Shaking up lunchtime

Shaking up lunchtime

I have got lazy with lunch, and just have the same thing nearly every day - mushroom omelette and corn-on-the-cob . Since I am trying to jiggle myself off a plateau I am going to try eating a wider variety of lunches - probably good idea anyway, plateau or not. So, here is todays lunch - salad leaves, cherry tomatoes, 1/2 avocado, 1 boiled egg, all sprinkled with lime juice and black pepper. And a kitkat - daily treat! Altogether about 400 calories (I don't count exactly but that's close).

Thanks for advice lucigret x


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11 Replies

  • Looks great, can I come to lunch please:)

  • Thanks for the inspiration!

  • Wow JiminyCricket - that lunch looks luscious!!! :-) I really like it. Seasoning it with lime juice and black pepper sounds particularly good. Yum!

    Zest :-)

  • yes i like a zingy salad!

  • Wow !!! I had to put my shades on!!! Now is that a chunky kit-kat or 4 finger one!!!! Looking good. I have to wait for lunch. Meds 1st. ☺ Enjoy your lunch. Looks yummy!😎 G

  • haha! Sadly its neither George56 , its a 2-finger dark choc one - 106 calories so comfortably part of the daily count. Hope your lunch isnt too far off

  • Looks yummy ☺

    Good luck with the 'mixing it up' ☺

  • Thanks - hopefully it'll do the trick. Even if it doesn't I was in lazy habits so its all good.

  • Not long & have been drinking water. Have a great day.😎 G

  • you too

  • Looks lovely JiminyCricket

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