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Right now I'm a Newbie. How long does that last? Will I still be a Newbie after 6 months? Then there's the weight loss achievements. I've seen increments of a stone. Is there anything smaller? Can I have a badge when I lose 7 pounds (hopefully some time next month) or do I have to wait till I've lost a full stone? We're encouraged to set small targets, it would be nice to have a badge to celebrate reaching them.

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There is a 7 lbs badge, and then they go up in full stone(s) after that. So once you reach 7 lbs you can ask to swap your newbie badge for that one instead. I think you can only have one badge at a time. I work in kilos and so I have a kilo badge instead of stone.

Lots of people seem to to set mini goals in between badges which they often share on their weigh ins. But it's up to you - this is your journey after all, we are just glad you've chosen to share it. :)


That's right Weight-be-gone 😊

You keep your newbie badge for 12 weeks CheerfulDragon tjen swap it for weight loss badge, 7lbs then increments of whole stones 😊

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