Evening binge difficulties

Hi, I have been reading this site for several weeks, but this is my first post. My meals are well thought out and healthy, but my downfall is evening binge eating. Have tried various methods to stop this such as attempting to take my mind off food by doing crosswords, sudoku, phoning friends, but as yet none of these have worked for me, and I continue to gain weight and inches especially round my waist and tummy.

Does anyone else have same problem ?


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23 Replies

  • Hi, you are not alone. Snacking in the evening is such a common habit. My husband and I used to plan our snacks whilst eating our tea! What helped me was not having stuff in to munch on apart from fruit. You can do this, it will get easier!

  • Hi, thanks I shall try planning my snacks. At the moment I just grab anything and everything, which then gets completely out of control.

  • That's great, then they will part of your 'diet' rather than an add on. Great

  • Thanks for that ellamidlands. I do try to eat fruit in the evenings and sometimes I wonder if too much fruit is not good for losing weight. Great idea to plan snacks at tea time. Shall try that. Thanks again.

  • Sometimes if think I'm going to snack in the evening I just take myself upstairs and read or watch TV in bed. I can't reach the fridge from there!

  • Thanks for that Grannynise. Shall have a go at going to bed early.

  • My partner works till 10pm and then has a main meal.the smells tempt me and he is also a "feeder"

    I feel the only answer is to move.!!!!!!!!!!

    I think he likes me to be big

    No will power

  • Plan some healthy snacks into your eating plan that you can have. Make sure you have some nuts, rice crackers, fruit, vegetable sticks or maybe some peanut butter with an apple or celery.

    Some people clean their teeth which then puts them off eating anything else. You can do this, you can plan healthy meals, you can plan healthy snacks:)

  • Thanks for that lucigret. Shall try the teeth cleaning.

  • Evening nibbling is a tough one Kingsgate 😕

    Are you having enough to eat through the day? Have you checked your bmi and target calories? One solution is to plan a snack for late at night which is helpful ☺ Others find distraction works or exercise ☺ Try a few things and something will work ☺

    Best wishes


  • Thanks Anna shall have to try different things to keep my mind off food.

  • I was thinking the same as Anna61, maybe you're remaining a bit hungry? That can be a real pain. Staying up late can be an issue. I find that if I'm eating healthy, I need to be in bed by a certain time or I'll get hungry again, and then snacking healthy on the fly is hard.

  • Thanks for that Faqhiavelli.

  • I find drinking fruit tea ☕️helps but I also count in my calories a snack low cal of course also doing a jigsaw is a good distraction good luck.👍

  • I drink peppermint tea in the evenings because it makes everything else taste horrible! My other top tip is to post on the forum ... It will boost your will power!

  • Great idea. Peppermint tea here I come.

  • yes, me Hi King, I try not eati after 6pm, ive had a bad afternoon, (binge)I wish I could practice what I preach, small meals every 4 hours whilst awake until 6pm, also have handy apples, fruit ect to binge on. Anyone have any other ideas

  • Like you ary88, I wish I could practice what I know is the right way to eat. Am ok during day ( most days ) but after evening meal just want to carry on eating. I wonder have you lost weight by eating small meals every 4 hours ?

  • yes I lost weight, divided up calories,on 1400 a day,weigh tomorrow,but have fallen offwagon alternate days,I've got to bite the bullet,and get back on track:)

  • HI the other thing is go to bed before your partner gets back and close all the doors between the kitchen and the bedroom so you can't smell it!! Have you spoken to him about the fact you want to loose weight and he's not helping?

  • Hi,

    You are very far from being the only one! I am trying a no tolerance policy with myself for food after dinner. I try to make sure I eat enough at dinner so that I am not hungry and then don't keep anything sugary in the house as otherwise I will go on a rampage! No joke, I have eaten in excess of 2000 calories in an evening before in sugary junk. So far its working well and diet fizzy drinks are helping to satisfy my cravings and break habits in the early days. I also try to take myself off to bed no more than 4 hours after I've finished dinner as otherwise I get hungry again. I think it is largely just habit, which I've heard takes 3 weeks to break. I'm trying to just power through for 3 weeks with no food after dinner and see if it sticks (hopefully)!

  • Thanks for your advice. I too have often eaten 2000 plus calls in evening binges. Shall try low cal drinks. I feel sure when I binge it has nothing to do with hunger. It is a bad habit and I find the more I binge the more I want to carry on eating. I hope you continue to do well.

  • 2000 cals, mine could be 5000😊 I've got change..🎶

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