Morning motivation v. low

I'd set myself a time of 7:30 this morning to go on my next bike ride. When I walked the dogs earlier it was/is pretty windy and rainy/drizzly. I've now been sat in a cozy lounge with the curtains drawn shut for the last half hour, keeping that miserable day out watching the footy.... NOT wanting to move.

So I figured that if I post this, then I can't slide backwards, I'll have to do it. I just wanted to shine the spotlight on myself so there's nowhere to run.

Have a good day all.


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11 Replies

  • Ha ha, wasn't sure I would click the 'Post' button. Have to go now.

  • Brilliant strategy Tiggerr, love it!

  • Thanks, needed to, I think. Actually dressed and off now. Geromino!!!!

    Have a good day!

  • Let us know when you have returned from doing the cycle ride... you can do this!🚴🏽‍♀️🚴🏼🚵🏼‍♀️🚵

  • Yeehaa! The first and last time I did that distance I took it at a fairly relaxed speed as it was snowing and I was concerned that it was so far that I might not make it if I burned myself out at any point. Anyway, I knocked 12 mins of my time and this time my mobby app Strava worked (well it would have last time if I'd initialised correctly). Broke into double figures for average speed (my excuse is those darn hills... there everywhere (might move to Holland)).

    Had a bath, feeling good and glad you lot made me go :)

    Now to carry on preventing this house from falling down around me.

    Have a great day!

  • Ha ha the endorphins work every time - what a change compared to the unmotivated you earlier this morning! Sounds like it was no hardship to go out in the end! Congrats for managing to start your day the way you wanted to and for being accountable :)

  • Thank you. Yep, knowing about the endorphins however, never seems to be a primary motivator. Like most people I'm always elated afterwards but mentally I'm so lazy.

  • Well done Tiggerr you stormed it!

  • Cheers Ceals. Have a good week.

  • "It's grown quite quiet here at mission control..."

    Helmet. Go! Jacket. Go! Gloves. Go! Cycle. Go!

  • I've just invested in a turbo trainer in my garage. I love cycling, I love it more when I'm fit and not fat. So with an indoor option I have absolutely no excuse. To combat the boredom of indoors I've got my tablet set up on a holder and watch things like this

    Also bought a new MTB, can't wait to get fit and hit some trails, and when the clocks change I'll be on my road bike to work and back.

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