Life changing February 2017

And what a life changing February it's been I started RUNNING I can't tell you how proud proud I've got just one more session to do tomorrow to finish wk 3. I still swim on alternate days 30 mins none stop boosting it from starting 24 lengths to 34 and lost another 8lbs in Feb making grand total of 25lbs since 2nd's been a difficult month..I feel faberoo to have come out the other side!! Nobody system easy but to set your own goals and achieve them is what it's all about..come on March I'm ready for you!!


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8 Replies

  • Morning Kimscholey

    It's great to hear you started running again and your doing great with the swimming, well done. Wow that's amazing 25lbs lost since 2nd Jan your doing brilliant, would you like your 1 stone badge now?


  • Thank you I would I would

  • There you go Kimscholey a lovely new shinny 1 stone badge, enjoy.

  • Oooo thank you so much

  • Hey Kimscholey we started out at about the same time, and you've shed nearly double what I have - that is amazing!!!!! Totally inspiring! Well done :D ! I am aiming for my 1 stone badge on Monday's weigh-in.

    I spent a small fortune a couple of years ago doing Bootcamp and although I got slightly fitter, and much much stronger, I didn't shed any weight :( ! C25K is truly the best programme I've ever done - and all free! It's not easy, but then nothing worth having ever is, is it?! Just ran 2.4 miles in 28 mins yesterday and just keep surprising myself. With these forums, it amazes me that people who I have never met are my cheerleaders, and keep me going, time after time. Sometimes I need a 'virtual' tut tut and I get it! I love it...xx

  • Fantastic news, well done you. You are so right to be proud and celebrate.

  • What a fabulous uplifting post to read ☺ very well done on all your achievements Kimscholey ☺☺☺

  • This is brilliant - well done! Don't get too used to your 1 stone badge as I've no doubt you'll soon be swapping it for a 2 stone badge instead :)

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