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I have now done 10 days without any alcohol what so ever, not that I was a heavy drinker anyway but like to enjoy a few glasses of wine on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday, so that is 2 weekends without, and I haven't even missed it :-) but I am not feeling any better for it :-( But regardless I am pleased with myself for doing it :-) Happy Monday everyone.

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  • Well done Cuckoogoose; it's early days yet to be seeing results, but cutting down on alcohol has resulted in my hubby losing 2 stone so far. Even though you can't see it yet, you must be getting healthier day by day x

  • Keep going! When I started losing weight, I didn't drink alcohol for 5 months and felt so much better for it! If you fancy a drink, try a non alcohol beer or wine, there's loads available now and they're quite nice. I do drink again now, but it's very minimal, and I actually prefer the non alk stuff now! And if you need any further encouragement, have a look at the amount of calories in alcohol!

  • Is it such a hard thing to give up?

  • Hi I too have giving up two glasses of wine per night and found that the weight is going down slowly. I have now decided to drink on weekends as a treat with Sunday lunch or dinner. As a result so far I have lost 2 kg and sticking to a weight plan of weighing everything I eat. Good luck.

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