Maintainers catch up

Morning maintainers,

So how has our month gone? With spring around the corner, and still facing some of winters habits and weather to go πŸ™‚,

Well what a month myself lots of emotional stuff and far too much food, yes I gained 2lbs, def not happy, the turnaround started yesterday, still weighing every day tho!

So what challenges have we all faced , dramas and stress, I'm reminding myself, that my small gain is just that, I now I want it vanished instantly.........., focusing on the bigger picture!


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  • I've had a roller coaster of a month. It didn't help that I had to cope with a major COPD flare up but I'm reasonably happy. I gave myself a 3 lb cushion and in the course of the month I think Ive hit every weight within that cushion. At the moment I'm 1lb over my desired weight but as I'm trying to do it without counting calories or using kitchen scales I'm not too unhappy with that as I have much more self control than I did a year ago. If I find I'm near the top of my self imposed cushion I find it relatively easy to get back on track. I'm still weighing every day but trying hard to break the habit .Looking forward to reading other members experiences.

  • It's hard to be sensible at times, I try not to overboard, so east at times tho

  • Considering that you've had a COPD flare up to deal with, wa2, I'd say that a 1lb gain over 4 weeks is admirable and something to be very proud of! :)

    How about weighing yourself on alternate days, this month and see how you get on with that? :)

  • That's what I was thinking of doing then increasing the days between weighing each month.

  • Exactly! :)

  • Hope you are feeling better now after your COPD flare up. I think you are doing marvellously well maintaining whilst not counting calories so I think you should be very pleased with yourself!

  • Thanks, Caz. Weight fluctuates daily but so far always within my set limit.

  • Hi wa2un7,

    Sorry to hear you've had a COPD flare up - and hope you're feeling better now. You're very close to your desired weight - and it's great that you have more self-control, and like you say - you should find it relatively easy to get back on track. Wishing you an excellent month ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • wa2un7 I normally only weigh myself once a week on a Monday but this Sunday morning I weighed as part of this group and came in at 10st 2.8lbs...yesterday (Monday) I weighed 9st 13lbs. I can only think that my Saturday night pizza with its carbs was holding on to lots of water on Sunday morning? Seems a big fluctuation in weight over a couple of days!

  • I find the fluctuations in weight completely baffling. Result can vary by 2/3 lb day to day for no obvious reason.

  • It happens to me too

  • Hello! :)

    This is my first post in a maintainer thread. I decided at the end of February that I will try to maintain for a while, even though I am still in the overweight category. I haven't weighed myself since last weigh in on Tuesday so no idea if I've gained. If I'm being truthful I probably have because I have eaten enough! :P However, my size 12s still fit but I notice my belly is bigger again so really going to have to be careful.

    Thanks for making the thread, Diana. :)


  • Welcome Sazkia to the Maintainers' Club. I wish you all the best with maintaining.

  • Thank you.

  • Welcome Sazkia! Good idea to maintain for a while, then when you do decide to try and lose a bit more it should be easier to kick start your metabolism.

  • Hi Sazkia,

    It's great that you're in the Maintainer's Club, and fantastic news that your size 12's still fit.

    Wishing you a successful month ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • I've started yoga very recently. I am training for a half marathon (in 2 weeks - eek!), but picked up an ankle injury 3 weeks ago that made running (and walking!) pretty impossible. OMG the yoga! I can't believe I've missed out for so long! I'm toned and strong from it already and have lost a couple of lb as well! And I'm positive that it's sped up my recovery.

    Ankle is pain-free today so I am hoping I'll manage the half, but definitely recommend trying yoga for muscle tone/weight loss/feeling amazing!

  • Sounds lovely. I've only tried yoga four times and I have to admit was so bored. Perhaps I should try again...

    Good luck on you first HM! Mine is in three weeks.

  • Hi MummyPhus are you doing a yoga class or using DVDs? Which type of yoga are you doing? I do Kundalini yoga occasionally but more for relaxation. Very interested in yoga for toning and strength training. Good luck with the half - I hope the ankle is 100%.

  • Pleased your ankle is recovering and best of luck for the half marathon!

  • Hi MummyPhus,

    Good luck for your half Marathon, and great that you've started yoga recently too. Sorry to hear about the ankle injury though! Please be careful and don't do too much, your body will need time to recover. Glad the yoga is speeding up your recovery, and that your ankle is pain-free now.

    Wishing you an excellent month ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • Hi Diana, thanks very much for hosting this month's maintainer's catch up. I'm sorry to hear that you've had an emotional roller coaster to contend with, but I think a 2lb gain is minimal and I'm sure that you'll sort it out this month, with no problems.

    I'm delighted with how my first month has gone, with no weighing and measuring of myself, or my food, I find myself just over 1lb lighter than I was 4 weeks ago.

    As I have no intention of eating less, or exercising more, this couldn't have been a better result, if I'd tried :)

    I appear to have learnt my lesson at last. If I had a day of over-eating, I followed it with a careful day. However, it's true to say that I don't 'treat' myself to anything edible, so no sugar, or alcohol, which makes it easier for me to keep a lid on things.

    I've calculated, that if I can keep this up, I'll be at healthy BMI, in approximately 18 months! Just as well I'm content to wait! :D

    I hope everyone else has had a good month :)

  • That's a great result. Wish I had your will power but I do need my wee daily sweet treat!

  • I'm afraid I can't stick to a wee sweet treat, wa2, it always turns into a sweet fest! That's why I've had to cut it out completely :)

  • That was me - open a kilo bag of Haribos and before you know it the bag's empty. Just don't buy anything with sugar in anymore why torture yourself ;) moreless a pound a month loss without upping the exercise or reducing the food intake I'd be happy with that! See the tortoise always wins ;)

  • Yaaaaay us!! :D

  • Fab moreless, you've done well, I'm no more focused on less treats, I basically over ate, in the grand scheme it's no big deal!

