Hi Folks,

A little disappointed Wednesday weight in and only 1 kilo gone from last week. I have been exercising Mon, Wed and Friday normally but last Friday I had a lunch in 1SG Aldershot and while the wine and port flowed I was not tempted. I did not have the sweet either so just starter and main course. Surprised as I feel I am losing weight and becoming much fitter again. I suppose at 71 I should not expect too much. But, one blinking kilo sick as a carrot as they say, I am not going to give in. I am now 59 days an no alcohol so liver is in a state of repair. Not that I consumed every day but I did have a burst at the banjo twice a week.

Hopefully it will fall off this week eh?

Yours aye



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20 Replies

  • Hi Ronnie, contrary to what you're feeling, a kilo is a great loss! That's 2.2lbs and above the recommended average of 1 - 2lbs! I'd be delighted to lose 1kg per week! :)

    You're doing brilliantly, so I think you ought to give yourself a pat on the back! :)

    Onwards and downwards! :)

  • That's kind but having set myself a target slightly over the recommended loss rate I dare say that as ever being an former Scots Guards Warrant Officer my aim is always way over the top. I take you advice on board an will enjoy my 40 length of the swimming pool this afternoon. Onwards and upwards as they say.

    Yours aye


  • Oh no, Ronnie! We say Onwards and Downwards! ;)

    Enjoy your swim! :)

  • I was posted in Edinburgh for a few weeks for the trooping of the colours with the Royal Irish Rangers, think it was 1987or 88, I'm sure you lads where there.

    Everyone has a blip every so often and best thing to do is just push onward. Just keep going.

  • Hi Jim,

    I am very friendly with a former CO of 1RIR. I was QM 8 UDR in Dungannon so great affiliation to Ulster folk. Thanks for your support. Wednesday one of my Leisure Centre days and I managed to do 50 length in the pool today so 10 more than last week and this Monday. Trouble is I had my left femur removed last year which was a right off due to 2 surgeries Jan & May still on one stick but becoming stronger by the day.

    Many thanks for your kind comments, keep in touch.

    Yours aye


  • 50 lengths is some going. You must have a decent level of fitness to do that. I might give the swimming a try haven't done it in about 30 years.

  • Hi Jim,

    Before the drama with the femur I was swimming 1 kilometre a day as it's good exercise without being over hard. I have only been permitted to commence exercise since January and my aim is to eventually return to 1K a day. I have always been a sportsman so I suppose it come naturally. I played rugby for Armagh in NI and London Scottish in London and was a trialist for the Scotland Team way back in 1971.

    Yours aye


  • So how many lengths of the pool is 1k?

    I live in county Armagh so I'm not far from Armagh rugby club. You must have been a good player.

  • Good Morning Jim, Aye I was quite good and enjoyed my time with Armagh. I played when in the old Gough Barracks in 73 then when I came back to be QM 8UDR Dungannon I live in Armagh and started playing again but was past my best by then but still turned out for seconds. Had a few games for first 15. That was the season Armagh were banned from playing in USA due to a wee party that went wrong on the tour.

    Off to the gym & swim again today. The pool is 25m so easy to work out that 1 k is 40 lengths. So I am back to where I was before the surgery last year.

    Yours aye



  • Sounds like you had a good time over here, Armagh wasn't the safest place to be back then, now it's a great place. I go to a gym a few times a week in portadown rugby club, I'm sure you would have been there back in the day.

    You are doing well with the fitness stuff, fair play to you. It's great to be active, you can't beat a good old fitness session.

  • Jim, Aye ir was very dangerous back then but thankfully it is almost normal now. I wont go into the number of friends I had murdered and the odd couple I was involved in. But it's all water under the bridge now. I did not attend this year but have done most years the 8UDR Memorial Service.

    Had a good afternoon at the gym and swimming. Managed 1 kilometre again so becoming fitter daily and advancing. Could have done another 10 but decided that was enough.

    I have a close friend in Antrim born in Bushmills, how is that for a place of birth on your certificate. Hic Hic.

    I played all over the province way back then as it was a good way of living a normal life. I broke my ankle playing in Newry and they wanted to take me to the nearest hosp. I gave that a body swerve until I was back in Aemagh.

    Yours aye


  • Yes life is really good here now, thankfully it is almost always peaceful here these days.

    Will you eventually swim further or have you got a set limit for it? What do you do when in the gym?

    Bushmills, yes good on the old birth certificate indeed lol I'm not a whiskey man but I do have the odd stab at it.

    You were prob right to dodge Newry and head back to Armagh, I don't blame you for that lol

  • Hi Jim,

    I will go beyond that possibly no further than 60 length for an old boy of 71 I think that will be my limit. I do muscle building exercise for my left thing as I had the femur removed last year. I think I mention it was Jan before I was permitted to take serious exercise. Before that it was really low key physio stuff.

    Yours aye


  • Its great that you are active, keeps you going I bet.

  • Hi RP8183

    Glad to read your post about resisting temptation, Don't give up. Give yourself a pat on the back. It may seem little to you but remember 1 kilo is definitely OFF you for good! Keep up the good work 😊

  • I think a kilo is a really good loss (any loss is a good loss in my book), better than a gain or a stay the same. That's a whole bag of sugar you are no longer carrying around. Put that bag of sugar in a carrier and tote it round for a day - you'll notice the difference. Hope you get the loss you want next week :)

  • Like everyone is saying, a kilo is a good loss. I went through a fortnight where one week I had a low loss and the next week a complete stop, yet I wasn't doing anything differently. The following week I had another great loss.

    I don't think our bodies like straight line graphs when it comes to weight loss, but if you maintain your regime I reckon you'll be fine.

  • Hi Tiggerr, Do you have a proper name or is it secret? I take your point and given the total weight loss to date I am happy. However my target is 84 kilos and I am way short of that goal. 10 weeks into this fitness and alcohol free regime. I am really pushing the exercise but not calorie counting as such but eating sensible. Porridge for Breakfast, light lunch and one course dinner with lots of vegetable's. I love home made curry so once a week it's seriously hot one with rice. Thanks for your support much appreciated.


  • Hey Ronnie, the name's Emile. Whether its proper or not may be open to discussion :)

    You sound to me like you're doing really well weight loss-wise and it sounds like you've got the eating and exercise sorted out.

    I love a good hot curry, anything with chilli in it. My unknown claim to fame is my chilli plant that I grew from seed and is now about 8 years old. This is the first winter that it hasn't lost its leaves and just carried on flowering and fruiting.

    I hope you wont be too hard on yourself as you're clearly going to reach your 84kg target.

  • Hi Emile. Thanks for that nice to have a name interesting that it originate from Rome. had another good afternoon in the gym and swimming now up to 1 kilometre. So left leg it becoming much stronger with the weights and swimming. Still on one stick though. Ronnie

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