Bye bye Newbiewl. Name change...just to confuse you!

Hi everyone. Just a quick post to let you know I have had a name change. I decided that eight months on the forum probably meant I should change from Newbiewl as I don't feel much of a Newbie anymore! So, as of today I am... TheJuggler - yes, I sound a bit like a comic book baddy but it seems to be the most appropriate name at the moment with everything I have going on! Nothing else has changed and I will still be running the March exercise challenge. So, see you for the first challenge results on Wednesday and keeeeeep juggling!


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8 Replies

  • Wow, great name change!!! I like it!!! :-)

  • Fandabedozy, TheJuggler, would it be inappropriate for me to call you Jugs, for short? ;)

  • Ha ha ha!! That is a great abbreviation! Properly made me laugh.

  • hahaha!

  • I just spat my tea over my laptop!

  • LOL!! :D

  • Like it ☺ and yes, it does sound a bit comic book but I like that ☺

  • I'm inspired TheJuggler. Now to chose a new name :)'s coming ..... Maybe tomorrow xx

    Love your new name :)

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