    I've nearly left the menopause train, it just coughs ( well flushes, aches and bloats) every now and then, then it fades for a bit!

    Imagine 1 lb lighter, delighted for you 😘

  • Thanks Diana, I can't tell you how happy I am that the menopause is behind me and it will be behind you too, soon :)

  • I'm hopeful it will after 9.5 years

  • That's a mighty long time to wait! :o

  • It has been a very long haul

  • Wow moreless what a result! Very well done, you must really have a grasp on this now, achieving this without weighing either food or yourself 😊

  • Thanks Caz, it's early days yet, but I'm hopeful :)

  • Well done, moreless!!! :D

  • Thanks Sazkia :)

  • Hi moreless,

    Fantastic to hear how your first month has gone. Congratulations on the 1 pound lost - and how you've coped with no weighing or measuring. Fantastic!!! :-) Laughing at the typo 'overheating' - made me smile. :-) Good idea to have a careful day afterwards! ;-)

    Yay - you'll be at healthy BMI - I have no doubt. You are doing amazingly.

    Wishing you an excellent month ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • LOL! I hadn't even noticed the typo!! :D

    Thanks so much for the encouragement :)

  • Hi Moreless, I've also had a month off weighing/calorie counting, although I have my habitual ways of measuring portions now. I feel this has gone well even if for me it's resulted in a gain :o

    You seem to have naturally found a balance that works, really impressive :) But be careful about seeing maintenance as just slower weight loss, that 1lb could just be a fluctuation rather than actual fat burned etc... (well I'm hoping my 4lbs isn't all fat gained anyway!)

  • Thanks for the cautionary words, Ruth. I think, over 1 month, a 1lb loss can be discounted, but suits me for maintenance, it could very easily go the other way by next month. It matters little to me, as long as it doesn't start to creep up, at an alarming weight :)

    I'm quite convinced that you haven't gained 4lbs of fat, either, but I think you're wise to nip the gaining in the bud now, before it does start to run away from you :)

    Roll on Spring, as I'm convinced it will make a difference to all of us! :)

  • I must have missed your reply to this post yesterday, Moreless, I was probably totally consumed by my own despair over having gained :-) :-) Now I am back to my normal self :-)

    I'm really happy for you that your first month went so well! You are totally in control! Well done.

  • No probs, Iben! :)

    Thank you, fingers crossed it's not beginner's luck! ;)

  • Beats beginners bad luck any day :-)

  • LOL! :D

  • Thanks for posting Diana. Sorry to hear that February was such a trying month for you but glad to hear that you have already started your turnaround. I hope I can do the same. What are you doing to turn things around?

    I stepped on the scales this morning and saw a number there that I had promised myself to never see again. I am so frustrated and angry with myself! Why am I letting the pounds pile back on? Don't get me wrong - I know why I am gaining, I know what I am doing wrong. I have gone back to my old eating habits - I eat pizza, chocolate, cake and other calorific things when they are put in front of me - and I have been telling myself it is not a problem because I run 25 km or more every week.

    But it is a mystery to me why I am doing this, when I know I shouldn't. It is like I have not accepted, that I cannot eat those things (in those quantities) anymore. Or maybe just hoping that the 2000 or so calories pr week that I burn on running will somehow magically make up for it. But it does obviously not work that way.

    I am now 3 kg heavier than I was when I reached my goal in early December and if I don't turn it around, I will keep gaining. I have therefore started counted calories again :-( :-( And I am going to be weighing myself every morning this week to stay focused.

    But I don't feel it is sustainable. Help me out people - I seem to have no clue how to maintain, only how to lose or gain... moreless you seem to have cracked the code... what's your best advice?

  • My best advice is that I do not consider ANY exercise I do, as a weight loss tool, purely as a way to keep fit and toned and NEVER as an excuse to eat more.

    I'm afraid my eating habits aren't for all and require a complete change of thinking. It will never be OK for me to eat pizza, cake, or chocolate, so I don't even consider it an option. I've gone without for so long now, I don't even think about it, but I know that's not for everyone.

    I'm sure, that given time, you'll find the formula that works for you, Iben.

    Good luck! :)

  • Yes I never consider exercise as allowing for extras, just normal service

  • "An excuse to eat more." That is exactly how I have thought of my running since I stopped trying to lose weight... I'll give that some serious thought.

    But you are right that your eating habits are probably not for me. I am not happy to give up the foods that I love. I think I have to learn how to enjoy them in smaller quantities and how to find the right balance....

    Thank you for believing in me. I really find it hard to believe in myself right now and feel like a fraud for carrying the maintainers badge...

  • You just need to accept that you can't majorly indulge the way you did without gaining, so simple really

  • simple but not easy :-)

  • You're not a fraud. :( I was told by another member that maintaining is not about staying exactly the same but learning to try and keep within certain boundaries as our weight will always fluctuate slightly anyway so I think it's probably impossible to maintain perfectly all the time!

  • Very true

  • Thank you!

  • Hi IbenCopenhagen, I don't deny myself the foods I love either, BUT, these days I am extremely careful regarding portion sizes. I know you love running and exercise can make you hungrier, but no, it's not an excuse to eat more. Try and eat filling, sustaining foods to compensate for the increased appetite you experience through exercising. Good luck on reversing the trend!

  • Thank you, Caz, I am going to have to learn how to balance things constantly. And make sure there is something healthy waiting for me at home when I have been out for a run, so I don't get tempted to stop at the bakery.

  • It's early days for you too, Iben and just as you had to find the right way for you to lose weight, you will find the way to maintain. You are certainly not a fraud!!

