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Walking rather than jump in the car

I did this twice now, as the eating a bit less, although happening, stills feels like something else needs doing for the weight loss to happen. So rather than hop on a bus as I usually do, I decided to walk to the local retail park, about mile and a half for a set of car windscreen wipers...yup, i decided to see if I could change those myself watching You tube clips.., so the return journey, made it three miles, but the walk really does wonders especially if you do it briskly, leaving your heart pumping...all those wonderful endorphins in your blood.....you just feel lighter, If I could only keep this up for a bit, and it didnt rain so much :) lol

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Nice one missussim, three miles is a good distance. You sound like you got a lot of positives out of it and I hope you have many more.

As for our wonderful weather... the last two times I forced myself out cycling, it was snowing one time and raining the other. I didn't feel like it but afterwards, I got the usual kick out of the exercise but also got an extra kick from defying the elements.

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That's great - it's the small changes that really add up in the end. Admittedly, the rain is a problem though- especially recently, it's been absolutely torrential where I am.


I used to jump in the car but it gave me really bad headaches so I had to stop doing it 😉


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