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where is the monday weigh in post?

Hi all,

I joined last week on the weekly weigh in post, but i cant seem to find it this week to record my weight loss and get my badge? Am i being stooooopid or is it not here?

Either way, i lost 3.5 lbs this week, which i am absolutely chuffed with. Brings my total loss to 26lbs since january 1st and my weight is 13st 1 (183 lbs) . (Starting weight was 14st 13lbs (209 lbs)

So close to dropping into the next stone bracket i can smell it :D

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Hi Jess-secondtimelucky!

The monday weigh-in post is on the right of the page, under the pinned post sections in "Events"

Here is the link:



Thank you :D xxxx


Hi Jess,

Click on "home" at the top of your screen

Look to the right, if on a computer/tablet, or scroll to the bottom, if using a mobile.

The link to the weigh-in, is in Events :)


Thank you very much :) just found it and entered my weight! :D xxxxx


Well done Jess, trying to lose a few pounds helped to take my mind of the ciggies, very well done to you x


hey you :) nice to see a familiar face on a different community! yes, was very scared when giving up the ciggies that i would pile on the weight, so thought i would throw myself in at the deep end and try to lose so weight too :D xx well done you! xx


That's excellent progress - I can but sit back and stare in amazement. Well done, you!


Thank you very much :D:D xxxx


Woot! Youre doing really well. Give yourself a big pat on the back. I totally get the not being able to find the sign in thing. I can only see something for monday on my screen but in my part of the world its still sunday.


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