  • Thank you - and you are right, I am new at this. I knew how to lose weight, done it many times before, but never seriously tried to maintain before.

  • Thanks for posting Diana, I do sometimes wonder if I should still be lurking on the weight loss forum :) I enjoy reading the posts though, seeing how everyone is doing.

    I maintain in a similar way to you moreless , weight has stayed the same. I weigh myself every few days now.

    I tend to avoid sugar, have some occasionally, but not often, if offered cake etc I just think I would rather be slim, luckily not that bothered by sweet stuff anyway. My exercise is less due to on ongoing injury/illness but I don't get as hungry as I did after swimming miles, body does seem to have adjusted. A dog walk every day is the most I do now, makes me feel good though to be in the fresh air.

    I haven't had alcohol either for months, couldn't have any due to medication and have to say I now don't miss it, that alone helps!

    I cook from scratch and not much processed food, I have quite varied filling meals that I really enjoy though (was never keen on lettuce) this is how I'm happy to eat forever, so is hubby luckily :)

    I do still count calories, but only in my head, fairly approximately, may have to do that forever? I have at least left behind MFP, was useful while losing though to learn calorie values.

    Wishing all maintainers and every one else a great March, glad the winter is over! Bring on summer :)

  • You are ok maintaining is just that, we never really let go of our counting and habits, that's what I believe be mindful

  • Sounds like you've got this maintaining lark off to a fine art! Well done!

  • Surely you don't mean me? Fine art, I feel as if I've failed

  • Brilliant Sailsalot, I hope that my small success turns into a long-term success, as yours has. Like you, the way I'm eating now is fully sustainable and I don't feel as if I'm dipping out at all :)

    Stick around, if only as a reminder of where you've been and don't want to go back to and as inspiration for all those battling to be in the same position :)

  • Thanks,you are doing really well yourself moreless :)

  • Hi Sailsalot,

    I'm really happy that you're still in the forum - your contributions are so helpful, and you're doing so well in maintaining - it's very incentivising to others to see your posts and replies. It sounds like you've found a way of life that works well - cooking your meals from scratch and not having much processed food - and enjoying varied filling meals. Yum!

    Wishing you an excellent month ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • Obviously did not miss your reply, but only thought about myself and did not respond to your reply... Feel a bit embarrassed today that I was so self absorbed yesterday... Well, we all have days like that, don't we. Thanks for bearing with me :-)

  • Iben, if you're responding to me, please, don't give it another thought! I certainly shan't! All's good! :) xx

  • :-)

  • I think I just over ate, and sometimes it seems as if by magic you gain, which isn't true, and I have those md crave days ( bi polar bouts) too.

    I'm now so sick of the extra pounds it re focuses me, yes pizza and other stuff is ok, I just need to bin/ save half of it tho

  • Thank you Diana

  • You are one of the forum stars in my eyes si I'm sure that you will find the solution. You have recognised the problem and that's the first step. Good luck.

  • You are so sweet. Thank you so much for seeing me like that and believing in me. I hope you are right!

  • How kind πŸ™‚

  • It is really difficult to maintain. I have also put on about 4 kg since my lowest weight and am struggling to stop it becoming more. I think winter is really difficult and that our bodies crave carbs so they can lay down the fat. It is much easier to lose in spring and summer. Things are getting warmer over here in Germany and that helps. I'm running further, I'm running faster, I've given up all sweets/chocolate/biscuits/cake for lent and I think my metabolism will thank me for it. Certainly after a VERY bad start to this week with too much chocolate and too many donuts (traditional German fare over carnival) I was surprised at a loss this week. That gives me hope that I will get my weight down again. But I hate calorie-counting. Good luck with your weight loss and running successes.

  • I am glad I am not the only one struggling. I hope you are right that the weather will make things easier! We will have to fight those kilos without fighting ourselves!

  • I agree it's more difficult in winter, I love salads when its warm but need something more substantial this time of year! Well done on the running.

  • Hi JaySeeSkinny,

    I agree with you that Winter is a tough time of year, and that it's going to be much easier to lose in Spring and Summer - and it's great to hear that the weather is improving in Germany, and you're managing to improve your running and enjoying it. Wow, well done for giving up so much for Lent - and I wish you luck with that, and hope that you manage to cope ok.

    Wishing you an excellent month, and enjoy that running!

    Zest :-)

  • First test - my colleagues have brought cake into work today. Sigh! And they've told me I have to eat it or else they have to give it to their children (who have given cake up for lent). And I don't want to be responsible for their kids failure, do I?

  • Simple - say 'no' (if you want to of course - essentially your choice), but if they then give it to their children, then 'they' are the ones being responsible for that action. Manipulative verbal tactics, but I feel sure you can conquer that! :-)

  • IbenCopenhagen I wish I could help but I've always found maintaining infinitely more difficult than losing - maybe it's to do with having a goal. When I had to stop running due to an injury I put on weight over an eight month period...starting back running did nothing to shift the weight - so I was back to calorie counting. I have pizza every weekend but hubby has reduced it in size by about a third - still looks and tastes like a 'whole' pizza (halving it did not work for me I just felt deprived!). I'm not at the stage where I can totally stop calorie counting even though I'm eating healthily perhaps I'll always have to log my food.

  • It sounds like we are in the same boat. I can relate to everything you write - even the thing about not liking to eat half a pizza :-) :-) I make my own - wholewheat and healthy toppings - but it is still calorific...

    Do you really think we will have to log our food forever? Argh!

  • No just be mindful, adding up daily does help me

  • I had half a pizza, and salt soaked the other half to make it un edable

  • :-) :-) :-) You make me laugh! But why not if that is what it takes....

