Seasonal affective disorder

Does any body else suffer with this. The past two weeks I have been feeling so tired. I thought I was getting away with it this year as I have been soooo much better than past winters. My exercise levels have decreased since Wednesday, I just don't seem to be able to find the motivation and it's really annoying me . I have a 'woolly, fuzzy' head and feel very frustrated with my lack of enthusiasm. I'm using my light box and I'm eating healthily, loads of veg and fruit and I've lowered my carbs, although I do wonder if that was quite the right move at the moment. I'm not looking for symapathy, just wonder how others cope with it. Have a good weekend everybody.


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  • Good morning. Yes I'm the same. I have big issues sleeping. I was putting it down to the weight that I carry about. I feel like I have the cold again. I never used to be this way. Not sure. Anyway I will get on the scales soon. Get better soon lass. George ☺

  • Hi again I have gained this week but I know where I have gone wrong. The portion size. Healthy Choices most of the time. Bad news not helping on Monday. So what do I do? I just keep going with the group. I'm going to get the weight down slowly and steadily. Have a great weekend Lucigret & hope you feel better soon. πŸ€ George

  • Oh George, bad news never helps. A lot of us are comfort eat. Just keep plodding on my friend, at least you are making healthy choices. Just watch the portion sizes. If you need more, make it veggies and fruit.

    Thank you for responding to my post, I'm sure it will pass soon. My eyes are reacting to the blossom now which doesn't help my head. Need to get some antihistamines and hopefully keep away from steroids this year.

    We are on our way to Surrey to take Auntie out for lunch, so a nice day out today. Have a good weekend. Try and get out with Angus. Take care George, you can do it, we're all behind you. πŸ˜„πŸŽπŸ‰πŸπŸ‡πŸ“πŸ…πŸ₯‘πŸŒ½πŸšΆπŸΌπŸΆ

  • Thankyou & if you see my Brother Wife & the kid's say hi from me!☺ They stay in Cobham. Hi 5 to Auntie 😘

  • Just about to drive through there on our way to Chertsy, will give them a wave. X

  • I got an air purifier for the main living area and the sneezes stopped. No more antihistamines! Just a thought...

  • I get this sometimes. I bought a Vitamin D Spray off Amazon. I have only used it once but I think it worked. I have trouble feeling motivated and sometimes the demotivation feels very physical. I was a bit iffy about supplementation but I stuck carefully to the dose (one spray). There's one other thing - I've been doing a lot more exercise and my training plan keeps banging on about how to recover properly (eat protein within an hour afterwards etc). I started to pay attention to it, and that helped too. Sometimes I think it's just getting older and winteritis though... Spring is nearly here!

  • I take vitamin D every day mayaena, which I know does help. Will try having some protein after exercise though thank you.

  • Oh lucigret i suffer with SAD but the last couple of weeks, as the evenings have started getting lighter, I've been feeling a bit better.....

    I wonder if reducing the carbs has had more of an affect than you realise?

    P.S. It's nearly Spring time 🌞🌹🌷🌼🌻


  • Hi Rosie173, I think this is why I feel so frustrated with it, I have coped so well this year and it's just hit me like a hammer the past two weeks. I also think I need to get the antihistamines out again as my eyes have been so bad today and itchy skin. All the beautiful tree blossom is out! My head has been a lot better since I took an antihistamine at lunch time. Thank you for responding. 🌻🌺

  • Ooh maybe there is some pollen around, with the weather keep changing, stick with the antihistamine, if it's working πŸ’ž

    Not a problem 🌻

  • I never used to suffer from low mood and poor motivation during winter months. However, one year (from memory it was 2009), it was something that suddenly hit me, whereas the end of BST had never particularly bothered me in years prior.

    As such, that particular winter, my motivation to continue exercising regularly took a severe nose-dive. Even on the occasions that I did visit the gym or decide to go for a run, I felt as though I was simply going through the motions with no real desire or interest in what I was doing.

    However, after conducting research into SAD, I discovered how low levels of Vitamin D in winter months can impact upon the production of serotonin, a hormone that controls mood.

    From 2010 onwards, I've ensured that I include salmon and tuna in my diet on a few occasions during the week in winter months, in addition to eating eggs and other dairy produce to keep vitamin D topped up on occasions that I don't eat fish. Given the vitamin D content of oily fish, daily supplementation with fish oil can also beneficial to maintaining levels during winter months.

    As a result of ensuring that sources of vitamin D are plentiful, in winters since, I've found that much of my natural vitality has remained throughout the darker months, not least between January and March. Granted, on occasion, the depressing weather and dark evenings do still impact somewhat, but the symptoms of SAD don't affect me nearly as severely as they did.

  • Great advice MrNiceGuy!

  • Thank you MrNiceGuy. I was incorpotating salmon and tuna into my eating plan , but have just realised I haven't had any for the past two weeks apart from a little bit of salmon in my fish pie last week. A fish supplement is a great idea. Your response has been really helpful and I much appreciate the time you have taken to send it. Thank you:)

  • You're welcome lucigret.

    Although you may have struggled with SAD this winter, perhaps more than in other years, with the impending return of BST natural vitality should return, since the increasing strength of UVB light from the sun will allow your body to begin naturally producing vitamin D once again (provided you expose yourself to it regularly).

    That said, still continue to take a daily fish oil supplement and eat oily fish regularly due to their other benefits to both head and heart.

    Additionally, vitamin D is also required to enable the absorption of calcium, important to bone health regardless of age.

  • I've actually been much better this year than the past 3/4. Thus is why I've found it frustrating. I shall definitely up my consumption of oily fish and I will get a supplement.

    Wondering if some of the symptoms are due to the blossom coming out as well. Eyes have been awful this weekend and itchy skin. Back on the antihistamines again hoping to avoid steroids this year! Thank you again.

  • Glad to hear that you've coped better with SAD this year than in previous, but sorry to learn you've begun to experience hay fever like symptoms so early in the year.

  • Never mind, it's nothing compared to what some people are going through and it won't last for ever lol.

  • I've never been diagnosed with SAD but I'm fairly sure I have it. I only suffer with depression in the winter and in the last few weeks I've had a woolly, fuzzy head too and have been finding it so difficult to be productive at work. I've not been taking my vitD as much recently, which is probably to blame, but I also have an underactive thyroid, so I'm never sure what is to blame for my woes!!

  • That's the problem we have as we get older I find @lismcl, so many things it could be lol. (just realised I am know talking to you as though you are in my age group, I do apologise:). Vitamin D definitely helps to make a difference, I notice when I don't take it. I also find the light box helps for half an hour in the morning before I get up. Have a good day. It's pouring down here in the New Forest, hope it's better where you are!

  • Not sure what age you are lucigret, but I'm 36.

  • I really do apologise then, I'm 54, oops:)

  • It's the underactive thyroid that probably threw you! I was diagnosed at 27, which is quite young. But I am wise beyond my years πŸ˜‰

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