What's everyone eating today?

Preparation is key to healthy diet and helps me from straying too far!

On my way to work on the bus. When I get there, having Mediterranean frittata for breakfast. Then lunch will be bean and feta salad. Fruit to snack on. At 4, it's a mad rush to the train station. Back to Putney and then a brisk walk to nursery. Once picked up daughter, a more leisurely walk home. Dinner tonight will be sausages and sweet potato mash with vegetables. Decided I won't be drinking wine with my meal. Will have a nice coffee instead.

Total calories = 1800

I'll be back on the forum tonight if my sweet cravings grab me :D :D

I hope everyone has a great Monday 😊


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7 Replies

  • I had skyr with apple and cinnamon for breakfast, lunch is out of my control but it will probably be something with fish or eggs and a salad. In the evening, I'll have wholemeal pasta with a tomato sauce with red lentils and veggies.

  • Morning MrsFizz, I haven't eaten sausages for weeks, your dinner sounds lovely. Today I am having granola and skyr yoghurt for breakfast, tuna salad for lunch and salmon with couscous and vegetables for dinner. Will also be having almonds, pineapple and a kiwi along the way. Have a good day:)

  • Good on you, especially as you seem to have a busy lifestyle. I know prep is the key and you have given me a 'kick' to start thinking that way again. Thanks.

  • I agree preparation is so important! It's when I'm not prepared that things start to slip, especially if you have no food in the house and a take away is more appealing than grocery shopping!

    Today I had a spinach and mushroom omelette for breakfast, halloumi, salad and hummus wraps for lunch (that's poor planning on my part, I didn't have enough for a full chicken salad!) and dinner will be sweet chilli salmon, roasted peppers, asparagus & baby corn :)

  • Well I've had a great day too, you recall yesterday and our maintainers catch up, so busy tho!

    Breakfast slice of toast , peanut butter, apple, snack 'kind bar' ( nuts, caramel 150 cals) . Lunch small whole meal roll, with cream cheese, crinkle crisps, snack banana. Dinner salmon filet, pack of sugar snaps, 1/2 portion of rice, snack pocket pack of nuts, just under 1400 cals

  • Hope you had a good day 😊

  • Didn't stop from the time I got to work until sitting on the sofa about 10pm!! But I didn't deviate from healthy eating and no drinking red wine in the evening. So for me it was a good day. I then managed to write my 'menu' for rest of the week apart from the weekend and cook from scratch Ragu for tonight's dinner :)

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