank you for sharing where you stay. I will google it later. I appreciate your support just as much. You put some thought provoking posts and I enjoy reading them. Like you I have never been able to resist chocolate. It's ok if the bar hasn't been started, but once opened I couldn't leave it alone. Now I am pleased to say I can walk away and actually don't want it the same. I wish I could loose my sweet tooth, it is getting easier, in fact I often prefer savoury things now.

    I still feel that I am trying to find where my calories should be. Moreless said I should up them and I have and have been really sensible since Sunday. I understand the theory behind it and am the first to tell the Newbies to make sure they eat enough. I wonder if I have done some damage eating to little in the past. I weigh in tomorrow, but I think I have gone up. It just feels demoralising when you put so much effort in and leaves me not really knowing what to do. I could just do with a boost, if I could get under 15 stone I know I would be ok and my mind would be in a better place. Never mind, I expect it will all work out in the end, she says hopefully! I'm being very lazy as I have a day off, i'm still in bed looking through the topics as I never seem to get enough time to read them as I'm too busy reading the posts. I really must shift myself and do my exercises and get into the day before I waste it.

    Have a good day🦋

  • Good plan, and one cream tea does not a diet break ....however, several ? maybe! 😁😁

  • I'll try and stop at one! It is my husband's greatest weakness when on holiday. I share mine with Poppydog, so don't feel so guilty😊

  • Actually , I'm not adverse to a cream tea myself , but these days i find some scones quite heavy. So I usually try to share half of my husband's. ...he grumbles a bit, but I say I'm doing his waistline a favour too. :)

  • mine still guards his and if I suggest 'sharing' he looks at me as though I'm completely mad, thats where Poppy comes in useful.

  • lucigret that's what my husband does too! food is definitely not for sharing as far as he is concerned what is on his plate is for him!

  • my hubbie will share anything except cream teas and wine gums, go near the wine gums and you risk your life lol.

  • Great post and well done!

  • DRS54 thank you.

  • Fantastic. You seem to have cracked this, well done you 😊

  • Thank you elliebath, just have to make sure the good work continues!

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