Using the NHS Choices website I am going to try and do everything they say in their 12 week loosing weight guide. I am going to try and eat healthy, be more active.

According to the guidelines I should be able to loose between 0.5kg to 1kg per week.

So based on this, to get to my target weight of 89kg (14 st) it is going to take we a minimum of 89 weeks. 1 and 3/4 years to become the old me, minimum.

So what is my BMI?

Adult male aged 45, 181cm tall and weight 130kg. My activity levels are low.

BMI= 39.6=Obese

Recommended calories is between 2424-3117 kcal per day

I have to get my BMI to between 18.5 -25 to be considered healthy.

Well week one here I come!!!!!


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2 Replies

  • good luck, enjoy the journey to good health

  • Well you've done the tricky bit, i.e. making the decision. Now you just have to decide what to eat and how to increase your activity. I have to admit that I haven't changed my very low activity level at all but still have manged to lose weight. Good luck!

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