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girl with the cupboards

Hi Everybody!! Well Saturday was my final day of junk food for a week I slipped on Friday night at a friends place. With a one cinnamon roll, a few chips and a piece of chocolates A place where children live. But got back on track Saturday of junk food sobriety !!. This week of junk food sobriety is to eat only lunch and supper meals one plateful of no seconds in

keeping a handle of no junk food. This will be a hard week because I was eating meals fuel to help me not to eat junk. I was not to bad on Saturday and now Sunday meals I am getting back exercising tomorrow Monday. I am going to beat this addiction of junk food. One day at atime. I can do this.

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You will do it, just keep at it. :)


You certainly can! Just look at the progress you've already made.


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