Late Lent promise!

A month ago I pledged on here to avoid chocolate and biscuit snacking. I did pretty well on the whole, I think it helped me get my 7lb badge. But after a weekend away last week, I've found it hard to get back into the rhythm of sensible eating. Today I have gone overboard for the first time in ages with biscuits. So here I am again, renewing my pledge, this time a belated promise to give up all chocolate and biscuits for Lent (which started really last Wednesday). I have challenged myself on here to lose 4lb in March, so I need to do this. Anyone with me?

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29 Replies

  • Well done Trimmerteacher you have bounced back from your biscuit binge. I have pledged to lose 4lb for the March challenge. It will indeed be a challenge as I lose weight very slowly.

    Good luck

  • Me too! X

  • Me too 🤗 but put on quickly!!😇 George 56

  • George56 yep same here! But life was never meant to be fair and you clearly have a good appreciation for life. An incredible attribute.

  • Tell me about it. Stopped smoking . 🤗Moreless!! Stopped drinking!! Enjoy a beer or a glass of wine but in moderation. Now what the😇😘😘😘😇 . I have a lovely Family. The answer is lose weight. Moving butt🤗. Happy days ahead ☺

  • Definitely with you Tubbyteacher.

    I can't have biscuits in the house, they were surely invented by the devil. One is never enough. :)

  • I'm going to join you with no biscuits or chocolate & I have not had my kit-kat yet!!!🤗 Just keep me posted George 56,🙂

  • Well done George! If you can do it, I can do it. Will defo keep you posted.

  • It's a funny thing isn't it? Some of us go cold turkey and can't have any sweet stuff in the house, others manage to limit the quantity successfully 😊

    Find what works for you 😊

    Good luck

  • I used to have no sweet things in the house years ago when I was on my own, it was much easier in that respect. But now it's not fair on my husband, who likes a biscuit now and then, to say we have to be biscuit free! So the Lent pledge will help me stay strong.

  • You can do it!! We are all behind you ☺

  • I'm sort of with you Trimmerteacher; gave them up years ago :-)

    I have found healthy, minimally processed foods such as cheese or double cream give me the satisfying mouth-feel of chocolate without the sugar.

    For biscuity crispiness I'll have oatcakes or pork crackling (not the stuff from a packet with additives).

  • All so brave, just gained 2lbs, I try to limit my sugar intake, fail frequently, tho I do love my nuts

  • Try not to be hard on yourself Diana. Negative feedback isn't failure ;-) Remember, we're more than just a number.

  • We are, it's just not what I strive for longterm

  • How are you doing George56 ? Did you manage to get through without the KitKat?

  • Good morning. Still in the cupboard. There is 2 empty chocolate egg boxes sitting empty in the kitchen!! Not guilty. I know who is ☺☺ I am quite good with chocolate & biscuits. But have went through a packet just like that!!! Portions & savoury is my thing. One pie one turn into 2 then 3 or 4 or more. I know that it's wrong but I have done this all my life. I know how it all started when my parents split up in the early seventies. A very difficult time for Mum as just had a baby. After a 15yrs gap. I had not long left home to do my training. We lost the Family home etc. But us kid's helped Mum & supported. I had to get on with my career. So hard when half way around the world. When at college doing a social care study I learned more & brought back a lot of my memories. Anyway that's enough about me. What about you. Biscuits & chocolate free!!!!🤗😇😘

  • Well done for leaving the KitKat! I've had porridge this morning, walked the dog and have planned lunch and dinner, so I don't get tempted when hungry to grab the first thing. I have yoyo'd all my life, like most of us on here, not got a massive amount to lose by some folks' standards, but it still makes me miserable when I know I'm two dress sizes up. I had been doing really well after I retired four years ago, until I ruptured two discs in my back last summer. Not being able to move for four months (and a kind husband who spoilt me) made the weight shoot up, but now I am mobile again, it's a real struggle to lose it!

  • Hi Tubby teacher I will join your challenge starting tomorrow I would also love to lose 4 lbs so will sign in more now and do my best to stay focussed.Have a lovely week.C xx

  • I'll give it a bash too. My downfall is hot cross buns especially 6 packs but it seems such a shame to miss out on them. I don't have any biscuits in the house. I'd love to lose 4lbs too.

  • Well let's give it a go then! Lent promise it is. We can do this - starting today. Good luck everyone!

  • Hi, I am also going chocolate free for the March challenge - day 6 and going ok. I decided to also aim for 10,000 steps a day and whilst I haven't managed that everyday due to going away for a long weekend I have come pretty close. My weightloss aim for March is 7lb and as of this morning I had lost 1lb 4oz. Very best of luck with your challenge.

  • Brilliant Bunty! Well done, you're on your way!

  • Crunch time. I'm craving a biscuit but am making do with a cup of tea and apple . How are other people getting on?

  • Hey Eh15, I'm doing ok. Well done for not giving in. I'm having my evening meal early tonight as I'm going out , so that will really keep me on track today!

  • Thanks, enjoy your evening. I've got a night off from hospital visiting. So planning to watch some tv.

  • Hi Tubby teacher I have not been very good with my challenge so reading your post I plan to start again tomorrow.Hope you are doing well with your challenge.Have a great week.

  • Hi CatherineRyan. Well I'm sorry it's not been a good week for you, but tomorrow's another day, as they say. I've not had a good week either. I've stuck to my Lent promise, Ive not had any biscuits or chocolate. However, I have had rather a lot of meals out, so I'm not looking forward to Tuesday's weigh in! Last Tuesday night an old friend was visiting and we went out to a restaurant to celebrate. Then Friday night was a village quiz night with pie, peas and chips. Saturday was a friend's 60th birthday and the party was at a tapas restaurant, and today we had a big family roast dinner with my daughter's in laws, and I couldn't resist the homemade lemon meringue pie! I think my calorie total will have gone through the roof! Let's hope this is a better week for both of us. X

  • So hard when you have special moments to share with family and friends.I feel more confident this week to stick to healthy choices good luck with your weigh in tomorrow.Let's do this.

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