Where can I buy will power and self restraint?

Made a fab healthy tea and eaten well allday. Then put my son to bed and decided that 5 chocolate biscuits and 2 egg custards were a good idea. Ahhhh!!! Why? I certainly wasn't hungry.


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35 Replies

  • I can tell you are feeling cross with yourself, try to remember how you feel now, then next time you are tempted, remind yourself of this moment.

    Evening nibbling is a tough habit to break, but all habits can be broken in just a few short weeks. ☺

    Tomorrow is a fresh start, today could have been a lot worse, try not to dwell and move forwards ☺

    Good luck ☺

  • Oh no, I don't know why we sabotage ourselves like that. I do it myself sometimes, so I sympathize but I don't know why and have no good advice to share with you :-(

  • This could be a "me thing" but I don't eat or drink anything until I've put it into my spreadsheet. Probably quite ocd but it automatically adds that into the day's total and that helps me stay focused.

  • That's a great tip Tiggerr 😊 I'll remember that. Thank you

  • I'll give it a go thanks - but I tend to have irrational moments where I am food focused and then regret it immediately. I am quite deceitful with myself in those moments and probably wouldn't write it down.

    Feel really sick now but it's too late.

  • I used to be like that Funty , but realised that I'm only lying to my self nobody else, so eventually realised it's not worth it. Give it time, you'll change, you have admitted to all of us your slip up:)

  • Today is almost gone, write it off as one of life's banana skins and set your mind to start again tomorrow.

  • Thats a great idea

  • This works for me also once you see what calories it takes you to you soon change your mind.

  • Great idea Tiggerr

  • Cheers Ceals. It's no less valid for me 2 months later and there was a period since then, when I started going off the rails a bit, when I thought I was 'in control' (lol) and started adding my food in later and it went a bit pear shaped.

    Have a good w/e.

  • To be honest - I hadn't realised it was from two months ago when I responded.

    I know you are fully on-track!

    take care

  • I have exactly the same issue and also am (again) at the start of this long 30lbs plus journey but something someone said to me today really resonated. She said just for that split second before the cream egg is being shovelled down, stop and ask yourself "is this taking me closer to my weight loss goal or away from it?" And it made me realise that perhaps by taking accountability for self sabotage it may also provide the platform to say no and put the chocolate down! Of course I know all too well that sometimes I don't care but hoping these instances will be fewer going forward x

  • Brilliant Raemondo

  • When you find out where to buy them let me know!!! :P Mine seem to be on permanent vacation! :P :(

  • I don't have a spread sheet, but I do write everything down in a note book, usually the night before. I expect it's a habit, you probably think you deserve something once your son has gone to bed, it's the end of the day and your tired. Tomorrow is another day, don't let this stop you trying again tomorrow. Well done for the healthy eating up to that point though:)

  • Good point - maybe I need to find a new activity to do straight after he's gone to bed to distract myself. Maybe I could get an exercise video to do?


  • Leslie Sansone 1 mile happy walk on youtube is a fun one to do and only last 15 minutes :)

  • I used to think I deserve that Funty - now I think I deserve not to have that. Changed mindset and it is a much better outcome.

  • Thanks - new start again tomorrow with a few new strategies to try.

  • That's the spirit Funty tomorrow is another day.

  • If I'm feeling peckish in the evening I paint my nails then I can't unwrap anything for a while...... mostly works!!!!!! 😃

  • You could also try having a big cup of tea or similar. One of the big things I've had to cut out is having a large glass of wine as my end of day treat, so whenever I get to that point of the day and start wanting it, I make a brew in a huge sports direct mug. By the time I've finished drinking that the craving has usually passed.

  • I second this, I've also been having a cuppa at the end of the day. I've been really enjoying the different green tea flavours, currently on the bakewell tart one, lovely!!

  • We all go of the rails sometimes we all fee! guilty but learn from it. And try a find ways to stop yourself. My way is to tell myself that what I am craving doesn't taste very nice or I do something to take my mind of it. If I do give into temptation I check the calorie content that usually limits how many I would have I must confess last week I myself gave into temptation. I ate 6 biscuits putting well over 200 calories onto my daily count . at the end of the week I had gained a ki!lo, it has made me more determined than ever too succeed. Good luck you will! be km

  • I eat through boredom and can relate to your story. I tend to read in the evening and i have put the worst pic i have of me and stuck it to the chocolate and biscuit cupboard. This works most of the time. Just remember tomorrow is a new day and put your bad day behind you because you cant change it x good luck xx

  • It's not a habit thing is it? I historically said goodnight to our son and as the kitchen door was at the bottom of the stairs I found myself on autopilot visiting the kitchen for naughty nibbles every night. I broke the habit by brushing my teeth whilst still upstairs and then I didn't want to eat anything else for the rest of the evening. I've also started to look up the calorie count on those double dipped chocolate cookies that call to me and often find myself thinking 'no it's not worth it as I'm really not hungry 😋. Don't beat yourself up too much, tomorrow is a new day.

  • I have a samsung mobile and there is an app that you can record your food and it add the calories for you. So quick and easy to use. I even have my husband using it to. Shealth is a great app.

  • Hi, I love the cleaning your teeth idea and painting nails. I have low will power in the evenings mainly due to my tiredness and so end up nibbling too. The great thing is, you've spotted your mistake, that's a start to moving forwards. Good luck

  • As a secret night time eater, I have banned chocolate biscuits from my kitchen - or put them out of my reach! Try having alternatives to hand for those "must have chocolate" moments - a chocolate rice cake takes a while to nibble and can satisfy the need, with a lot less damage.

    A mug with a handful of dried fruit and seeds, with a little granola can satisfy a nibble urge, and can be included in a day's calories.

    Forward planning; remove temptation, find a really good book or even knit something, to distract you and keep your mind occupied. This is a coping strategy for life we are learning here!

  • Sadly, all the money in the world won't buy willpower. But NOT BUYING our weakness foods can work.

    I found the only way to ween myself off my "gluttony foods " was not to buy them in the first place, and to fill up on high proteins and fats so that my tummy was always satisfied. Then once I started to lose steadily I found that I could still have just one biscuit or mini kitkat if I really wanted it, without going mad.

  • Yeah! been there biscuits put out of reach.mine get counted sad or what !

    Then we have the creme egg scenario a treat Sunday pm.and every other day .I'm in denial.I hate sugar in tea or coffee.so have my sweet tooth in other ways. more like comfort food.a fill up in cold wet days.

    Don't despair .temptation.comes in all forms.willpower of the spiritual kind is tough going .

    Hairflair.I find doing a task takes away the desire to eat.

    Breakfast.no lunch evening meal.prepare for the next day.

    Anyway. lock the biscuits away ! ha ha where only you can find them.Sue

  • I do exactly the same thing but I got some great advice from people on here so now when I'm feeling tempted I just pick up a book it keeps my mind busy and I love reading so win win you could try something you enjoy to keep from picking, hope you find something :-)

  • This goes against the grain a little but sometimes we crave what we feel we are missing out on. Hot chocolate made with water and a tiny bar of high end dark choc might just tide you over but you are in control and not the other way round. Aldi do little chocolate bars. Xx

  • Thank you everyone - Monday was a really bad day. But since then I have found a little will power.

    Having a big drink, either hot or cold but especially tea, has helped. Eating satsumas has also been a good distraction. Dragged my son out for a walk to the park one day too which somehow helped even when he went to bed.

    I have made it to Friday and hopefully with everyone's support I can keep it up.

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