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Seeking Ideas Knee Injury/Arthritis & Knee Replacements

Hi Everyone; as a result of a major RTA in 2005 I have severe difficulties in my right leg and knee. Had several surgeries and rounds of physio over years but no improvement. Have been told too young for replacement but cannot fully flex or kneel on knee and I walk with limp. Anyone got any ideas they can share re exercise possibilities so I don't lose remaining mobility please? I am unstable on many terrains and my knee regularly gives way.

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Hello Pijin if you look at My Communities there are forums that might be of more help than this one for weight loss Not that you aren't welcome on here of course and there might be people on here who can give you advice

Hope you get help with your exercise all the very best 😉


Thanks Cat - I had been automatically directed to this forum. Will spend some time exploring.


I hope you get some advice and your knee will improve

Good luck 😉


Hello Pijin 😀

I had a bad motorbike accident in 1979 and have problems similar to yours. I saw a physio recently (I've seen a few over the years!) who gave me exercises which help, but you may get on better with a private osteopath. Or a personal trainer.

I do yoga and Pilates. Also some resistance exercises. Walking is painful after about 20-30 minutes, but I swim and use an indoor cycle. I carry a ski pole for hill walking, and a folding walking stick for around town.

Arthritis is a problem, weight loss has helped but not eliminated it. I've had these problems since I was 18 so have got used to it now! Lol 😀

Good luck 😀


Thanks Anna I appreciate your reply - I've struggled since my RTA. I am determined to find something.



I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis in both knees, when I was 18 - I eventually had both knees replaced last year at 24, the best thing I ever did!!

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Yes I was just thinking when did you get told you were too young for a kneerreplacement? I mangled mine trampolining at age 19 and now at 44 I've got artritus. Over the years the advice has changed. Initially they said because you can only have 1 replacement knee you have to wait till older. Now that's not true anymore as both surgery and materials have improved so much. And RobLandsdown91 is proofof that! SSecond option?

Swimming is good for dodgy knees! Crawl though, not breaststroke!


Thank you Rob & Jiminy,

I saw my surgeon yesterday and was told no replacement for at least 8-10 years; I'm in queue now for steroid injection likely to be 6 months before I receive that. I've been struggling for several years now and have had previous arthroscopies at intervals. Surgeon will not do one of those either nor am I having any further physiotherapy. Am really keen to find something to relieve pain and any activity to increase mobility and strengthen increasing instability in joints. Was told yesterday weight loss would be a benefit hence finding myself here. Have been round this loop before too. Feeling very frustrated at present after two years of fence sitting hospital appointments and no improvement.


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