Worried that I might get too skinny

At least that’s what some people have said to me of late. Apparently the loss of weight in my face has some people concerned that I’m close to wasting away.

Wow, thinks me, maybe the moment has arrived to try on those summer shorts that I haven’t fitted into for 10 years or more. Lol… the gap between button and button hole is over 15cm (6 inches in old money).

Still, I’m now worried that if I lose that 15cm then my face might disappear. Me before ( :) ), me after ( | )

I think they're actually saying that they don't like my new face :( . Anyway, I'm going to take it on the chin, whilst I still have one.

Have a good weekend everyone ;)


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11 Replies

  • As long as you're a healthy weight and don't dip into unhealthy territory then don't worry about what people say.

    People freak out about change and think you're going too far if u get closer to a slim figure.

    Who cares if they don't like your new face! It's still your face and it's gorgeous regardless of how much weight you lose.

    That being said, sometimes we have to say goodbye to those clothes as our body ages and mature and change shape lol. Don't get caught up on those shorts if it does take you below a healthy target! It's hard to comment without knowing your before, current and goal weights and your height etc. But only you can judge how much weight you want to lose :)

    Don't let other people make you feel bad and stop you from reaching your goals! Be healthy, be happy.

  • I think that now I'm older the skinny me might end up a bit Deputy Dawgish :) but you're right Kinbun, maybe I'll never fit back into them but I'm going to give it a good go. How skinny can one's face get, surely there's only so much fat on it.

    I'll take it all in my stride.

  • I'm jealous! My face is still fat and I have at least two chins . . . Better than the 4 I used to have but still!!! Lol 😂

    Kinbun is right, as long as you're healthy ☺

  • I love it how well people are doing.

    My BMI is still in overweight mode so currently have no concern about getting 'too healthy' at the moment.

  • Wow, Tiggerr, still got those shorts, treat yourself to some new ones as well! Now, we all know that as we live on, although our outward appearance may and does change year on year, inside we remain the same, or stuck at whatever age we wish, Congrats, I'm thinking you must be "feelin good" and healthier, go Tiggerr go! its good to text, looking forward to being able to get into some of my clothes, not there yet. :)

  • Don't listen to them, they aren't used to seeing you how you are, give them time.

  • I'm pretty sure you're right. Cheers!

  • So funny, you put a real smile on my face this morning, Tiggerr, despite the rain!

  • You're more than welcome :)

  • It's just because you look different. They'll get used to it! Well done for getting nearer to your goal.

  • Sometimes these comments come from a little bit of jealousy . People don't like change and make remarks without thinking . It's upsetting because you' re thinking constantly about your choices and plans for food and exercise and then some numpty has to make a judgement on you.. You're the one to decide how you feel about how you look and they're just going to have to get used to it!!

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