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I watched that program as well it also inspired me to do the same. I have watch a lot of these how to lose weight type programs in the hope of finding just what way is the right way for me to go. In the past I have tried all sorts of diets, the one thing that worked for me was being referred to my local gym by my GP. I lost 3.1/2 st and because it was slowly, I was able to maintain it it for quite some time. My defeat came when I broke my arm (having other problems with that as well) So I was unable to exercise and because it wasn't easy to try to cook one handed, ready meals became the mainstay of my diet, and in no time weight was going back on. Having got Christmas and all that goes with it over. I started swapping unhealthy food for good on 16th of January, ( which is what I did at the gym) on the first Sunday in February I had lost 6 lbs, so as far as I'm concerned slowly but surely dose it. As long as my scales show a loss I'm happy. So best wishes and good luck on your journey.



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4 Replies

  • Hi Bulge1,

    Wishing you success with your weight loss journey, and hope it goes well for you.

    Zest :-)

  • Thank you

  • Good start and as you've done it before, I'm sure you'll be good.

  • It's a case of just not giving up... I think they say when you fall off a horse you have to get right back on, it will have to be the same with this losing weight. thank you for your comment:-)

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