March Monthly Challenge πŸ†πŸ€žπŸŽ–

March Monthly Challenge πŸ†πŸ€žπŸŽ–

Hi everyone. There was some chatter between myself and Itsbab among others about a challenge for March. I can already see an exercise one but I am happy to run a challenge for losing weight in March. Reading the latest post from my friend Claz i am wondering about whether anyone would like to join me me set a goal for March. I could post a weekly post for us to update if we wish but some might like to not post weight except at start and end. Is anyone interested in joining? If so, I will lost the first post at 10pm tonight ready for tomorrow. @itsbab and others do a fabulous job with challenges and weighins and I find them really useful. Because I am working I will only be able to respond in the evenings but if people are happy to cheer on each other it could work well.

Who is interested??

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26 Replies

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  • Good luck Friends

  • I would definitely be interested,

  • Yes please!! Would much rather do a weight one than exercise. I'm around wednesday afternoons so I'll help as much as possible

  • Thanks JiminyCricket I would appreciate that! It's great when lots of people support. 🌷

  • i'll join in and support where I can Ella.

  • Wishing you lots of luck with this terrific challenge, Ella. I shan't be joining in, because I'm maintaining for a while, but my pom poms are always handy for cheering you all along! :)

  • That's great moreless . Would you be able to pin it if I post it by 10pm please?

  • Absolutely! :)

  • Please count me in. Thank you!

  • Good evening Ella sounds good. I'm going to stick with the Saturday group Rocks. I'm going to concentrate on getting the leg treatment. Hope you got on well today. ☺G

  • Hi Ella I am going to put the final February Challenge on tonight for tomorrow so we can all see what we have lost then your challenge can carry on from that. I will add up all the individual weight lost then a collective one we could keep the stats then see if February's weight loss could be beaten by the end of March.

    I can pop on and off during the day to help out with support so you are not alone plus as others have kindly said they would help out too it will probably be self running, just the stats to do.

    Myself I will weigh in at the start and then every 2 weeks I focus more then but count me in to join and help. ❀

  • I will do the stats for everyone to show progress for the month. I am not going to weighin myself on the Wednesday but I will refer to my progress against the Saturday weighin as well. I think setting a monthly goal is going to work well - and with March being slightly longer I bet we can beat the February one! Thanks Itsbab for agreeing to join!

  • It's a pleasure its focus we need and yes we should beat the Feb one hopefully I just think it's amazing when you add it all up how much we can loose together. Thanks for carrying on a challenge and doing the stats. Looking forward to it. See you tomorrow.

  • im in 😁.. i definately work better if i look at the monthly goal instead of weekly as you know my weight is always up and down.. i will support you and cheer everyone along too x

  • Brilliant Claz i knew you would be in as it was your post which gave me the idea.

  • I'll join in. Will keep doing the weekly weigh in too but it would be good to work to a monthly goal too. I think it helps to keep motivated if you have smaller goals along the way rather than just the final goal weight.

  • Hi ClaireeH

    How do i join the weekly weigh-in?

  • Hi Colour1 , the weigh ins are posted everyday - some are quite full.. I'm tagging an admin Anna61 so hopefully they'll let you know where there's space.. Good luck :)

  • Hi All,

    I am new to this group. i would like to join in the challenge. how do i join or post progress?

    looking forward to being part of a challenge. always helps

  • Look out for the post I put on later tonight. If you click to follow me Colour1 you will get notified when I put up the post. In the post I will suggest how to give your info! Welcome!

  • Please can you also let colour1 know how to join a weekly weigh in. Thanks

  • I will cheer you from the sidelines 😊

    Good luck everyone 😊😊😊

  • I'm in :)

  • Yes I am up for the challenge. I have signed up for the exercise one but I need to add this on to it as it will keep me motivated. So pls count me in.

  • Good luck to you all will join in when I can

  • I'd like to sign up for March please. Just finished the Feb challenge with Itsbab and it's a great focus to sign in every week. My start weight is 10st 1lb 8oz and I shall try to lose 1lb a week. End game is to get in the lower 9s but I know I have a bit to go. Thank you for doing this and good luck to everyone taking part. xx

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