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1st day calorie counting confused

Hi all!

It's my first day counting calories, and, now, at the end of the day, I've amounted 1.142kcal. Well below the 1.587-2040 the BMI calculator recommends.

My husband suggested to count the days before, to see the difference. The result was (eating healthy), 3.620! The excess being cashews (a lot!) and muesli (no sugar).

I've felt quite satisfied today. So, how do I up my intake without jeopardizing my diet?


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Hello Gobbolino

Whilst I wouldn't encourage anyone to eat if they weren't hungry, 1142 calories isn't very many!

I don't actually count calories I count portions, very similar idea to this


It's also useful to know how much of each food group you should eat

Best wishes



Thanks, I know it's too little, and I've read up on how your body can stop losing weight as it thinks it's famine. Will give that link a read, thanks.


Just finished reading it. Excellent!! Looks a lot easier 😄



It's my first day of calorie counting and I am in the same position where I feel satisfied.m but my intake so far is low. Also gym tonight will knock off calories etc

I am adding a few more snacks to up my intake .. actually harder than I thought ha!


Hi, Gobbolino, that has been me exactly for a very long time, I was always eating under my allowance but did not feel hungry, I struggled to lose weight, I have now been on this site for 3 weeks I have been eating more than normal, I have started to eat breakfast almost every day, I tend to eat smaller portions now but more often and enjoy fruit to snack in between. In my first 2 weeks I lost 4lb, I haven't been weighed this week yet as my weigh in day is a Wednesday. :-)

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Hi Gobbolino,

It's my first day too and so far my meals (including dinner that I've yet to eat) are well below my allowance too. I want to make sure I have my allowance so that if my weight comes to a standstill I'll have a few extra cals I can then knock off. I really enjoy a chocolate drink called Oatly which is fairly healthy and low in calories (compared to normal hot chocolate) so I think I'll be treating myself to a warm mug of that before bed & maybe add a Kitkat!

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