Mad March Hare Exercise Challenge Week 1

Mad March Hare Exercise Challenge Week 1

Hello everyone. So, you think you are mad enough to join the mad march hare exercise challenge?!

This challenge is open to everyone. We will be aiming for 150 minutes of exercise every week throughout March. The challenge will start Wednesday 1st March and close Tuesday 28th March.

Any exercise can be included, walking, running, swimming, biking, yoga, pilates, strength training, workout dvds, inside, outside, gardening, decorating, cleaning, etc. All you need to do is make a note of the minutes you spend each week exercising and post them each Tuesday for the previous week. Please post by 9.00 Wednesday morning latest. I will open a new results post each week to avoid overloading the site.

I will hopefully collate some stats (but bear with me on that!) and attempt a little leader board for those of you who are on the competitive side...

Some tips to get started:

- plan when you are going to exercise, you will be more likely to stick with it - write it in your diary, put a reminder in your phone, set up a chart or spreadsheet maybe (coloured pens positively encouraged!)

- buddy up with someone where you can

- try incorporating easy exercise into your daily routine - could you walk the school run once a week? Could you pop to the shops on your bike instead of in the car? Could you squeeze a quick walk in during your lunch break?

- do something you enjoy - you will never stick with it if you don't find it fun, interesting or motivating

- if you struggle for time could you break it down - 10 minutes in the morning and 10 in the evening.

- check out this link for more ideas of what you can do and how you can get moving:

There are also some great short workouts on YouTube - I found a great beginner, low impact 10 minute workout with BodyFit by Amy

I hope this gives you an incentive to start. We aren't competing against each other, just motivating ourselves to move more.

Good luck for Wednesday and the coming week.


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51 Replies

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  • well count me in- going to Centre Parcs this weekend so i'll either be very active or very lazy!!!

  • Jealous! I'm sure you will be able to squeeze some walking/biking/swimming in between some lovely relaxing... Enjoy!

  • does lifting a wine glass count towards strength exercise? May do walking and cycling interspersed with eating- healthily of course!

  • Definitely - best make it a full glass though to increase the weight for your biceps!! Small sips = more reps...

  • since you are in charge of the challenge I will follow your advice religiously! i am so ready for a break

  • You can count on me I walk the greyhounds every day 40 mins except Saturday and Sunday that's hubby then I do 30 mins on my exercise bike in always out in our garden come rain or shine we have 500m2 out the back and the front 200m2 and I do it all apart from mowing and now as from tomorrow I've got Wii fit plus to train on!!!

  • We've no chance then πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜‚

  • Hi nightmare1, what exercises do you do in your Wii fit? I have a Wii fit which lies in the corner of my room. Thank you

  • I've just been on the steps one they say I need to speed up!!!!

  • Yay thanks for this Newbiewl. Coloured pens at the ready :)

  • I'm ready for this TheJuggler, been practicing on the bosu, not a pretty sight😏

  • What a great idea TheJuggler . I am definitely in. This will keep me going and will help with my weightloss/fitness goal for the month. We are off to USA for a 3week bike holiday and will have hubby join in as my partner:)

  • Hi TheJuggler - this is a fantastic challenge, and I would love to join in. Very motivating and I'm looking forward to it already. :-)

  • Well, I have no excuses now moreless has sorted my LISS out for me. I have a training plan floating in my head, so just need to have it written up by tomorrow. πŸ™‚

  • whats a LISS?

  • Low Impact Steady State - this is a whole new arena for me.

    I started a thread on HISS and LISS. Some people have provided me with some very interesting and helpful information there. :)

  • Does it include walking from car parking place to work?

  • Absolutely!

  • I'm in its just the motivation I need.

  • I would like to join but I run for 3x60 πŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈπŸƒβ€β™€οΈminutes every week, so to make it a challenge for me, I have to add another hour, I think. So I will aim for 240 minutes of exercise pr week in March. πŸ’ͺπŸŠπŸ»β€β™€οΈπŸš΄β€β™€οΈ

  • Count me in

  • Definitely up for this! Getting my roller skates delivered tomorrow, so providing I don't break my leg on the first attempt, hoping to do some serious Bambi on Ice action over the next few weeks!

  • I'm up for this - don't know if my body is, but lets do it anyway :)

  • I'm in - it was really good having an exercise challenge in February and I'd like to keep it up, thanks for hosting again TheJuggler. I am spending 10 days in Italy at the end of the month and it will be a real challenge not to overeat and under-exercise while I'm there, so I'd better make the most of the next 30 days!

  • I'm in! Really need to get myself exercising more.

  • Fabulous TheJuggler 😊

    Count me in 😊😊😊 I am hoping to get back to my swimming, its not recommended for 6 months after a hysterectomy!! And now I have this horrid cold πŸ˜• But next week hopefully

    Hello Spring, here we come 😊

  • Count me in!

