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InstructorLive mega fail!!!

Oh my goodness, I have been hitting my 150 minutes per week walking and exercise bike goal so thought I would mix things up and give the Instructor Live nhs recommended videos a go. I feel so despondent!!! I got to the on the floor "bingo wings" exercises on the Wake Up Workout before the lovely instructor was sworn at....so thought I would dance it out with La Bomba and got to the first twist and wiggle to and fro before my trainers became stuck to the carpet on my swivel and the dog left the room in shame for his red faced owner. I half expected him to just bring me his lead to remind me of my limits just now!

I have done 20 minutes....so that is a bonus....and I will think of the videos as something to work towards but my clicking hips and frozen shoulder have had enough for now.

Anyone recommendations? Has anyone else found them difficult?

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Good for you for trying, Josie! :)

I think that all exercise is supposed to stretch our capabilities, or it isn't really exercise. We all have to start somewhere and work up, improving our skill and fitness as we go.

Don't give up, just keep aiming to improve on the session before.

Good luck! :)

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Good for you Josie101170 for having a go, I'll take a look at this later. I'm off for a shower after my 20 minute aerobic walk😰


Highly recommend Lesley Sansome walking videos 😊 They start with a fairly gentle 15 minute Happy Walk then build up 😊

Good luck, and the bit about the dog leaving the room in shame made me smile!!! 😂


Just completed my first Happy Walk from YouTube and it was great! Heart pumping and I feel as if I have worked everything....now red faced and happy to have found another alternative workout. It was just the first, One Mile Walk which I will continue for a while then progress! Thank you for the recommendation! IndigoBlue61 💃🏻


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