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Gone off course

Hi all, I had a birthday last week & my lovely husband took me away. We had a great time, but unfortunately I ate & drank far too much so I have put 2 pounds on. We walked quite a bit & I managed to do about 13,500 steps in one day so I was chuffed with that. So I'm back on it & walking along to Leslie Sansone on you tube, & clocking up over 10,000 steps every day since I got back, but although be been doing this for nearly 3 weeks I haven't lost any weight? I would appreciate any feedback please 😊

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Hi Julie,

I'm glad you had a lovely time away with your husband, belated birthday greetings to you :)

Don't worry too much about that 2lb gain, you will lose it again.

As to sticking at the same weight, it's a mistake to rely on exercise for weight loss, although it's excellent for fitness, toning and the feel-good factor.

It's far more important to be eating the right amount of the correct foods. Put your details into the NHS BMI calculator and just make sure that you're not consuming, either too much, or too little.

There's a Sugar Free challenge running for this month and that might be a very good way to get back on track?

Maybe look to changing simple carbs to complex carbs and try reducing them a little?

It's all about shaking things up to get things moving again. Have a look at this, for some more ideas


I hope this helps :)

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Hello julie58 😊

Happy Birthday for last week, and very well done on all the walking! 😊 That will really help your fitness.

Unfortunately to lose weight you need to consume less calories, so look up your bmi as Moreless suggested and go from there. Fortunately we don't need much of a deficit to make a difference, just a few hundred calories 😊

Good luck


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