First long bike ride done!

I managed to get around a 13-mile cycle-path circuit of my nearest town today. It was my first 2hr weekend ride on the Sofa to 50k. I have done it many times on my electric bike but this is the first time I have ever ridden around it unpowered, and without pushing up a single hill. Whenever there were people there when I had to go up the hills (I get really self-conscious when that happens, as it's not a pretty sight) I exaggerated my gasps and groans for comic effect. I even got a cheer from one lot. Oh and I managed to eat and drink properly all the way round like it said on the training plan. One calorie calculator said I burned just over 1,000 kcals, while another said 2,000. It was probably a lot anyway. Cream-crackered but very happy. :)


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  • wow, good going

  • cheers :)

  • Great achievement, mayaena, I'm sure you do feel cream-crackered. I think being out in the fresh air is a great way to exercise both body and mind. well donešŸš“

  • Thanks lucigret it is lovely - started cold and 'orrible but then the sun came out. What more could you want? :)

  • sounds wonderful, you don't have to go out and pay loads of money to have a good time, the simple pleasures of life are free.

  • too right!

  • Fantastic, well done!

  • thanks jimtom !

  • Hi I have been thinking of getting an electric bike. Can I ask you some questions about it on here or can I pm you please? Thanks. x

  • Fire away! Let's do it here because it might be helpful to others.

  • I think I'm going to do a post on it actually - please feel free to ask further questions though

  • Ok great. Will wait until you put your post up as I don't want to hijack this post.. x

  • well done you :}

  • :)

  • Really well done x

  • cheers :)

  • Great result fellow cyclist. I have something to look forward to... I think :)

    Well done for overcoming the self-consciousness.

    That seems a big change so even more impressive.

  • Cheers :)

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