Still here!

Still here!

Hi all!

Had a couple of private messages asking if I am ok - I didn't realise anyone would be missing me (or is it my food pictures..??? :-) )

We were away for 4 days in Normandy, but sadly whilst we were there, we got news that my step-dad had passed away. He was 86 and had Alzheimers.

We got a call at 4.30am a week ago to tell us he had been taken into hospital with breathing difficulties. That was the morning we were leaving for Normandy.

He was found to have a collapsed lung and they also discovered a malignancy in the lung (which we were unaware of). He was too frail by then to have any treatment, and died on Friday just before midnight with my Mum and one of my sisters by his side. They are going to do a post-mortem, so that's quite distressing as we can't get on with arranging a funeral....

I actually feel ok about it - He had been living in a wonderful care home for about 6 months, and he still knew who we all were and was still very much the same person - his Alzheimers affected him only in his ability to mobilise and self-care and he had no insight into the extent of his needs and care requirements.

I am glad that the end came fairly quickly and that it happened before he didn't recognise us and enjoy our visits.

I'm staying more or less on track, but my meals are quick and easy to prepare at the moment. There's a lot of phone calls to make and paperwork to complete (as you can imagine).

I will keep stopping by to check up on all of you!

Sharing a picture of our next door neighbours on holiday - there were four huskies, another dog and two very friendly cats living on the smallholding where we rented our small cottage.....


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15 Replies

  • so sorry for you loss, thinking of you and your loved ones. take care

  • Hi Pineapple27

    Sorry to hear the sad news about your step-Dad passing. My sincere condolences with your loss. Take care of yourself, sending (((hugs))).


  • Thanks so much Rose.

  • Sorry to hear about your sad news. My thoughts are with you and your family. Take care of yourself 🍍 Kind regards George 56💐

  • Thank you George.

  • Sorry to hear your sad news I used to live in dieppe in France take care 😀

  • Ah! We were just an hour south of there. We visited Le Trepot though, and St Valery sur Sonne! Lovely part of France and so easy and quick to get to.

  • Yes I know St Valery and le treport my daughter lives in le harve

  • Of course you have been missed - I was thinking about you this morning and wondering - you must have heard my brain cells clunking along. :)

    I am very sorry to hear your news, and that arrangements are going to be delayed by the need for a post mortem. Yet, as you say, your step-dad knew you still, which must have been a blessing.

    Hoping you can enjoy the rest of your holiday - looking forward to more beautiful photos of your meals.

    That said, I am admiring your holiday dog photo too.

  • We are back now.... we only went for four days, but it was lovely! Beautiful countryside and no traffic jams.... (plus quite a bit of cheese consumed!)

  • Sincere condolences Pineapple27, you're in my thoughts. Take care of yourself x

  • Good to have you back Pineapple27

    Take care of each other.

  • Yes, we missed you! Sorry to hear your sad news ❤️ Lovely photo of your 'neighbours' on holiday. Hope you still managed to relax a little and restore your batteries x

  • We did, we did.... 4 days seemed much longer. The weather was (mostly) dry, bit windy (but not as windy as here with storm Doris!) We visited Rouen, enjoyed crusty baguettes and "tart au pomme".... slept like a baby (so quiet and peaceful) and enjoyed the company of the cats (the would come in through the tiny windows in the cottage out of the wet and cold and sleep curled up on our bed!)

  • Sounds idyllic 😊 Pleased you managed to enjoy it x

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