Healthy nuts?!

I have just been putting items into the calorie counter ... not much to surprise me other than I need to reduce my portion size a tad BUT I cannot believe that the "healthy" nuts I've been helping myself to as needed are 348 cal for 50g (and that's a tiny amount! I think I may have found my main problem from the diet side!! NO MORE NUTS!!

Still have to work on the exercise but I reckon I'll start that on Monday.... !


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  • Shanny66 you don't need to stop them completely just do your self up some smaller portions in individually bags\boxes. I find Almonds really satisfy me as a snack. There are loads of ideas for exercise on youtube, depending on what sort of exercise you want of course. There is an exercise sections in 'Topic', maybe you would find some ideas there. Good luck.

  • Hi Shanny66,

    Nuts are very nutritious, and you might find this article interesting - worth a read before deciding to step aside from the nuts.

    Also, you can freeze nuts and they are ready to eat straight from the freezer, so you could always portion up some nuts in measured portions - and enjoy them that way?

    Of course, this is just a suggestion - because at the end of the day, it's your choice, and whatever you decide, I would like to wish you success with your weight loss goals.

    Wishing you a really good week.

    Zest :-)

  • Zest i have never tried frozen nuts but will certainly give it a go-I love almonds too! You are correct a out nuts being very valuable nutritionally, they are also lovely!

  • Being calorie aware is quite an eye opener isn't it? Flapjack was my surprise . . . Over 400 calories !!! Yikes 😜

  • I can't believe flapjacks (I say this whenever a flapjack enters the conversation). I'll never eat them again!

  • Hellmans Mayo was my "surprise"! 100 cals per tablespoon!

  • I was shocked by how many calories nuts are, but they're so filling and satisfying. :) 360 calories or nuts will keep you going a lot longer than 360 calories of chocolate, crisps or sweets! :) so i think it's worth it. But it is good to be aware of how many portions u eat a day lol :)

  • I buy flaked almonds, toast a batch and sprinkle 10g of them on some Greek yogurt.... 61 calories, but adds some lovely crunch and a gorgeous flavour....

  • Thats a good idea - lots of mileage for the calories

  • Well a portion of nuts should be around 25g - with almonds that's 150calories.

    The thing with nuts is that our bodies can't break the complex structures down fully, so a lot of the calories can't be released. They pass through the body instead. The 150 calories in almonds are really only about 100 because of it, so they really are good if you're on a diet.

    If losing weight, it's worth avoiding Brazil nuts (or limit to 1-2 a day), almonds are the best overall. Maybe just a case of portion control and looking at what nuts you're eating?

  • And don't get me started on coffee shops . . . It's possible to have best part of a thousand calories with coffee and cake . . .

  • Thanks for that. Me too, I think that might be an issue regarding dipping into the nuts...

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