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Let's share our poems

Let's share our poems

I have been inspired by Ruby8 who has just posted another one of moreless 's fabulous poems. Hidden has added a great one which struck a cord whilst making me laugh.

Here is my own one I have just made up:

I want to be slimmer it's time for me

To be the best that I can be

Fed up of being fat and stared at on the plane

I am now the one only choosing a main

Saying no to the chips, pasta and bread

If only I can stay motivated in my head

The forum is great, everyone is kind

They know what's going on in my mind

We have all been there staring at the packet

Knowing it will make the buttons pop on our jacket

A little, then a lot, another day is blown

How did it happen?... I will moan!

Give us strength, give us a lifeline

We can do it this time

By summer I could have lost nearly 9!

Good luck to you, good luck to us

Now let's all stay on the healthy lifestyle bus!

(Never written a poem before - let's hear yours! )😁

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Wow Ella, I can't believe that's your first poem, you're a natural! Well done you! :)

I'm too tired at the moment, to pen a ditty, but I'll have a think while I'm running tomorrow :)

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Brilliant poem EllaMidlands loving all the poems around tonight.

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Well done EllaMidlands .. what a great 1st poem... i've never written a poem either !!


Well done Ella, a very good first poem:)




Love it, really good! Great way to vent dieting frustration too! :-)


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