    Ready to squeeze some exercise into my daily routine! πŸ˜„ I've already got my exercise notebook ready with coloured pens! Let's do this!! πŸ‘

  • Hi Newbiewl. Count me in please. I am only on week 2 of my journey but really need to move more πŸ˜€. x

  • Yes please TheJuggler have 4-5 mile walk planned for today in wonderful Killarney (whilst the rain stays off) so feeling excited.

  • Yes, please, may I join in this month. My main exercise is playing tennis (outdoors) which hopefully will benefit from better weather this month. Managed 10 mins yesterday before the rain started. If only my partner and I had decided to play in the morning rather than at lunchtime!!! Can I count 50% of the time when I watch Rafa during the night play in Acapulco?

  • Ha ha. Maybe if you are jogging on the spot while watching?!

  • You may laugh, but I practised my split-stepping yesterday for a bit when watching Fed v Donskoy...

  • I'd like to join please. I have Fibromyalgia so exercise is hard but doing no exercise is worse. So I'm aiming for gentle yoga, walking and occasionally very slow tiny bouts of waogging (thats walking then doing a tiny slow jog and then back to walking and so on). I've just started the diet plan too.

  • Sounds great. Slow and steady is definitely the starting point. Good luck!

  • Count me in with having 2 golden retriever dog I do a bit of walking on a daily basis but my personal aim is to walk further and do strength and flexibility exercises as well I shall be looking on YouTube and well site for some ideas

  • Hi please count me in, my aim is to exercise 3- 4 times a week, i run twice a week with a running group and walk my lab Harry at least 30 mins a day. i try to do classes at the gym twice a week including spin x

  • I would like to join. Thank you

  • I would like to do this challenge I am a bit late in posting

  • No problem. Just start keeping your record for this week. Good luck!

  • Aiming to walk 10.000 steps each day. I live by beautiful parks and river walks so no excuse it lifts my spirits plus gets me off the sofa. I'm in for the sensible weight loss programme no quick fixes .....

    Good luck all you March Hares.

    I'm certainly going to need it. (Out to lunch on Sunday HELP. πŸ˜³πŸ‘

  • Hi Pam. You will be fine! If you are worried about eating out have a look at the nhs 12 week plan, some great advice on eating out and how you can minimise gain with sensible choices. To be honest, I dont think one meal will undo your hard work so try not to worry and enjoy it. You are already planning on exercising and joining the challenge and sounds like your step count aim is sorted. Enjoy your meal and welcome to the challenge!

  • Morning All

    Only achieved 5.000 steps yesterday. I think I was too hard on myself previous. But still on track. Was really ravenous yesterday all I could think about was Pasties. / crusty Bread. Lol πŸ™€

    Today I have a long car journey ahead of me so sensible make a P/L. ... Thinking of Purchasing a Fit Bit. Researched the John Lewis one. I do track exercise on my mobile app --

    Any thoughts out there.

    Have a jolly weekend

    Pam x 😏

  • Hi did the Feb challenge finish last week- I've been looking to update my minutes of exercise & strength for last week up to 28th Feb but can't find a post for week 4?

  • Hi RG. I posted the week 4 results on Wednesday. If it's not pinned go to my profile and it should be my most recent post. We did fantastically! Everyone made it over 150 minutes.

  • Hi all, I'm a bit late but would like to join and have been tracking exercise so will post on Tuesday. Was in a Facebook group with some friends doing something similar in Jan and Feb but it's being paused in March so this challenge will be perfect for me. Thanks Newbiewl for setting it up!

  • Welcome along!

  • I didn't see this challenge! Please can I join? My aim is to do at least 20000 steps a day throughout March and this challenge will keep me going - its a real challenge for me as I've got assignment deadlines every week, and feel completely inactive by the end of the day :(

  • I spotted this last night TheJuggler thanks for organising - can I join pleeeaaassse? It reminds me of the March Hares chasing each other round the fields in Orkney 🐰

    Must do more and this will give me an incentive to get a move on! Easiest for me is to exercise by walking home from work most evenings and with the lighter nights that seems doable now :-) I'll be at an exhibition on Wednesday in London so expect to clock up a fair few steps then too.

  • Of course - welcome along. Yes, I have found anything that fits easily into my daily routine is much more sustainable. I'm sure you will need a sit down after Wednesday - you will be amazed at how many steps you do without noticing. Good luck.

  • Hi, just saw this. I started the February one, but after 2 weeks kept forgetting to write my stats on the thread. But, I did keep up the exercise and feel much better. I like reading this site to get encouragement and keep at it so I hope it's still ok to join and that I remember to post each Wednesday

  • Hi Thejuggler.

    Here are my stats for 1st week of March

    Steps: 86,890

    Distance: 43.4 miles

    Time: 782 mins Approx

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