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Exercise Question

On the NHS Plan, it says that you need 150 mins of exercise. I have two questions:

1) Does this include the two strength sessions you're meant to do or is that on top of the 150 minutes?

2) If I have a reasonably active job (I am a teacher) and am on my feet for around 6 hours per day (getting 5000 - 7000) steps a day just at work, do I need to do additional cardio exercise? My logic is, walking for 150 mins a week works out to about 6000 steps per day on weekdays, which is what I'm getting at work. What do you think?

I'm not trying to be purposely lazy but I am quite tight for time and shattered by the time I get home from work.

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In general, the walking counts towards the 150 mins if it is brisk, but the strength excercises don't so they need to be done in addition.

However, it seems to me that you are pretty active during the day, and being on your feet that much is going to have health benefits in itself, so I wouldn't worry about getting additional cardio if you are tired and pushed for time.

Adding some strength training would be nice, perhaps you could start with some that a very easy and light, such as heel raises or little push-ups against the wall, and this would only take a few minutes but again if you are tired don't feel you have too.

Another idea would be to seek out leisure activities such as dancing that provide exercise as well as being enjoyable.


Hi Natz994 I am classroom based too and depending on how I measure my steps can have huge variance. Waist band step counter gives approx half the steps of my fitbit as that records arms movement rather than steps. I am on my feet for hours so it was surprising that I didn't have a larger step count. I have built exercise into my daily routine by doing at least a brisk 30 min walk each day to get heart rate up and actually feel much better. It gives me more energy for the rest of the day and helps destress. Good luck.


I think the point is to maintain the cardio vascular system (heart rate!) for 150 minutes a week. For me this corresponds to about 100bpm (I used to make 130 bpm going up hills before I got a bad back!) compared with about 65 bpm resting. In my case (age 74) this corresponds to a fast walk. Pick up a heart rate monitor - they are quite cheap.

I have heard a measure of ideal exercise being " if you can talk, but you can't sing!"

I don't know what kind of strength sessions you do. If it makes you out of breath (i.e. brings your heart rate up) it counts. If not,not!

Finally, if you go upstairs, go two at a time, fast!


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