February Foray into Fun and Fitness - Week 3 results

February Foray into Fun and Fitness - Week 3 results

Hello everyone! We are half way through our challenge - big pat on the back if you have made it this far.

The totals keep on rolling in and some of you are really putting me to shame!

Hope you like the image I have chosen this week. When we think of exercise I'm sure I'm not alone in thinking 'don't have time', 'bit of a chore', 'not sure I can be bothered today..'. I thought it might be good to remind ourselves why we do it and if we don't, why we probably should!

Great to see so many variations on here of how people are fitting exercise into their daily/weekly routines and also how much easier it seems to be getting in terms of increasing slightly.

If you are still struggling to hit your 150 minutes why not have a look at starting a weekly plan, entering it into your diary, booking in a date with a friend/colleague to go for a walk, swim, bike ride, etc. Some really good ideas if you follow this link:


Now that the weather is (hopefully...) improving it might be easier to get outside, get moving and also get some much needed vitamin D after these grey, winter days.

Happy Spring everyone, one big push for the final week - we can do it!!


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85 Replies

  • Although I am not in your challenge I just love the reasons to exercise picture I am screen shorting it to make me move more so thanks for that Newbiewl

  • You are more than welcome. That's a great idea - think I may be doing the same!

  • Hi Newbiewl,

    Thanks again for hosting this brilliant challenge :)

    I see you've been shy about your achievements this week, again ;)

    This week I've managed:

    Walking - 210 mins

    Running - 322 mins

    Cycling - 300 mins

    Zumba - 120 mins

    Strength - 70 mins

    Heavy gardening - 180 mins

    Total - 1202 mins

    I'm actually quite proud of that and wondering how I'm still alive!! :D

    I hope everyone else had a good week :)

  • Just had to reply to this Moorless as I have visions of a little lady up there in the highlands whizzing round like a tornado🌪🌪🌪

    I just wish I had your will power for all that exercise bet you can outrun hubby now lol.

  • I surprised myself Bev! :)

    I can easily outrun, outwalk, outcycle my hubby now, which is a really strange thing, because it's always been the other way around! :)

    Exercise is addictive, the more you do, the more you want to do :)

  • Well done, moreless - that's awesome stuff!! :D

  • Wow, wow, wow! I have borrowed your pom poms briefly and am waving them like a mad thing! That is incredible - really, really fantastic. You deserve a sit down and a cup of tea after all that exertion... Hope you feel great after all that moving (and possibly a little tired...). Showing us all how to do it again moreless Thank you.

  • I am in awe, how do you keep all these threads going and find time for all that exercise.

  • Fortunately, I get a lot of help here :)

  • Wow moreless you are like a Whirling Dervish!!

    My mins are:

    C25K 110

    Kinetics 105

    Walking 85

    Gardening 240

    Total 540

    Happy with that, and just ran 2.4 miles in 28 minutes, so happy with that too :D ...xx

  • Thanks ANewMe, you've done spectacularly well too! :)

    It looks as if we have a hare in the making, you should go and show off on the Tortoise and Hare Running Club thread! :)

  • Well done, ANewMe2017 :D Awesome stuff!

  • Fantastic! Great work on the running. Hope you enjoyed it. I'm starting to feel like I should be getting out in the garden...

  • Okay - HELLO EVERYONE! :D It's been a while but I am now over the dreaded lurgy!!! I haven't been strict logging my exercise time but I have a rough idea! So here goes!

    Walking = 200 minutes

    Dancing = 30 minutes

    Running = 29 minutes and 40 seconds (my 5k last night)

    Cycling (both arms and legs version at the gym) = 25 minutes

    Home exercising = 60 minutes

    Total = 344 minutes and 40 seconds!