  • Realistically it does, no more having extra

  • I think we probably do IbenCopenhagen πŸ˜• even if it just a quick note in a diary. I thought I'd been so careful whilst i was away but I didn't keep a record, hence the 3lb gain, πŸ˜•

    My daily record is a bit like shorthand eg 'porrige etc', I know exactly what's in it but I don't write it down in detail.

    You can turn this around, you've done so well, and remember, practice makes perfect ☺

  • Thank you Anna - I'll not give up and have to find my way!

  • Hi Mochta,

    Great that you're enjoying your pizza on the weekends, and have adapted it to suit your needs. Pizzas can be really delicious, can't they! :-)

    I would like to wish you success with the month ahead, and hope you really enjoy it (the month that is, including the pizzas) :-)

    Zest :-)

  • Thanks Zest, yip pizzas can be scrumdelicious a whole one is my big treat of the week. Thanks for the well wishes - March is such a great month everything is waking up for spring. There's a chaffinch outside the window singing his heart out his little chest is puffed up so much he looks like he could burst.

  • Oh I really feel your frustration - but what to say that will help? :( I'll offer a virtual hug instead...! β™₯ :)

    I'm at the start of my maintain 'journey' so I really do not feel I have the experience to advise, although I think other members have given some good advice already. You know why you've gained and you know how to lose it. However, it is never that simple, is it? I hope you find your way with this and when you do, please tell us all about it as I'm sure we'll find it useful! :)

    You're doing great running so that is something. I know members say to never count calories burned during exercise as an excuse to eat more but I haven't quite managed that yet - I always feel more hungry after a vigorous work-out and crave certain foods that I know I shouldn't eat but lately I seem to be giving into them more and more. :( If you find a way to beat them cravings then drop me a message lol! ;)


  • Just be strict, the small stuff does add up, losing is easy, you need more non food rewards tho, I still love my food, go out and do normal stuff.

    A big Sainsbury's near me has a cafe, a friend and I go there for lunch, I had a jacket potato with prawn mayo and salad, I then had a roll and ham for dinner, just swap stuff to stay in 'budget' cal wise.

    I think in two weeks time, I'm going to have my nails , painted as a treat when off work, non food rewards, currently loving eBay and secondhand cashmere jumpersπŸ˜‰

  • I know all this though, it's not like I haven't done all that in the past; it's just not happening lately. I suspect the same is for Iben right now too and a few other members from what I've been reading. I don't know, it seems incredibly difficult of late. :(

    I'm really hoping it's to do with winter, darker days etc and that when the days start to get noticeably longer, brighter and warmer I will get my old motivation back. I hope this will be the case for everyone else too. :) Maybe in 2 or 3 months we'll all look back on this and go 'thank goodness we got over that and look at us now!' :D

  • I so hope that too, and you are spot on about knowing exactly what to do and still not doing it...

  • Thanks for that hug, Sazkia. Much needed today! I promise to tell you the secret to successful maintaining if I discover it!

    I can't tell you how much hope it gives me to know that I am running. Things are NOT what they were before. I have to adjust some eating habits to maintain, but in terms of exercise, I am doing everything right and I am enjoying it.

  • You're welcome. :) If someone told me a year ago that it would be harder to maintain rather than lose then I would have laughed! :P Now I know better. And there is no magic answer but at least you can come on here and vent that frustration. ;) You're doing brilliantly and have come so far it is incredible to just think about. :) I am really pleased to read you are enjoying your RUNNING, that's important and will keep you going for many years to come! :D You'll be running marathons and not bat an eye lid before you know it! :D

  • Yes, how can it be? I think it has to do with the lack of a time frame and progress.

    I'll be running half marathons, that is for sure. Marathons seem impossible at this point.

  • Half marathons probably seemed impossible to you one time too... :P Now look at you preparing to run them! :D

  • 5k seemed impossible to be honest!

  • There you go then. :P

  • Maintaining is about being mindful, calorie cycling , accepting that at times as I am, that you may go 2lbs either way of your ideal weight!

    It's about not obsessing, checking the cals on things such as rolls, and foods, going out and being carefree at times and accepting the old habits are long gone!

  • I know you are right, and I still have to learn how to implement it in my own life :-)

  • You will find a way, you mustn't regain all that list weight please😘

  • Hi IbenCopenhagen , you are still doing so well if only 3kg heavier, that is not very much at all. Maybe just try maintaining at the weight you are for a while, see how you get on? Finding your own balance for eating/drinking/exercise/maintaining is not easy, it does take a while, as Diana said to me, you have to be mindful. Good luck!

  • It is not so much the 3 kg, it is the fact that they have piled back on in just 3 months. If I don't stop it, all my hard work will be undone in no time. I am afraid of trying to maintain for much longer. I'm useless at it :-)

  • You just need to re focus!

  • I have lost and gained many times before. This is the first time I've managed to find a sustainable way for me. You probably only have to change things just a little to reduce what is only a 1/4 kg per week gain IbenCopenhagen . The lighter days will definitely help :)

  • Thank you Sailsalot! I'll not give up.

  • You are certainly not 'useless' at it! It's just a blip, probably emotional too, you reached your goal, you relaxed, it's human nature. Just refocus, you've come a very long way on this journey, think positively about all you have achieved .

  • You are such a kind person - and I know you are right. I am refocusing - have been very good and totally disciplined today.

  • 😊😊

  • Iben, I don't believe it's possible for you to put back on all the weight you lost as your new lifestyle is so different to the old one. I think you're just dealing with a 'plateau'. Your body is able to dip below it, but then it keeps reverting back to a certain level, however hard you fight it. I believe this is what my body does too (and has been doing for about a year). I think if I relax about being 10st-10st7 I can stay there long term without too much effort. But if I remain determined to be 9st10 then I'd have to forever be in 'diet' mode, counting calories, being more scientific with my food choices, really doing the strength exercises etc... ;) Maybe time to revisit LessToLose's post on beating the plateau?

