It's worse than Christmas!

I have retitled this week "the week of cake and doom" because there has been cake available everyday, lots of stress and tears, and no time for lunch, so I've had cake three times!

I won't complain about not losing weight this week, but I am annoyed at myself! I know it is my own fault. I'm staying within calories! But lots of sugary sugary cake.

It's my birthday next week, so there will be a lovely meal out on the day, but it'll definitely be a more successful week than this one! And because of the huge amount of sugar and cake this week, I've made a very grown up decision of no birthday cake :)

I found Christmas much easier than this week has been! :p

I just need to lose 1lb to reach 14.7 which I'm so excited about lol but probably not going to happen this week! However I am feeling much more positive about weightloss in general and despite set backs / making bad decisions, I feel in control and know I will do it when I try hard enough.

Hope everyone else is doing well! :)


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  • It's strange isn't it but I was brill over Christmas then middle of Jan went a little astray thank goodness not too much but back on track now as you are too. πŸ‘

    Hope you have a lovely birthday next week and you will soon be the right side of those 14's. πŸ’

  • Well done getting back on track! :) I think a blip helps sometimes to make me realise it isn't the end of the world, but I am ready to be on track now! I'm very lucky to have not been piling on the pounds, but I'm definitely going to see some downwards movement next week! :)

  • Kinbun dont despair, you probably planned for Christmas and made agreements with yourself about what you would eat. It is hard when cake appears without warning and we are tempted to join in with everyone else. Far from being a disaster I think you could view it as a learning opportunity. After all you have already exercised damage limitation by setting the no birthday cake marker for next week.

    Be proud of what you cave achieved, look forward not back. We can't change anything that has gone (in terms of eating) but there is always a brand new day, just over the horizon that you can look forward to.

    Take care

  • Thank you :) I will learn from it and definitely try harder to say no to cake and yes to the very prepared healthy snacks I had stashed in my bag! The problem was I was no where near my bag for the whole day lol. Live and learn :)

  • It has been a tough week Kinbun , to only eat cake 3 times is called success in my book so well done ☺

    Have a lovely birthday week ☺

  • Haha thanks :) I have a "not treat Tuesday and Thursday" rule which I also broke! Oh well! :)

  • Hi Kinbun. I expect one or more people to re-educate me here but you say you've stuck to your calorie limit, so in my mind that's job done.

    In the first month of my lifestyle change, I stayed under my calorie limit but drank a fair bit of alcohol, ate sweet things and still lost weight. I don't over indulge in those things now (fingers crossed) because I want to live a healthier lifestyle now, as we all do.

    What I'm waffling about is that all things being equal, don't be disheartened as you should still lose weight and it was just "one of those weeks"

  • Thank you :) sometimes a bit of re-education is helpful lol. But sometimes it IS just one of those weeks. I'm mostly happy that I'm not falling apart over it and I'm willing to accept that I've had a bad week and get back on track! :) also I'm absolutely sick of cake lol so that's one good thing to have come from the week!

  • I can understand the "going off" cake. I had an urge for chocolate last night and weighed out 4 Carluccio's cappuccino chocolate thingies (they've been left over from xmas). After I'd eaten two I felt almost nauseated as they were so sugary (even though they're only quite small balls). I put the other two back and deducted half the calories that I'd already put into my spreadsheet.

  • Yeah there's no point in eating it just because you planned to! :) at least you know for future how sickly they are!

  • We all got given a voucher for a free hot drink and cake at the Costa at work for keeping going and working hard over winter. I'm considering giving mine to someone else. Not much by way of option for me anyway since I'm lactose intolerant and not allowed citrus (so chocolate or lemon cake is out). But it is hard when there is so much opportunity.

  • Hi, I know what you're going through, there have been birthdays and other celebrations which has meant cake, and it's difficult to regain momentum after this. I know people think oh, birthday, cake is a must, but try and enjoy the other aspects of your birthday, that's what I've tried in the past. I guess a treat doesn't have to be food related.

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