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Day 3

Well I managed to walk 15,000 steps yesterday walking to the cinema to meet my friend. I forgot the can of gin and tonic and then my friend brought herself a wine I don't know how I resisted but I did and had a tonic water instead (slimline of course). It wasn't too bad and the film was good. I had dinner late last night the 🌶 with rice I still think I had too much rice I can't seem to judge it right. Today I am at school so had homemade tomato and basil soup and two ryvitas with laughing cow light triangles on but tonight it's usually wine Wednesday so I am not sure if I can go without it. I really wanted to save the calories for the weekend as it's my best friends daughters 30th party here's hoping ☺️

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Well done Kim, you're doing well and I'm sure you'll be able to keep that up and resist wine tonight, especially as you have the carrot of a 30th birthday party at the weekend :)

Good luck, you can do it! :)


Well done on resisting the wine Kim58 😊

Regarding portion size, I find two tablespoons of cooked rice is about the correct portion size, about 160 calories, but of course it depends upon your spoon!!! I have scales where I can weigh the plate, set to zero, then weigh the rice. Or else weigh it before you cook it.

Rice freezes really well too, and because I prefer brown rice when the family prefer white I freeze my individual portions 😊

It's a great idea to save a few calories for the weekend, 😊 Enjoy the party 😊

Best wishes


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