  • I'm not sure... I don't know my body this size very well... In a year I'll know if this is a plateau that can be beaten and I can stay around 62 kg where I feel most comfortable, or if 65 kg is the natural size for my body which cannot be beaten without being on a calorie reduced diet forever. Or the horror scenario - in which I have gained all the weight right back to where I started... I hope you are right about my new life style making that impossible!

    I'll definitely read LessToLose's post again - always worth a read!

  • Remember size isn't only dictated by weight. I've lost inches while staying essentially the same weight, but it took time. With your commitment to running I wouldn't put a limit on what you can achieve at all :)

  • Hi IbenCopenhagen,

    I agree with the others, 3kg isn't much gain since early December, and this is a very challenging time of year - and you are already sounding re-focused again - so here's to a really good month ahead, and hopefully we'll all be happier with our maintaining over the coming month - March is going to be a lovely Springtime - in so many ways. I feel sure of it! :-)

    Wishing you success and a great month ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you for trying to lift my mood. It's better than yesterday already :-) I hope you are right about the springtime!

  • HI Diana thanks for doing the post this month. I posted last week about weight gain after an overindulgent month away - not looking back though going forward! I got some excellent advice recently on the C25K forum and as a result I now plan to up my runs from 5K to 6K three times a week. I'm happy with my tweaked strength training which has settled down to 30 minutes before each run - it's all nice and compact and I get a two day break over the weekend. I think I'm going to land on 9st 12lbs as my 'flexible' weight (got to stop fixating on 'ideal weight'!!!). I'm posting stats to keep me on track and accountable.

    Weight today 142.8lb - so 4.8 above where I'd like to be ;)

    Upper arm 10"

    Upper thigh 20"

    Bust 38"

    Waist 29"

    Hips 38"

    According to the website below that puts me at about a size 12 which I'm pretty happy with although I'd like to get that waist measurement down to 28" if at all possible as I feel I'm still carrying too much around the tummy area.

    Now that I'm home I've resumed filling in my NHS sheets which really does help keep me on track. I don't count my evening meal calories which is typically something like fish/chicken/pork/duck plus veggies I do count my calories during the day which were hovering at around 800 but are now around 600 (swapped homemade muesli for porridge). Bread is my downfall so now we buy/bake a loaf, slice it and keep it in the freezer. Need to keep on top of the water drinking even when it's cold and wet outside - this fell by the wayside when I was on holiday :(

    Wondering moreless if I can have a maintainer's badge - just something else to help motivate me to keep on the straight and narrow!

  • You are doing the right thing combining strength training and running. Since I introduced an hour of strength training every week I've become a much stronger runner.

    600 calories during the day sounds like very little...

  • I'm retired and get up late :) porridge cinnamon and raisins 400, fromage blanc and berries 120, tomato juice 35, apple, pear or orange 60. I find porridge keeps me full for longer (proper oats not the rolled kind!) I'm trying the 80/20 approach with my running slow for 80% and speed up 20% of the time it's making a huge difference. What strength training are you using for legs? I'm mainly doing strength for arms (avoiding bingo wings) and core with only toe stands for legs. My legs below my knees are rock solid but above the knee needs some (lots of) work - I'm struggling to find anything I can do at home.

  • For the legs I mainly do squats, jump squats and lunges. I also have some resistance bands that I sometimes use lying on my side, lifting the top leg to strengthen the hip abductors... is it making any sense? All of those can be done at home. I really don't like going to the gym.

  • Thanks IbenCopenhagen all of that makes sense- I think I'll add in some lunges this week.

  • I do hate porridge, nut butter and toast or eggs for me breakfast, sometimes I start work at 5:30am, has to be quick and easy

  • Diana porridge is not everyone's taste for sure - mine is made with salt and water so probably even less appealing to most folks. What I can't work out is when I have 500 calories of homemade muesli I get hungry far sooner than when I've eaten 400 calories worth of porridge and my hubby is the exact opposite - he get hungry when he has porridge but not muesli.

  • Horses for courses, it just tastes so bland

  • I love porridge with cinnamon and a bit of grated apple! Try it. Lovely!

  • I am very jealous of your 29" waist! Tummy is my problem area. I freeze bread too, it's my downfall and it's better when not so accessible.

  • Caz28 I go in at the right places - looks good when I'm front on - turning sideways is a bit of a let down though ;) I find the freezer slows me down...if a whole loaf is in the cupboard it's just asking to be eaten! Off now to enjoy roast chicken, parsnips, carrots, sweet potato and green beans.

  • Sounds lovely, enjoy.

  • I wish that handing out maintainer's badges was enough to help everyone stay at their goal weight, I really would be a Fairy Godmother then :)

    I hope that seeing it next to your name, will remind you of how far you've come and keep you focused on maintaining :)

  • Thanks moreless I'm going to keep it polished! Now I'll have to maintain to keep the maintainer's badge - hope that's a circle of virtue rather than a vicious circle ;) The sky was black two minutes ago and the trees were at right angles - as I'm typing the sun has come out and the wind has stopped. Time for a run I think :)

  • Hi again Motcha,

    I just replied to you back there - not realising this was your main reply - I got distracted by your mention of pizza, and just had to join in the discussion... lol :-)

    Anyway, I am impressed by your update - and would like to wish you a successful month ahead - your new Maintainer Badge suits you very well. :-) Looking good!!! :-) Your stats are great! :-)

    Wishing you an excellent month ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • Hi everyone, and thanks Diana for posting and hope the problems you have been having are improving now.

