Started yesterday and am not calling it a (diet) not out loud anyway lol..... I'm not weighing myself regularly either (it feels like a chore) instead I have a pair of jeans one size smaller than I'm wearing as a goal once I fit into them then I'll weigh and see how much I've lost. Has anyone else tried the losing size approach over the losing a 1lb here and there normal thing???? My exercise is daily walking usually around 3 miles as that doesn't feel like a chore either!!

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  • Welcome to the group Star76. I started last week. Like you I have ditched the diet and am looking at it as a life style change. Although I do like to get weighed, as this is what motivates me, I do have a lovely pair of jeans and a couple of nice dresses which no longer fit me and am hoping to get back into them. My exercise at the minute is also walking but I don't do as much as I would like to do hoping to step that up a bit. Good luck and keep us posted on how you are doing. X

  • So glad I'm not alone on this, and totally understand the whole weighing as motivation, I tried diet and weighing and I found it a job I hated so had to have a new approach. I'm hoping this is the way forward for me. I shall post again and let everyone know how the first week went. Good luck with your journey x

  • Absolutely, lifestyle change is the best option, it has to be sustainable to make it worthwhile in the long run.

  • Good morning Star76 😊

    I can feel the positivity bursting out of your post 😊

    It's a great idea to use clothes as a measure, or even a tape measure 😊 My weight has been fairly static for several months yet I'm wearing a smaller size.

    good luck 😊

  • As long as you eat natural foods including plenty of veg, and not too much protein, Atkins can be a very healthy way to eat.

  • It is more important for me to be a particular size, and 12 would be good, than to know what the scales say. I do weigh myself and i am not loosing weight at the moments but trousers are tighter, belt three holes tighter so I am happy with that. Eating very healthily, and enjoyably whilst walking daily (well almost) so quite content.

    We all have a way that is best for us, what ever it is if the direction of travel is the right one we are an a winner.

  • Success cannot be wholly measured by the figure presented by the scales, since body weight is simply a number. Unless a 'super-duper' set of scales is possessed, the majority (of scales) don't take into consideration muscle/fat ratio, density of bone, weight of organs, etc.

    As such, simply continue to reduce consumption of refined carbohydrate, in favour of more nutrient dense alternatives, while also maintaining a daily calorie deficit (from TDEE) and seeking to include regular activity/exercise.

    Allow an improving body composition to be greatest indicator of your success, since an ability to tighten notches upon a belt indicates that fat is being lost from areas that present the greatest risk to long-term health.

  • Thank you, I appreciate that MrNiceGuy

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