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Very start of a long journey!


Hi everyone out there

Finally took a deep breath and stood on the scales to face the horrid reality and through blinking back the tears i managed to read that somehow (ok with the help of a lot of wine, cheese and chocolate) the numbers 14 stones 5lbs that were flashing back at me. I am 44 years of age, have been overweight all my life, have a very glam thin mother but my father's potato on sticks body - seriously am all tum! Luckily I have a brilliant dog who doesn't care that I am a size 18 and obese according to that horrible BMI thing plus a wonderful partner (currently at a kick boxing class he teaches - yup indeed).

So I just typed into Google sustainable weight loss programmes and this came up and I really liked the idea of a slow burn and actually addressing my poor eating habits properly instead of going down the juicing route or the cutting carbs or the no sugar pain.

On the plus side i love exercise and run a couple of 5kms a week plus go to the gym but on the downside I absolutely love my food (queen of carbs) and I have no self discipline or will power and with a really stressful job that I combat with emotional eating, I worry that I am going to give up before I event start properly! BUT I am really interested in how the forum works and how people have found it supports them and look forward to being on a positive journey, one day at a time, one pound at a time. My aim is to try and get under 12 stones before the year has ended and will be weighing myself every two weeks.

Thank you for reading this!

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YellowRose554st 7lbs

Hi Raemondo

Well done for getting on the scales and owning that number and that's all it is a number so please dry the tears. We are all in the same boat here trying to get healthy and fit step by step, pound by pound.

Why not have a read through some of the posts in the Topic section which can help you see how other members are doing on their weight loss journey.

I myself joined here in June last year and follow the nhs 12 week plan, together with some exercise I have managed to lose 4st 4lbs so far.

The forum is friendly and very supportive so any time you need support just shout.

Enjoy your first week.


Thank you for the welcome :) am having to go in for an op next week which means a funny old diet for four days but after that I am on it - going to use the time off over the next few days to have a good old read up on everything here.

YellowRose554st 7lbs in reply to Raemondo

That's a good plan. Good luck with the op next week.

Hi Raemondo and welcome!

Thought I'd share with you how I managed to turn things around for myself..... You have a head start on me as you are active, younger - no doubt taller (I'm only 4ft 9").... and weigh less than I did when I started on my journey 5 years ago!

Raemondo in reply to Pineapple27

Wow! That's really inspiring and also a bit of a reality check - like today's millennials I want it to happen as if by magic over night :) but it's a great lesson in keeping going whatever life is throwing at us and taking it step by step. Thank you for sharing this x

Pineapple274 stone in reply to Raemondo

Glad you found it useful!


Hi and welcome, this forum works by everyone encouraging and helping when ever they can, we give advice and sympathy where it's needed,

This is the first time I've actually enjoyed losing weight on a healthy eating plan (no diet for me) I've been a yo-yo dieter for years, this time slow and steady and no banned foods.

A member of admin will post a welcome to you shortly with all the info for using our fantastic forum

Good luck with your journey

Kat xx

Thanks Kat - it seems everyone on here is really positive and supportive so hopefully I can keep my head out of the biscuit tin by typing away! x

Hi Raemondo and welcome. There's already been a great response to your post, giving you plenty of ideas.

You say you lack self discipline or willpower but in the same sentence say you run a few 5ks a week and go to the gym. To do that shows that you do have self discipline and willpower (I didn't do any of that before I came here) and now you need to focus those positive traits on this journey.

Good luck with your op.


As they say never say never !

I have had a very emotional 12months and am a typical emotional eater.

Its mindset and when you get that light bulb moment 💡 which shines on all these lovely people with their wealth of experience you will shine to ☺ Its keeping to that I CAN DO THIS we're all very alike, just some a little further along while others are just warming up

Good Luck

Hi Raemondo I have lost 3 ands half stone over the last 2 years then put just over1 stone back due to family issues. I am now back to losing 3 stone 3 3/4 lbs and weigh 13 st 13 1/4 lbs hope to lose a further 2 stone by end of August as I am going on my hols. It can happen if you keep trying and keep the faith . Onward and downward 😀

Ceals3 stone

Raemondo definitely in the right place, Doctor Google did well for you. Only you can choose to make a difference to your lifestyle but on here you will get so much help and advice and camaraderie that will support you all the way.

It sounds as though you know carbs are your demons so you have to decide what you are prepared to do about them. Go cold turkey and ditch the lot or cut down? Cooking food from fresh ingredients is always a good idea and logging your food intake on MyFitnessPal certainly helps me to stay on the right path.

Whatever way you choose make it an adventure with food and enjoy it. A long term change in lifestyle is the way forward, you have to find one that is sustainable for you.

Keep in touch with the forum, the more you put in the more you will get out.


Ceals has said it all Raemondo, nothing left to say except welcome to this wonderful forum and good luck with your journey:)

You can certainly get below 12 stone by the end of the year Raemondo. I weighed 14 stone and 4lbs at the very end of November and now am just under 13 stone - and that was with Christmas, New Year and various other food related events trying to trip me up. There's another 9 months in this year - you'll be way under 12 stone.

So cheer up, do your reading and get planning! Let us know what you're thinking of doing - calorie counting, low carb, fasting ... and you'll get loads of support.

denvajade2019 October

Seen you are a footy perhaps you need to go on the no carb diet as you don't count calories and the fat ou eats helps with appetite suppression. Also I have sugar free jelly and cream, cream in my coffee, carb free chocolate etc. you can have eggs for breakfast, salad and meat or fish for lunch and green Veges and meat for dinner. Wishing you success.


Hi Raemondo,

I can sympathise with all you're saying! However it depends how fed up you are with being obese as to how motivational you will be in the face of this great 12 week plan. Like you, I was shocked when I looked up my BMI, as I'd already taken off a shed-load of weight without any diets and still hadn't got down to 'within normal limits' for my height. I'm on week 3 now and have lost 6lbs already, and I haven't been all that strict with myself, as I just love food!

I think it's important to give yourself a small reward on the weeks you lose weight - NOT food! Buy yourself a little treat of some sort, I'm finding this a great incentive and as well as having bought myself a couple of items of clothing (TU sale, so no great expenditure!) I'm just about to start making myself a skirt, in a smaller size than I have been wearing.

Perhaps join a fitness class in order to help burn some calories and get fitter? It's always more fun doing this than using an exercise machine at home, where it seems more of a drudge. Some other forum members may disagree. Good luck and yes, take one day at a time!

I was the same putting off starting to lose weight, I started 2 weeks ago and have lost 10lbs by cutting out potatoes, pasta and bread and I am surprised how easy it has been so it is possible.

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