    This morning I weighed 9st 10lb which is a gain of one pound since the Feb Maintainers Club. In the scheme of things that's a great result as I've been maintaining at 9st 9lb since last November and I found February really tough. I've done less exercise and eaten less healthily, but I have still been very mindful of portion sizes, I still weigh everything and use MFP every day. My recommended calories for maintaining are 1742, but in reality that seems too many, and I'm in danger of gaining, so I've been sticking to an average of 1600 and I've still gained a pound! My measurements are the same apart from upper arm where bizarrely I've lost half an inch without any specific arm exercises?!

    When I achieved goal 3 months ago I felt slim and loved how I felt in my clothes, now, I seem to have got used to the new me and am thinking I would like to lose another 3 or 4 pounds, has anyone else experienced this? Perhaps I'm a bit bloated eating more comfort style food?

    Roll on Spring so I can get back to more walking and more salads!

    Good luck for March fellow maintainers.

  • We all judge ourselves strictly, my stomach changes shape too, I seem to have bigger blips less often!

    We Struve for more, I personally think it's a bit too unrealistic long term, we are hardly my 600lb life candidates are we.

  • You're right of course, it's a bit like if you have curly hair you would love straight and vice versa, we are our own worst enemy, never satisfied!

  • 1 pound is indeed very little. Well done Caz! I am in awe of your stamina! I am glad I have the opportunity to learn from you. I have already started using MFP again today :-)

  • I love your posts too, always very impressed with your fitness levels, would love to see some photos of where you run.

  • Maybe there will be photos from the half marathon in three weeks. Will share.

  • That's a brilliant result, Caz and I've heard many people who've achieved their goal, then want to go down more. You have to really step back and think about whether you're always going to feel 3, or 4lbs too heavy and is any weight going to be the right weight?

    That's why I've decided to stop obsessing over the scales. I'm much heavier than I should be, but a heck of a lot lighter than I was! However, I'm fitter now, than I have been for donkey's years, which I feel is far more important than being a stone lighter :)

  • Absolutely, it's all about being happy in your own skin.

  • Yes that does sound familiar. In my my first year or so of maintenance I was very happy with my new size. But during the second year I've become a bit more critical of my mirror reflection ,despite the fact that I am actualy a couple of pounds lighter.. (maybe it is due to feeling older rather than fatter!)

  • You could be right there, I've just turned 60 after all!

  • Ha, that's no age at all Caz28

  • Hi Caz that's exactly what happened to me when I reached my original goal of 10st6. I was so glad to have banished 2 stone and addressed digestive /fitness issues etc. Then about 3 or 4 months after I became unhappy with my hips still being too wide and my shape still feeling 'oversize', even if my weight was under control. So over the past year I maybe made very little difference to my weight (few lbs) but it made the difference I was looking for in how I fit into my jeans etc, which was the real motivation... So maybe think what that 3 or 4lbs would mean to you, so you have a clear goal?

  • Hi Caz28,

    You are doing brilliantly - having maintained at 9st 9lb since last November, and being just 1 pound higher than that this month. You've lost half an inch too - so it shows it's not all about the scales.

    I think Spring is definitely going to help us all - and I hope that March will be a really great month for us all.

    Wishing you an excellent month, Caz, and enjoy lots of great walks too - I will look forward to hopefully seeing your photos of some of those. :-)

    Zest :-)

  • I'm posting at last! Thank you Diana :) It's been a busy day... but before it all got started I attacked the broken scales with a screwdriver and managed to get a weight out of them before they blanked out on me again... Considering this, I'm not sure if it's an accurate read or not, but it looks convincing. 10st2, which is a 4lb gain on my last weigh in about 6 weeks ago, but still within the range I seem to be gravitating between during maintenance. I'd prefer a weight with a 9 at the start but I'll take this.

    I've also gained half an inch on my waist and half an inch on my hips, while losing an inch on my upper arms and an inch on my chest. My body seems to be reverting to its preferred pear shape again :(

    My final measure is my size 12 jeans. Still a comfortable fit today, but belt on third hole rather than 4th.

    I think overall my maintenance is fitting the winter trend of a little gain occurring but feeling Spring will help see that reversed. I'm not so much comfort eating, but my recurring cough and asthma issues have seen me taking a break from running and cycling, and my new job is quite sedentary. So maybe I've been guilty of not adjusting my food intake accordingly. Time to nip these things in the bud :)

  • It def does, remember we need to live and enjoy too, we have stuff that affects us, happy healthy days ahead for us all

  • Thanks Diana. I've been being easy on myself this past month dealing with the asthma setback and stressful work related stuff. Sometimes there's only so much you can do in a month! It sounds like you've been very self-forgiving too. Wishing you a happy healthy spring (just as soon as it turns up!) :)

  • Well my stomach is better, I'll eventually leave the menopause train, who knows when, bored and fed up with it now after 9.5 yrs

  • Hi Ruth_canal_runner,

    Sorry to hear you had to struggle with your scales, but great that you were a dab hand at DIY to sort them out! You're within your maintaining range, which is excellent - really well done! :-) I know you'd prefer a weight with a 9 at the start, and I feel sure that will be your prize as this month progresses. Your size 12 jeans are still a comfortable fit - I bet you're looking great!

    I really hope that you'll enjoy March, and say goodbye to the cough and asthma issues you've had to contend with in February - I know it's been a tough month for you in that respect.

    Wishing you an excellent month ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • Just think how much healthier being a pear is, to being an apple! To be a pear, in size 12 jeans, is amazing! Oh to be in your shoes! :)

    I bet when you get back to the running and cycling, you'll see that butt of yours being trimmed back again and that belt being tightened another notch! :)

  • I was a pear when I was 2 stone overweight too! 16 inches difference between waist and hips compared to 13 inches difference now. Whereas most women's sizing is designed for 8-10 inches difference... It may be 'healthy' but it's hard to shop for!

