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Weekly or bi-weekly weigh in?


Hello everyone again

Soooo happy to have found this forum ...just been reading and reading and being inspired and motivated and realising how there are so many people on this journey ...I come from a thin family!

Anyway quick question, a trainer at the gym said to weigh only every two weeks as the results can fluctuate so much it can be demotivating especially for a comfort eater ...however I don't know if a weekly session would make me more accountable? Also do people think the tape measure is a good way as well?

Happy Friday x

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Ceals3 stone

Raemondo i would suggest you choose what you feel happy with. Weight certainly does seem to fluctuate on a daily basis. My personal concern would be how do I know that weighing in on day 14 is going to give me the "right" answer. It could be a fluctuate up day, if that makes sense. Weigh ad often as you feel comfortable with and accept the fluctuations with good grace.

Definitely use a tape measure as well, then if the scale doesn't move you can see the inches coming off 😉

As for how often to weigh ... It all depends on how you will react! In the past I have weighed every day to see the natural fluctuations, knowing that the weight will inevitably go up and down, but keep me honest! This time I am happy to weigh weekly, but I have a better mind set - it doesn't matter how long it takes me as long as I get there and enjoy the journey!!

Onwards and downwards 🌻


Ultimately the decision is down to you. I know many on here do it once a week, on the weekly weigh ins. Some may do it 2 weeks and some may do it monthly.

Do what you would feel happy with. I do once a week (sometimes I slip one in half way during the week too, but I ignore it), it keep me going on the right track. I find it's quicker to perhaps correct any mistakes you might be making, rather than waiting the 2 weeks, IMO you've already 'lost' 2 weeks you can get back, where as once a week, you've only 'lost' one week and can rein it back the next.

You'll be more than welcome to weigh in with everyone on here during the week, just pick a day - though I am unsure whether there are any that are full at the moment, do admin would have to check that one.

Tape measure it a great idea! There may be some weeks where you may not see a result on the scale, or more particularly if you're exercising too. But you will be able to notice measurement changes/clothing changes. I measure my hips, waist, thigh, arm and bust once a month - I personally don't exercise, so I don't expect to see massive differences, let alone on a weekly basis.

It is up to you, if you'd rather weigh once a week, keeping fluctuations in mind, using the same set of scales at the same time each day, to keep things consistent. As long as the numbers on the scales or tape measure or clothes sizes are heading in the right direction for you.



I weigh weekly and also measure my waist weekly as well , since though I may have not lost weight if I have a slightly smaller waist I'd still be happy. When I went to a gym and weight loss group I had to measure the circumference of my upper arm. bust, waist, hips, thighs and calf so you could do this and see how your body shape changes. Good luck

A happy Friday to you too Raemondo.

What the gym trainer said certainly makes sense on one level, however on the flip side it does require maintaining your motivation and zeal for a longer period of time before getting any feedback. Hopefully positive :)

BTW, don't get down IF things don't go your way at any particular time in your journey. Take a step back, go back through the lists of food you've been eating each day, the total number of daily calories and your exercise regime and then adjust accordingly. It doesn't come together on week 1. I'm on week 9 and still finding out things about myself, my body, food etc.. and making amendments to what I do.

The tape measure is a great aid. I had a couple of weeks where my weight loss really slowed and even stopped (it did knock the stuffing out of me) but I could see that I was able to tighten up my belt more. I've learnt where to measure my waist since coming here but somehow still get it wrong, so my belt and clothes can be another good indication.

Its going to be down to what is good for you and what you feel happy with.

That was the short response :)

Itsbab4 stone

It's a personal thing whatever suits you. I started weighing every 2 weeks then since October it's been every week as I have been involved with challenges but from now on I am going back to every two. For me it works best I can get scale obsessed also I like to see at least 1lb come off which at the moment isn't always happening so I am back to two weeks.

Measuring yourself is a brill idea especially if you are doing lots of exercise.

Good luck try each week then if it doesn't suit make it every two there are some people who are maintaining or near to that just do once a month it's whatever you are comfortable with.

I weigh in once a week, it's my middle ground between daily weigh-ins and obsessing with the number on the scale, and hiding the scales and not weighing in for months (yep, I've done that to).

So I'd say it's just a matter of your own preference - you can try weekly and bi-weekly weigh-ins and see what suits you better.

in reply to walle

Sorry walle I did chuckle to myself about you hiding the scales :) I'm glad you've found a level that works for you.

DRS5410 kg

Measurements are a great way of seeing progress, though your clothes will tell you, too. But if you take lots of measurements (arms, waist, thighs etc), then I'd go for less than weekly, maybe monthly, so you can see progress easier. Weighing - as others already said, it really depends how you react to the results and what suits you. Just try and weigh at the same time in the day at whatever frequency is right for you. Good luck.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to reply to this. Am going to go with a weekly weigh in on a Thursday morning a the gym but going to do monthly measurements. Final prep day before hospital procedure tmw and will then be officially checking in x

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