my february goal to lose 7lb πŸ€”

i set myself a target of losing 7lbs in February.

Well i didnt hit my target !

I have massively upped my exercise this month and actually gained weight and went back up to 18st 2.5lbs. . i also went on holiday last week as well..

ive kept low carb and stuck to my diet all month.. (except on holiday but i still lost .5lbs).

Today on the last day of the month i weigh 17st 10.5.. so a loss of 6lbs this month which i very very happy with.

i do lose weight slowly but if i think of the longterm goal and if i continue at the pace i will be 60lbs lighter by the end of 2017 ! which would make me around 14st !

im so glad i look at monthly targets now as if i looked at weekly weight i would have give up a long time ago !

i am setting my March goal now of 7lbs again to keep me going !

β˜† wish me luck β˜†

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28 Replies

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  • Phantasmagorical, Claz! Well done you! An average weight loss of 1.5lbs per week, is absolutely spot on! Brilliant! :)

    Wishing you all the very best with your March goal! :)

  • thanks moreless ... when the scales started going up after i started my new exercise regime it was hard to keep going but ive stuck to it and its come off.. ive actually lost 1.5lbs since Saturday so hopefully by this Saturday i will have a good weight loss to log x

  • Exercise has a habit of doing that to us, Claz, but well done you, for not giving up! :)

    Fingers crossed for your weigh-in! :)

  • Good luck you will get there just stick to it

  • i will keep going..... it would be so nice to see the 16st marker by the end of April...

  • Wish you luck, luck and more luck ⭐ 6lbs in Feb you have done brill I have only managed 3lbs. I loose weight slowly too so am now going to weigh in every 2 weeks after next week as I cope better with that I notice a difference more but we all manage in different ways so it's whatever works best. Good luck on the next half stone it's only 1lb more than Feb and there are 3 more days in next month.

  • thanks... ah yes... those 3 days might make all the difference in march haha

  • that's great . well done xx

  • thankyou xx

  • Well done Claire !

    2 months down 10 to go. You can do this ! :)

    Yes I think a monthly target is sometimes more realistic, especially when water retention can make such a difference day to day.

    Loving the fitbit challenge :) :) but the dogs cream crackered !! xx

  • thanks Jo xx im loving the fitbit challenges too... it keeps reminding me to do more steps..even if im usually last ha!

  • No think that's me πŸ˜‚

  • Hi Gill3000, I didn't realise you were on here !!

    I think I've walked 165 miles in February, I would never in a million years do that without our challenges Xx

  • Yep that's me πŸ˜‚

  • Loving the challenges though last couple of weeks tricky as hubby home - he works off shore. But away this morning so hoping to up my game!

  • Good luck, you will get there. :)

  • thankyou... i do hope so...

  • Good luck, you have done very well so far don't give up!

  • thankyou... im not giving up.. ive got the exercise bug now and im loving it... so onwards and downwards i go :-)

  • Go girl !!!

  • You can do this. You are much fitter and smaller even if you didn't lose that extra pound! Focus on the positive, 7lb loss for March will be good. We are all here for you! X

  • thanks.. i honestly dont think i would have stuck to this without this forum... Everyone is so so supportive... love it xx

  • I agree to look at the bigger picture to see the overall trend is much more motivating. You are doing so well - keep it up. πŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸƒπŸΌβ€β™€οΈ

  • Good luck 😊

  • Good on you, Geniii

  • Really well done x

  • That's brilliant Claz!

    You are absolutely right - short term goals/targets are no help on this journey.

    I have to admit to being amazed that have managed to lose quite a lot of poundage with Weight Watchers over the last six months and the main four things I have learned in that time are, first of all, to focus on the eventual goal and take it slowly.

    My goal now is to lose the remaining 5 stones of blubber and yes, there are weeks when I go up a pound ( or two or three) but then when I look at my graph it is gradually going down - a few "ups" on the way, yes, but the general direction is downwards.

    I've lost weight very quickly in the past only to put it back on - AND more - just as quickly.

    This time it is NOT going to creep back on!!!

    The second thing I've trained myself to do is to write down what I/we am/are going to eat each week - ( my other half has to eat what I do hehehe - but then he needs to lose weight too)

    I do menu plans for the week and then shop accordingly - and do my shopping online - AND then - most importantly - I write down what I actually eat.

    The two were not always the same to begin with :) It's amazing what can slip into your mouth without thinking - and I guess that's the third thing - I think about what I am eating - I enjoy every mouthful - I put my knife and fork down while I enjoy what's in my mouth - and I don't pick them up again until I've swallowed.

    And that takes me to the fourth thing - portion control - I use smaller plates than before and I don't pile my food up - AND I don't go back for seconds - actually I don't feel the need to anymore.

    I do hope some of this is of some help Clazxx

    Keep it up - ( or rather keep it going down :) )

  • Good luck with your journey and hope you get the 7lbs. Result. ☺ Did you have a nice holiday break.☺ I'm slow at losing weight. Last week was showing a 10lb loss. Fluid maybe. I'm trying hard & eating healthy ☺ Saturday next weigh in!πŸ˜™ Have a good evening & enjoy your weekend.πŸ˜‡ George 56

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