  • I only have 4" difference between waist and hips! I wonder if anyone "conforms" to the manufacturers ideas of normal?? :o

  • Don't mind lending you 4.5 inches if you want to split the difference :)

  • LOL!! :D

  • I'm giggling visualising you struggling with your scales. Well done for winning that fightπŸ’ͺ. You have gained at bit but seem to have it under control. Unlike me. I hope some of your sensibility will rub off on me! Spring is here, and you'll be running and cycling again soon. What did the doctor say about the recurring cough?

  • Those scales are going in the bin Iben! All that grappling for just a flash of hope and then back to grey blankness again :(

    But the doc's verdict was encouraging. Basically I need to be patient - the cough will respond to the inhalers if I just keep following the various instructions for their use! And nothing to stop me running in the meantime. It might even help my lungs recover, as long as I don't get too ambitious... so watch this space :) And I'll be looking out for you too :)

  • That is good news! Will look forward to hearing how it goes when you go out for your next run.

  • Good evening Fellow Maintainers.. Sorry I only just managed to tune in, then had 104 comments to read, and now it is past my bedtime 😴 But I will definitely add something tomorrow .....

  • I had the same thing Ellie, no chance all day then by the time I could log in the party was in full swing! It's really good to not feel alone in this :) Hope your month has been good :)

  • Hi elliebath,

    Yes, there are LOTS of comments to read - wow! I'm glad I left it till this morning - and I'll look forward to reading your update later.

    I'm just about to do mine now.

    Zest :-)

  • morning all, hope I'm not to late to join in? just arrived back from holiday lat night after a lovely week of all inclusive bliss. i think i did take some of my good habits with me ( although i left quite a lot of them at home !) , and managed not to do too much damage by using a small plate at all times , my hands never touched a full size dinner plate , they did manage quite a few extra dry martinis and evening meal wine though!

    like all comments on here today i think it will be easier to get into maintain mode now the lighter nights are on the way in and the spring flowers are pushing through in the park. Winter evening do call for extra comfort food . I think my answer to maintaining does lie in my plate size , i too can't give up the things i love completely, dark chocolate ,crumble and custard to name just a couple , but i find now that a small portion occasionally is enough . The forum also really helps me and the fact i love running .

    i think everyone deserves a pat on the back for being here having this chat , wow a maintainer! how great is that :-)

  • Hi Mollydex,

    Good morning! Welcome back from your holiday! :-) I hope you had a wonderful time! :-) Well done on using that smaller plate - great strategy! Something that is clearly working for you!

    Wishing you an excellent month ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • Good strategy well done!

  • What a lovely positive post, Molly! It's brought a smile to my face and made me convinced that all's well in a maintainer's world :)

    Thank you! :)

  • Well done for maintaining more or less while on holidays, and thank you for the tip, Mollydex - I'll think more about my portion sizes... perhaps start using small plates...

  • I'm also just catching up ☺ what an inspiring read! You are all winners in my book ☺☺☺

    I'm around all day if anyone needs and badges or anything ☺

    Have a good month ☺


  • Hi Anna61,

    Good morning! It's definitely an inspiring read, isn't it. I feel buoyed up already by all the posts - and wishing you an excellent week and month ahead.

    Zest :-)

  • Hi Diana and fellow Maintainers,

    Diana - thanks for hosting the March update of this great Club. I know you've been finding it tough with your hormones in February, and that we were chatting yesterday (in another thread) about how we're both looking forward to Spring weather and being able to wear lighter clothes. I feel sure it will - and hopefully we're through the tough Wintry period now. I really hope so. It's looking very Wintry outside though today - been raining non-stop for the past couple of hours...

    I waited till today to update, as I wanted to compare Mondays - i.e. Monday 6th February with Monday 6th March. Hence wanting to weigh today. (I do weigh daily as well), but Mondays are always special to me for weigh-days, as that was always the day I weighed historically.

    So on Monday 6th February - I had just come back from holiday and I'd gone up in weight to 13 stone 12 pounds. I wasn't happy about that, but was pleased that I was still at a "Healthy BMI".

    Today I weigh 13 stone 6.5 pounds, so I've lost 5.5 pounds this month.

    I am aiming to be within a 'Maintaining Window' of 13 stone to 13 stone 7 pounds, so I am delighted that I am within that 'window' and I hope to stay there for this month and onwards through the year. Ideally I'd prefer to be at the lower end of that window, so I am going to try to lose some weight this month - to achieve that.

    My stats are as follows:

    Weight: 13 stone 6.5 pounds (height: 6 feet 1 inch)

    New BMI: 23.56

    Chest: 40 inches

    Waist: 32 inches

    Hips: 40 inches

    My goals for this month are to:

    1) Eat healthy sustaining foods

    2) Exercise regularly

    3) Include strength exercises as well as cardio

    I'd like to wish everyone success with the month of March, and just say how much I appreciate this Maintainer's Club for helping to keep us all on track.

    Happy Maintaining!!!

    Zest :-) xxx

  • Fantastic month you've had Zest ☺ very well done!

  • Yes I agree

  • Great achievement losing those holiday pounds!

  • You've had a fantastic month, Zest and nicely back to your maintenance window. If this next month goes as well, you'll be feeling extremely comfortable at the lower end, just in time for spring! Well done you and all the best for the coming month :)

  • Wow Zest, you have done really well in February. I'm sure you'll smash March as well.πŸ’ͺ

  • Congrats Zest! It goes to show these fluctuations can be beaten! Good luck staying within your maintaining window :)

  • Well done on losing the holiday gain! I'm sure like everyone is saying, if we can just be careful through March it will get easier come April!

