i have always had a deep love for food, its always been my best friend as ive always thought that friends were a bit of a chore and food was a reward, so ive always been a bit of a hermit. until i met my other half, who is a true explorer so as you can imagine it was abit of a shock to the system at first but now i'm use to the high physical activity that my life demands from me. yet i'm still fat. why? well because after every adventure we have had together, every hike, every run, every walk i have used it as an excuse to eat so much more then i need or i should. i couldn't possibly describe how much i actually eat after these events and if i could you'd be repulsed. i hide most of the food i eat, i do things like eat in the toilet with the door locked and drive somewhere far away to eat a full box of biscuits. people think i often think im seriously sick because no one ever sees me eat anything other then what i cook {which is often very healthy} so i decided to start loosing weight. i watched a documentary on bbc called obese under the knife {its fantastic i highly recommend watching it} it opened my eyes to the risks and issues behind been fat. after i trip to the doctors from today my journey begins.

mira x


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  • I wish you well, keep posting so we can support you on your journey

  • Well done for joining us mira101 I am sure you won't regret it. How wonderful to have found such and adventurous other half, you clearly enjoy this.

    I wouldn't be repulsed by what you eat, but I think you are. I guess you need to decide if eating loads of the health food you cook is what you really want or is squirrelling yourself away and eating rubbish a better option. Only you can decide but I do know that everyone on the site will be willing you on and offering help, advice and guidance. Only you can decide how much to are open to this - my thinking is that you are very open and you have taken the hardest step which is signing up.

    Enjoy your journey to weight loss and be in charge of it.

    Good luck

  • just had a bit of a cry, thank you so much for just acknowledging my situation and taking the time to write this! much love.

  • mira101 you will get buckets of love here, and I am sure that you can give it too.

  • You can do this and you are not alone!

  • I think a lot of us will have done some secret eating, hiding wrappers and so on. I certainly have. It takes some courage to own up to yourself that you've got a bit of a problem.

    But today is a new day, you've accepted that you need to change and now you will.

    Good luck and keep posting.

  • It takes courage to be as honest as you have been mira101. Keep enjoying the adventures and get some healthy snacks in the cupboards. Good luck with your weight loss journey. Keep posting for support. 🌻

  • Hi mira101

    Welcome to the weight loss forum.

    Take a look at the Welcome Newbies post in the Pinned post section on the right or at the bottom if your on a mobile. Have a look at the nhs 12 week plan, many members have had success following this plan. Use the BMI checker to work out your daily calorie allowance.

    Below the Pinned posts are the Topics where members share a range of weight related subjects.

    Take your measurements at the start along with a photo so you can see the changes and it is motivating on the days when the scales don't move.

    We have daily weigh-ins so why not come and join us. You will find the weigh-ins in the Events section on the Home page on the right. Just click on the post and state your starting weight, any loss/gain or maintain.

    To get the best from the forum be active, share experience, tips and ideas. read some of the posts they are very inspiring.

    Have a good first week.


  • Good luck love m sure if you do one day at a time you willl get there ,sounds like you are also having lots of fun , if you just stopped the nibbles the weight would fall off you . Good luck for this week

    Pam xx

  • Hello M,thanks for your story,I ve history of eating secretly,and me to at public loos,box of cakes ect,never told anyone until now, at least twice a week for some years.good luck with week 1 of 12 week food plan and 4 to 6 pts fluid a day,😊,,,🌈,,,🌼 G

  • Just want to acknowledge your honesty and bravery. That is who you are...xx

  • I wish you luck. You can do this. I have been known to hide the crisps etc

  • good luck with starting your new journey to getting healthy.. you can do this ! we are a really friendly bunch on here and noone will ever judge you... we are just here to give you support & a virtual hug when you need one. keep posting how you are getting on and treat every day you eating normally as a little victory.. set yourself mini goals this week if it helps rather than going "cold turkey" totally.

    good luck xx 🤗

  • Hiya bit-dust

    I acknowledge your strength and your intention to create a new possibility for yourself. All the things that you say you have done in the past with food does not define who you are. You are so much more than that.

    I am on a journey of discovery too as I will eat when I feel emotional, happy or sad, frustrated or whatever. I lost 2 stone in 8 months with weight watchers and then I put it back on again.

    I thank the group I attended for the support and information received. However, it occurs to me that I did not address the emotional under-tow.

    I have acknowledged that it is my relationship with my emotions and not with food that has to be looked at.

    So I would like to recommend to you and all the amazing people on this website a practical thought-busting book by Susan Albers "But I deserve this chocolate" and "50 ways to soothe yourself without food". Maybe others have heard of them and would like to share what they found.

    I am absolutely confident that you have everything you need to go get anything you want for yourself.

  • Thank you so much what beautiful kind encouraging words, and well done such an accomplishment when you can take a step back and look at yourself in order to improve. thank you for taking the time to write this

  • Thanks for advice re Susan Albers. :)

  • Sorry not 'bit-dust' - Mira101. Won't forget you now....:))

  • Mira, I think you're very brave sharing that with us. The fact that you have shared it, I'm sure, means you are ready to stop hiding and address your over-eating issues. I've recently read a book about the psychology of over eating by Gillian Riley called 'Eating Less; Say Goodbye to Overeating', you might be able to find a cheap copy on ebay, or perhaps your library would have a copy.

    Anyway, good luck with your challenge. I firmly believe that losing weight is not so much about dieting, as studying your relationship with food, understanding your needs and having the courage to address those issues. I have an issue with chocolate, but we won't go there just now....!

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