    I'm pleased with that as I've not long started feeling well enough for exercise! Hopefully I can better that time next week! :D

    Hope you're all fit and healthy in mind and body! ;) :D

    Sazkia :D

  • Well done Sazkia

    That's a great week, especially since you lost weight instead of putting on the 3 lbs you were worried about. Still impressed by the 5k :D

  • Thanks - so am I haha!! :D I aim to run another two 5K this week but won't worry about times so much for the next two - I just need to get into a routine of running 5K regularly!! :D

    You've clocked a decent amount of exercise too!!! Well done! ;) :D

    Sazkia :)

  • Glad you are feeling better and welcome back! Great work on the totals. Very impressed with your 5k!

  • Thank you! :) I am rather proud of my 5K last night lol ;)

  • Woohoo, Sazkia! I can't wait to see what you're going to achieve as the weeks go on! :)

  • Thank you! :)

  • Hi TheJuggler

    I'm a bit slower this week but just getting over a cold. This weeks activities are:

    Walking - 415 minutes

    Exercise bike - 40 minutes ( not up to my 25 mins a day yet! )

    E-Strider - 18 minutes

    Total - 472 minutes


  • Well done, YellowRose55 - very good, especially when considering you're getting over a cold! :D

    Good luck for the rest of the week! :D

    Sazkia :)

  • Make sure you take it easy and don't push yourself too hard. Well done on getting some very respectable minutes in there despite your cold. Fab work.

  • Yeah I am taking it easier. All the walking is because I'm running up and down stairs taking care of my sister.

  • That's a fantastic total for a week of illness and caring for your sister! Well done you! :)

  • Thanks moreless.

  • your idea of a slow week is totally different from my idea of a slow week! Congratulations

  • Hi TheJuggler

    This week I have started to play golf again after the winter, it wasn't fast walking but I did carry my clubs, so her are my figures:

    Cycling 90 mins

    Strength and flex, including gardening and belly dancing (thanks moreless I had a right giggle!) 157 mins

    Walking 75 mins

    Golf 315 mins

    Total exercise time 637 minutes.


  • Wow - impressive!

  • Thank you :)

  • I like the idea of golf but not the actual skill for getting anything in a hole...! Great total, hope you enjoyed the fresh air - definitely feels like Spring is peeping through. Hope there were some snow drops and early daffs on the golf course. Well done.

  • Loads of snowdrops and a hare running down the side of the fairway - beautiful :)

    Thank you

  • Ooh lovely. Makes me want to go out for a Spring walk...

  • Fantastic, Lucky! I'm glad you enjoyed the belly dancing! :)

    I'm determined to go and play golf with my hubby this year, but I'm not going to carry the clubs!! :D

  • Hi everyone . I have the dreaded lurgy atm. last week I totalled 265 mins which consisted of,

    walking 180

    running 85 mins

    hope for a better week next week xx

  • Aw no - the dreaded lurgy strikes again!!! :( Get better soon! :)

    Sazkia :)

  • Great work (on your total - not the lurgy!). Hope you are feeling better soon.

  • Thanks for the 50 reasons. I'm not sure about no. 46 - helping with self control - although it's hard to reach the biscuit tin from my keep fit class.

    I'm now in the routine of my lunchtime walk Mon-Fri and it gets me away from work and computer. I increased this to 30 minutes a day = 150 minutes this week. Just as well as I was in London yesterday so missed my Tuesday Zumba class, but did Zumba on Sunday and a gruelling LBT on Thursday so a weeks total of 270 minutes.

    Well done to everyone taking part in this challenge x

  • Fab work and well done for increasing. Just fitting it in is a real achievement so great work making it part of your routine.

  • I had a really good week and exercised every day. feeling good.

    here is fitbit report...


  • Great work, Claz, well done you! :)

  • Well done WannaCLessOfMe. Its great that you're getting going even whilst at work.

    My exercise is as follows...

    720 mins decorating

    105 mins core strength

    160 mins regular walking

    980 mins electrical work

    Total 1965

    I'd like to clarify... The decorating has to be done because the carpets will be here in less than two weeks. The electrical work is my job so no getting away from it and the walking is for the benefit of the dogs. Even the core strength work, I do because I'm trying to sort out my spine. If it weren't for those various reasons the total would likely read zero.