  • Morning All, here's my update. ... better late than never!

    As many of you know I started out at 12st in April 2014, and reached my 10 st goal in April 2015.

    Then followed maintenance: for a year or so 9st 12 to 10st 2 . Then the next six months around 9st 9 ( except for a Xmas gain !!! )

    So, I actually started February 2017 at a higher point of 9st 12. We also booked a holiday for late March, so I really didn't want to gain any more, and I know that the only sure-proof way is to make sure I keep to my maintenance calories ( for me 1500) .

    So it was back to MFP and weighing myself twice weekly. This was the outcome.

    February: average daily cals 1480 (although four days topped 2000 ) Weight fluctuation: 9st 12, 9st 10, 9st 11, 9st 10, 9st 8, 9st 7, 9st 8, 9st 9.

    So Im very happy that the scales look ok again. But clearly our weight isn't I realised when shopping for a new swimsuit. Bought 3 , tried on 3, looked rubbish in all 3, took back 3 πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

    Some things never change!

  • Oh Ellie! I feel your pain re the cozzy! I've felt the same my whole life! It hasn't mattered whether I was 15, or 50, 10st, or 15st, the feeling was always the same!! :o I'm sure your OH thought differently though! :)

    You are a maintenance superstar and I take my hat off to you! The thought of living the rest of my life, on 1500 cals, or less, fill me with absolute horror! I refuse to go that low to lose weight! You're amazing! :)

  • Believe it or not, I dont find it that low cuz my appetite has now adjusted and I dont often eat much bread, pastry, pizza etc ( the stuff that got me fat originally ) so based on fairly well balanced meals helped along with a few glasses of wine, and 40 minutes walk most days, it is quite do-able.

  • Hi elliebath,

    Your stats look great! Keep looking for that swimsuit though, as the one that is perfect for you is definitely out there, and you will look amazing on your forthcoming holiday, whatever you are wearing. What's more important is how good you'll feel.

    Zest :-)

  • Thankyou , but yes, the perfect one is going to be last year's black one- piece with a new sarong!!

  • Great idea elliebath - that sounds good! :-)

  • You are a superstar! I know what you mean about bikinis, I still wouldn't have the confidence to wear one, but a one piece and sarong sounds perfect!

  • Actually @Caz28 I didn't even get as far as looking at bikinis , even the potential one-piece suits looked grim πŸ˜•πŸ˜•πŸ˜•

  • Obviously the design then can't be your fab figure πŸ˜‰

  • After a loss of 3st, the last few weeks I have lost the plot. 5-4 inches n back up to 9-12lbs was cycling and running doing parkrun, but hurt my hip so haven't done any excersie. My routine also changed as my husband has ruptured his Achilles. So the emotional eating kicked in would really appreciate any help ! Thinking about revisiting NHS 12wk plan again ?

  • Never mind, but I'd say don't leave it to guesswork. Either revisit the 12 week plan or find another way to reduce your calories by 20% for a couple of weeks, it should make a difference. 😊

  • May I say, im always in awe of you runners, but sadly if we depend on our exercise to maintain weight, then the minute we stop the exercise our weight will increase. Maybe try to maintain on a healthy diet alone, and don't eat back any exercise calories?

  • Very wise words

  • Hi Ganny,

    You've had some tough things to contend with - really sorry to hear that you've hurt your hip, and sorry to hear about your husband's ruptured Achilles.

    Revisiting the NHS 12 week plan is a good tactic, I've done that myself in the past - it can be helpful.

    Whatever you do, wishing you a successful month, and hope you and your husband recuperate and feel well again.

    Zest :-)

  • Thankyou how do I get back there !

  • A big thank you to everyone for posting over the last day, it's been so busy, lovely to catch with everyone and share, let's hope April is a big loss month!

    Really enjoyed it too 😘

  • Thank you for hosting Diana :)

  • A pleasure

  • I have had a good result last week having struggled the previous week with only 1 kilo off I was on the scales for my Wednesday, 'Weigh In,' and surprise, surprise 2.5 kilo gone. Checked it again yesterday morning before departing for the drive to Scotland from Leigh-on-Sea, Essex and still off. So Yepeiee.

    I am in Edinburgh for a Scots Guards 50th Anniversary Dinner on Saturday marking our return from Malaya & Borneo in March 1967. The hotel is lovely, my room looks out over Firth of Forth with the sun coming up over the hills in view, I am just about to head down to the gym for an hour followed by swim and steam. Abstained from the delicious fattening food on offer last night in the restaurant while the others were gorging calorie laden fine dining ,I had steak and salad. Must maintain my aim of reaching my target of 84 kilos by my birthday in July.

    Well, that's all for now folks off down to the gym. Will maintain this wee diary going forward to departure on Sunday.

    Yours aye


  • I've just noticed that Sazkia's profile appears to be hidden, but I've been able to tag you, Sazkia. Hope you're ok...! :-)

  • Hi this is my first posting as a maintainer actually only my 2nd posting in total....I have enjoyed reading so many of your posts both in the weight loss forum and now the maintainers group, the weight loss posts were truly inspirational which helped to keep me grounded on my own weight loss journey. Healthy eating has just become the norm now and exercise part of my daily routine. The problem I am facing now as a maintainer is just that to maintain....despite increasing my daily intake of healthy food I am still loosing weight I am struggling to eat more than I was when I needed to loose weight, my appetite for the foods which some of you consider to be treat foods has diminished. I appear to have gone from one extreme to another over weight to bordering on being under weight this is quite ridiculous, am I the only one here experiencing this, advise please.

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