I Do Not Normally Have a 'CHEAT' Day...However, I Think This Tuesday Will Have To Be The Exception!!! :P

It's PANCAKE DAY this Tuesday (28th of February) and I have a real soft spot for this day, ever since I was a small child. :D ♥ With this in mind, and knowing that I won't be able to resist my vegan pancakes, I am allowing myself a 'cheat' day.

Obviously AFTER my weigh-in, of course!!! :P I don't feel too bad about this because I know I can be very good for the rest of the week and i don't often have 'cheat' days so why not enjoy these little traditions? I will of course have some fruit on my pancakes but there will be other, not as healthy, toppings on there too...I know, I'm terrible!!! :P

I hope you all enjoy your pancakes, if you celebrate it. If not, well I STILL hope you have a nice Tuesday! :D

:) ♥ Sazkia ♥ :)


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30 Replies

  • We'll be having pancakes on Tuesday, but the only toppings will be sugar and cinnamon, or sugar and lemon.

    I am having another cheat day. My birthday is coming up, so dinner that day won't necessarily fit in with the diet. I'm resisting the temptation of cheesecake for dessert, though. A Tesco finest yogurt is naughty enough.

  • Your birthday lands on Pancake day? AWESOME!!! :D You have more reason than us all then! ;) :D Enjoy your special day and have loads of fun!! :)

    Sazkia ♥

  • My birthday isn't actually Pancake day, but it's close. Basically it means that I'll be going over the calorie limit twice this week. I'll have to cut down on calories for the rest of the week - and possibly next week as well!

    I believe that there's no such thing as "breaking" a diet. Some people look at the extra calories consumed on one or two days and use it as justification for ending the diet. I know because I've done it. The way I see it now, blips happen, be it Pancake Day or a birthday. All I can do is accept it and make adjustments.

    Enjoy your pancakes.

  • Exactly, there's no need to cancel healthy eating because you've enjoyed a couple of treats. :) Plus, a normal healthy life-style does take into account the occasional treat; I know that's in the NHS 12 week plan somewhere. ;) :)

    I hope to lose by my next weigh-in but the week after I think I'll be happy with a maintain because I'm hoping to be about 10 stone exactly by my next weigh in. :D All going well anyway! But wise words from you. Enjoy pancake day AND your birthday. :D

    Sazkia :)

  • Magic planning CheerfulDragon

  • I agree totally CheerfulDragon 😊 This is a permanent way of life and we need to factor in birthdays and holidays 😊

    Have a lovely week and very happy birthday 😊

  • I eat treats such as double cream most days, provided they aren't unhealthy.

  • Hi. Can you tell me how to make vegan pancakes? X

  • Sure! I just mix plain flour, baking powder, sugar and coconut milk together and add oil to the pan . :) I haven't put the amounts as obviously it depends on how many you want to make but that's all you need. ;)

    Once done I add vegan chocolate, sugar and lemon, maple syrup, ice cream or fruits and jams...that sort of thing, the usual really. :D They taste FAB! :P

    Sazkia :)

  • What happens if you use water instead of a milk product?

  • I've never tried it without milk alternatives so I can't answer that...if you try it with water then do let me know how it works! :)

  • I use anyone of the nut milks (one of my grandsons is dairy intolerant) and everybody prefers them to cow's milk pancakes.

  • It would be very bland if you left the milk out. Have you ever eaten a chapati? That's made with flour and water, so this would be similar.

  • I googled it, apparently it works but bit bland so it suggests putting vanilla in. Might try that

  • Making pancake mix is really simple and people try so many varieties with quite a lot of success....a lot of people I know use soy milk, almond milk etc and you've found a recipe that uses vanilla. See? So many choices that means lots of people can enjoy pancake day! :D Which is what really matters hahaha! :P

    Enjoy those pancakes! ;) :D

    Sazkia :)

  • enjoy your pancakes xx

    my gym instructor is making us 'healthy' pancakes on tuesday for us to try at our weight management meeting so i will be eating them... she is going to share the recipe so if they are nice i can make them for the kids as well xxx

  • Enjoy it Sazkia it is a tradition and one that you clearly enjoy you would be mad to deny yourself.

  • Sazkia ive never known you could make pancakes without eggs . . . Guess what I'm going to try ?? 😊

    Thank you 😊

  • How about pancakes without the flour? Omelette :-D

  • That's my usual!! 😂😂😂

  • Anna61 - I really enjoy pancakes without eggs. :) Give them a try, you might surprise yourself! :) At least you can say you tried. :) Either way, enjoy your pancakes Anna! ;)


  • I can't imagine not having pancakes! My household are purists though - lemon and sugar only, no messing with the recipe and cooked in butter! I'm going to not add more butter to the pan when I cook mine and rely on the nonstick, and make them bit smaller. We usually have a pancake binge instead of dinner, maybe something small later, so I'll just balance out the calories with other days. Love pancakes x

  • I intend to try and balance the calories out for the rest of the week too. :) Hopefully not too much damage but it's only one day. :D

  • I love pancakes. Definitely have to have them. If I overindulge I'll jump on the exercise bike after. But I love lemon and sugar (truvia) on mine. Already looked and at 110 Cals each, I should be OK!

  • Enjoy! ;) :D

  • I think I'm going to have pancakes for dinner, save on calories that way!

  • Good plan! :D

  • We have pancakes for dinner and pudding (a special treat as we don't do pudding normally). Cheese and ham for tea followed by banana and Christmas chocolate coins (we always have some leftover - melt perfectly on pancakes...). I am weird as I just like salt and a bit of butter - proper savoury girl and yes, my family think I am weird! This year I got totally confused and thought pancake day was the first Tuesday of February so this will be our official one! No one is complaining about double pancakes in February though...

  • hahaha love the fact you'll be having two pancake days this Feb! ;) :P AWESOME stuff! :D

    Sazkia :)

  • I know - dur....! X🍋

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