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Confusing advice

Hello Everyone,

29yr ago at the age of 24 I had a total hysterectomy used hrt till Oct 16 when my dr decided time to come off. So now going through menopause.

My blood tests have always been good had one August 16, this week I did another and my vit D is low (tablet 1 a wk) and my u&e needs doing again in 2 wks de hydrated so was told to drink more at the same time I mentioned my fingers swell which they never did before to which was informed to drink less. Asked which one drink more or drink less was told drink in morning to re hydrate then limit or 1ltr a day.

Has anyone experienced this or can advise please. Internet is not useful.



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Hi Wendy,

The only time my hands swell, is when I go for long walks, or get very warm, which are both common, so I'm probably not much use to you!

I had a quick scan of the internet and nowhere was it suggested to limit fluid intake, so I think the best thing for you to do, would be to go back to your GP and get everything explained properly.

Sorry I couldn't help more :)

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I agree it sounds unusual, the only time I have heard it suggested was for people with kidney problems 😕 I would definitely phone and ask for things to be explained again 😊

Best wishes



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