  • But they don't read zero and like it or not you are doing it and doing it well! Be proud of what you are achieving because you really should be. Great work again - would be lovely to see some pics of your finished handy work. Hope you have some rest booked in once you are done - you will have definitely earned it.

  • I sort of am proud but feel fraudulent at the same time.

    "Piccies", that's a sore point. On Sunday p.m. I was just clearing up (having finished all the painting) when I noticed a bulge in the ceiling. The short story is that the bidet in the bathroom above sprung a leak and I was left with a 2ft by 8ft hole in the main living room ceiling. Additionally, I had to rip up the flooring in the bathroom above to find the leak and today whilst I was cutting out the dead bidet, part of the flooring collapsed as it had rotted away. I actually do have some pics that I sent my dad. :)

    I'm not moaning (I am amazed and stunned and even a tadge frustrated) but these things happen. I haven't even sworn once which is another record chalked up on this current journey. The upside is that the carpets should have gone in today, obviously not now but at least it happened before they did.

  • After all that you still sound 'upbeat' Tiggerr. Hope this week had been better for you.

  • Thank you lucigret I am upbeat :) I've lost a good amount of weight (still ongoing), I eat so much more healthily, I've started a small amount of exercise which includes getting my bike going for the first time in at least 10 years. I've become more focused on my life. Presently I haven't had an alcoholic drink for 10 days (too ashamed to tell you how much I used to drink). My sleep is good sleep for the first time in about 20 years.

    Negative situations aren't particularly impacting on me. I'm trying not to sound too dramatic but its as if I've emerged from a long dark tunnel (yep... sounds too dramatic lol!). If I was Tigger I'd be bouncing around the room right now.

  • It doesn't sound dramatic, it sounds wonderful. I think you've 'found' yourself. Long may it continue and remember 'the wonderful thing about tiggers is that tiggers are wonderful things' bounce bounce bounce - have a great day, you've made me smile. 😊

  • Er...Keep forgetting to put my own totals in!

    So 360 minutes of walking this week. It was half term so no classes but I took the boys to Windsor Castle, Dorney Lake and we went to London at the weekend so lots and lots of walking. Lots of lovely places to see and finally some sun!

    Back to my normal routine this week so back to some strength and stretching which I am very much looking forward to. I have also signed up again for ballet barre so if I survive will let you know how I get on...

  • Ballet barre sounds pretty intense. Does that include getting up on pointe?

  • Apparently so... I have heard from friends that it is a fairly tough class but have spoken to the teacher (as I have an ankle issue) and she said you don't have to go on pointe for the whole thing. Bit nervous but looking forward to trying something new.

  • Well I have not done as much as previous week but because of shifts and the fact I was baby sitting over the weekend I had limited opportunity but still managed to do 150mins of exercise if I incude the strength exercises. I did:

    90 mins of NHS Strength and flex exercise at level 4

    85mins of moderate exercise- walking to and from work and going to the shops

    I hope to do better week

  • Great work! All minutes count and you have done a great combination of cardio and strength.

  • I have logged 406 minutes

    40 minutes cycling

    100 minutes gardening

    20 minutes on my rowing machine

    246 walking

    Sadly no weight loss though

  • Great totals, weightshifter, I'm sure the weight loss will follow soon :)

  • Great totals. Keep on going and remember to measure as well as weigh as you can lose inches even when the pounds haven't budged. Keep up the good work.

  • Hi.

    Logged 329.minutes this week.

    Fitness classes and gym -110 mins

    Walking for- 219mins. I found a great RSPB centre with plenty of walk ways to explore. Biggest problem is sitting quietly in the hides does very little for the exercise regime, but great to see swans flying overhead and overlooking a seal colony.

  • That sounds like a perfect combination, Roset. Healthy exercise, then time to commune with nature :)

  • That sounds such a lovely way to spend time and a great way to get some steps in.

  • This last week I have done

    209 minutes of walking

    180 minutes gardening

    15 hours of cleaning

    15 minutes Pilates

    10 minutes exercise bike

    Think thats 439 minutes in total

  • Fandabedozy, lucigret! You have been busy! :)

  • Thanks moreless, I have now got my daughter's bosu so looking forward to having some fun with that. Did my weigh in today and have lost another 1 1/2lbs - end of 6th week - 10lbs gone, feeling happy 🤗

  • Oh my word, lucigret, good luck with that! I should probably try one, because my balance leaves a lot to be desired! :D

    Woohoo! It won't be long before you're wearing a 1 stone badge! :)

  • I really want a bosu- thinking it might go on my birthday list...

  • They're great fun, I used it last week for 25 minutes Thursday and did 2,500 steps!

  • My physio made me do some balance exercise with my eyes closed - hilarious consequences... Enjoy!

  • I sense a Spring clean! Great work. You don't fancy popping round here do you? Everywhere I currently look is mess, mess and more...oh yes, mess!

  • A spring clean is a great work out TheJuggler, what I find very frustrating though is my zip Fitbit doesn't register all my effort!

  • My arm is feeling much better now and I've been able to get back to almost normal.

    Walking: 46 mins

    Propelling: 149 mins

    Pilates: 222 mins

    TOTAL: 417 minutes

  • I'm really pleased to hear that your arm is feeling better now, Finnberry, that's really good news :)

    Wow, that's a lot of pilates! Go you! :)

  • Glad to hear you are on the mend. Another great total - well done.

  • Sorry for late and brief response - bit "time-stretched" here this week.

    In the Gym/Office

    CX 10'

    C2 60'

    Bike 25'

    Stairclimber 10'


    Active Fitbit 273'

    TOTAL 378'

    That'll do - not too shabby by my standards at the moment.

  • Fantabulous, MissisB, although I have no idea what CX is, unless that's another rowing term too?? :o

    I think that considering you're dealing with an old injury, your totals are remarkable! That shows some fortitude! Good for you! :)

  • I have slapped my wrist moreless People who use random abbreviations are extremely annoying aren't they? That would be the cross trainer or elliptical - it's on the physio's approved list anyway.

  • Thanks for clearing that up for me, MissisB. I've had a strange day today, I've felt as if I speak a different language to everyone else! :D

    Those cross trainers are terrible instruments of torture! I'd be lucky to last 10 seconds on one! :o

  • Great work MissisB. Despite your time issue you have done amazingly well.

  • Trying. Very trying - that's me.

  • Sorry for late check in again . . . After a brilliant week with loads of walking I've been flat out in bed for two days 😕😕😕 feeling better today but next week's totals will be miserable by comparison.

    Anna61 week ending 22.2.17

    Walking 620 minutes

    Indoor cycling 40

    Total 660 minutes

  • That's a brilliant total Anna! Well done you! :)

    Don't worry about next week's totals, you can only do, what you can do and you need to give yourself time to recover from your nasty lurgy! :)

  • Great work! Sorry to hear you haven't been well. Don't worry about next week, do what you can to get better and don't push yourself. Listen to your body. There, do I sound like enough of a mum?! Get well soon.

  • Thank you 😊 I'm just back from a dog walk and very happy to be on the mend 😊

  • I forgot to post so here are my stats up to Tue 21Feb

    Walk: 317,787 steps - 254.2 km - 158.9 miles - 12,711 calories burnt - 2860 mins

  • Hi SlimmingEagle is it ok for me to divide this by three for the stats? Great work by the way! Huge totals!

  • Yes. By all means. Divide by 3. :-)

  • Hi all - just realised I haven't posted week 2 results - fanfare please for the week 2, Top 10 February Flyers! (By the way Roset16 - I'm not bitter but you knocked me into 11th - I was up there honestly!!).











    Great work everyone who took part in week 2.

  • Hi TheJuggler where can I post my stats for last week in Feb please? Really enjoying this challenge...xx

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